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Can Trump Rebuild America? Dodd Frank what?!? & Obamacare gone wrong!

Feb 15, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 8:55 pm PST

David Horowitz

Author, David Horowitz said he knew Trump had a chance when he heard him in the first debate. Trump has a full speed ahead, take no prisoners attitude. Now he’s in office and he’s fulfilling one promise after another!

The president defines what is presidential. Each one has his own style.

There’s only 2 checks on a president… impeachment and the purse. Nobody was going to impeach the first black president.

Defunding Sanctuary cities is not enough. The elected officials enabling it will need to be prosecuted.

It’s a sacred tradition in America to give a new president a “honeymoon” of about 7 months before attacking. They didn’t give Trump 7 seconds!

The Democrat Party is the Party of hate, racism, and cultural categories. They’re anti-American! Progressives believe they are the army of the saints. They’re a crypto-religion.

Senator Elizabeth Warren lives in a $4+ million home and lectures us about the evils of the rich!

The Democrat Party thinks they know what’s best for us and are going to FORCE us to do it!

**** HR 2 ****

David Fischer with Landmark Capital says we’re looking at a bull market in both stocks and gold. We’re in a pro-business environment. It will all depend on corporate earnings and interest rates.

For the longest time, Muslims could not invest in gold. But Islamic people will be able to invest in gold as of March 31st. They’re expecting $3 trillion to flood the gold market. You don’t wait to buy gold. You buy gold and wait! Silver is not a conservative metal and is not what banks look to to protect the dollar.

Congress has tried to repeal Dodd-Frank 139 times since 2010, but it hasn’t passed. Mnuchin and Trump are talking about modifying it when it comes to lending.

The Treasury Market is going thru a selloff. “We the People” need to BUY Treasuries to keep us going. But there’s more selloff than buying. The debt is going to balloon, which means interest rates are going to go up rapidly to entice investors. And if the Treasury needs more money, that’s where the “bail-in” comes in.

They broke the Constitution when they created the Federal Reserve.

**** HR 3 ****

Why does California always have an emergency that they need to spend infrastructure money on? And then when there’s a REAL emergency, they have to beg the Federal govt to come rescue them. Where does all their money go? To illegals and refugees! You can’t help others until you take care of yourself!

California has a dam that is failing because of the recent rains (after years of drought when they SHOULD have been fixing it!), but they’ve spent the money allocated to that. And that makes it a FEDERAL emergency HOW?!? And there’s more rains coming this weekend… CA legislators are too concerned with LGBT issues to focus on infrastructure needs. And no, I’m not being mean. That’s what most of their legislation focuses on.


Dale Bellis, CEO of Liberty Healthshare says they are a facilitator to help individual members share in each other’s healthcare costs each month. Member-to-member cost sharing. Insurance companies want to control how and what healthcare you get. Healthshare puts the control back in your hands.

Their HealthTrack program works with individual members helping you lay out a plan to accomplish your health goals with issues like weight loss, smoking, heart disease, and diabetes.