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CPAC 2017 Day 3: Millennials & Changing politics

Feb 24, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PST

Tom Borelli with Kathy Barnette, CPAC 2017

Joe broadcasts live from CPAC 2017 Last Day!

David Barnes with Generation Opportunity says millennials want to know why they should pay a huge premium for a full medical plan that they’ll never use, only to have a $700 deductible? It’s cheaper to just pay the fine.

In 2016, Social Security is the biggest program in our federal government. Millennials see what’s coming and are saving more than previous generations.

Political activist Tom Borelli, says last year’s CPAC was an election year and much more contentious. This year the focus is on rallying around the president. (Kathy Barnette joins the convo!) Trump is doing everything he can from the Executive Branch. Now the legislative branch needs to get in gear! Trump is ALWAYS on offense. He never retreats, not one step!

Political correspondent and author, Deneen Borelli no matter where you are, at church or a supermarket, people are talking about politics and are inspired and hopeful about the changes coming. She hasn’t heard Merry Christmas so much since she was a child!

Jay Richards, Executive Editor for Stream.org says it looks like the White House has discovered states rights again, thanks to President Trump! So far, most of the things Trump has taken action on have been decidedly Conservative. Trump is protecting Christians’ rights more fiercely than more openly Christian candidates have in the past.