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California Senator de-leon wants lawlessness

Mar 15, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT

Corey Prez Duncan, New York, NY

California state senator Kevin DeLeon appointed an illegal alien to a state post. Anyone who votes for this man is voting for lawlessness. His family came here illegally. And he was fine with that. They stole IDs. And he was fine with that. Why is anyone surprised that he’s appointing a criminal?


Our “T’d” off Black Conservative from Texas, Corey Duncan asks… How do you live in California?

We are the new grassroots conservative. Reach one. Teach one. Time to mentor young men and women about true patriotism, freedom and understanding our Constitution. Not politics!

Mid-September the Corey, Ana, & Friends show will start on Sirius/XM.

Why do Republicans wait until the last minute to get behind a candidate and then wonder why we can’t get ahead?

I went to Iraq & Afghanistan so you can say what you want to.

Liberals don’t want the kids to see an armed guard presence on campus. What they don’t understand is that criminals see that presence. It commands respect and it’s a deterrent. You WANT people to KNOW that people are on campus with weapons who are prepared to use them.

A terrorist only needs to get it right once. Keeping kids protected has to happen every day, all day.