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Ambassador Stevens’ fiancee says Hillary is GUILTY!

Sep 22, 2016 @ 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm PDT

Michael Hausam

Ambassador Stevens’ former fiancee publishes a book on the Benghazi attack and Hillary’s role in it, saying she resigned because of how badly she handled it.

Jimmy Kimmel hits the street with fake questions about Trump and the election. If you’re not concerned about how clueless these people are, you could be one of them.


Michael Hausam says the “protests” are just a reason for people to have an excuse to go grab some stuff that they want. It’s not a protest, it’s a riot.

If people had withheld judgement until all the facts were out, we would never have had the “hands up don’t shoot” narrative.

It doesn’t matter what happened with the shooting. This criminal action needs to be stopped RIGHT NOW!

Does Attorney General Loretta Lynch feel the pain of the majority of the people in Charlotte who are fearing their safety? Or the few who are rioting?

Obama says if we give up some of our national freedoms, then we’ll be better off. He’s pushing for us to give up our national sovereignty. That’s NOT GOOD!!