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Colleges think safe spaces & hugs will help these thugs!

Nov 11, 2016 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PST

Nathan Imhoff

Caller asks, why are Christians attacking Trump for playing nice with Obama? Could you at least give the man a chance? And while you’re waiting… pray for him!

Nate Imhoff says if you give people trophies when they didn’t earn it, they expect to win all the time.

Colin Kaepernick, after causing all that unrest about perceived injustices to blacks, he didn’t even bother to vote. He’s irrelevant. You can’t make change if you don’t vote. ESPN host Stephen Smith SHREDS Kaepernick.

Just because you have the RIGHT to burn the flag doesn’t mean you SHOULD! #GenerationTemperTantrum

Cannabis abuse triples the risk of psychosis. DUH!

Grubhub stock falls 5.1% after CEO’s email telling Trump-supporting employees to resign. The power of the purse! This is how the free market works.