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Condom Pope art, SCOTUS, Abortion, Same-sex marriage, 4th of July

Jun 29, 2015 @ 9:00 pm - 9:55 pm PDT

Tami Jackson

Talk show host and editor, Tami Jackson joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won’t hear anywhere else.

Tami asks, It’s good for U.S. to export abortion, same sex marriage, & social issues, but it’s not ok to keep peace? What are our priorities?

Now they’re calling for removal of monuments to Founding Fathers who owned slaves. Newsflash… you can’t erase history. It still happened.

We’ve gotten so mean and nasty to each other that we don’t cut anyone any slack anymore. Gotcha politics.

Let kids enjoy any kind of music, as long as the lyrics are decent, not mean and hateful. Talking Lady Gaga and rap music.

In response to SCOTUS decision, we’re hanging a black ribbon on American Flag thru 4th of July. Constitution is in distress.

New York Times prints picture of Pope Benedict made out of condoms. Sacrilege? Where’s the image of Muhammad? Oh, that’s right, they won’t risk offending that religion.


Jun 29, 2015
9:00 pm - 9:55 pm PDT
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