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Berkeley snowflakes WANT segregation!

Oct 26, 2016 @ 6:00 pm - 6:55 pm PDT

Kathy Barnette

Happy Birthday Hillary Clinton…

Berkeley protesters demand segregation and deny white students access to critical areas on campus.


Kathy Barnette, Christian + Mom + Wife + Adj Professor-Presof  TruthExchange.net – Black Conservative+VETERAN+Radio Host. Joins Joe to discuss the issues of the day.

Students think Pres. Bush was worse than Stalin! What are we teaching these kids? Stalin killed at least 34 MILLION people! At most 700,000 died under Bush. Tell me again how socialism is better than capitalism?

How are Christians still voting for Hillary after what her VP Kaine said he would do to Catholics?

Give me one example when God said go hide in your prayer closet, I’ll take care of this. NEVER!

Kathy says, Hillary is foul and her corruption is out in the open. If you vote for her, this is on YOU!