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Coffee is racist! The loons are running the asylum!

Sep 14, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT

Corey Prez Duncan, Cincinnati

#SeeItSayIt campaign at schools. Anything that makes kids feels unsafe is a problem. Milwaukee Public Schools send letter home to parents telling them not to purchase BB guns for them.

Feminist group says Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes fund ‘white supremacy’ in Trump White House. Hmmm… can we get some evidence over here?


Our Mad Black Man from Baltimore, Corey Duncan says as long as white people continue to feel guilty about being white, we aren’t going to solve the accusations of racism.

Hillary Clinton says she would have won if _____. #fillintheblank

People hate to hear the truth. That’s what political correctness is about.

Trump is not them (establishment), that’s why they ALL keep attacking him!

Liberals keep making excuses for looters saying their hungry and just trying to provide for their families. With a 50″ TV??? They’re CRIMINALS!

Now when I watch sports I’m having to see someone else’s political opinion. I don’t want to see and hear political opinions when I’m watching sports.

There’s only one reason why we’re at this racist point in our history AGAIN… it’s all Barack Obama’s doing!

Rap video killing a white teacher and lynching a white child is ridiculous. And yes, THAT is racism. It doesn’t only happen to black people.


Sep 14, 2017
6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT
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