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BLM: Kroger employees refuse service to police

Oct 11, 2016 @ 7:00 pm - 7:55 pm PDT

Corey Prez Duncan

Can’t bring yourself to vote for Trump? Joe lays out¬†what we’re all in for if you don’t…


Corey Duncan asks what’s wrong with people that they attack firefighters… the people who come put out the fire to save your house!

You have to let the police do their job. If you won’t let them do their job, then they can’t be responsible when things go lawless.

Kroger employees refuse to serve law enforcement at multiple locations. This BLM stuff is getting out of hand! Employees cannot selectively refuse to serve customers! Shoot. STORES can’t even selectively refuse to serve a segment of the population!

Liberals know that Hillary is a crook. They are afraid of the unknown in Trump and afraid to rock the power structure, and Hillary has power.

A lady recently said, the reason that blacks can’t buy homes as easy as they used to is because the Republicans changed the regulations to make it hard for them. Corey says the regulations had to change because of all the foreclosures from people who were buying homes they couldn’t afford to pay for!

Corey’s campaign advice to Trump, stop name calling! Just go out and tell Americans how you really feel about issues that matter… Benghazi, immigration, Obamacare, taxes, etc.

The only thing the Clintons have to offer is rape and murder. He’s rape. She’s murder.