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!!! PLEASE don’t let them WIN !!!

January 2021 UPDATE:

I have been served.
Katie Hill has come up with a fairy tale that I and others have to defend!



As is the case when you expose the lies and nasties of the far left. They attack with lies, innuendo, accusations they can’t prove and call it fact.

They have accused me of shopping photos of now x-Representative Katie Hill. That’s a lie! They accused me of posting or circulating pictures of Katie Hill to post, That’s a LIE! They have twisted my words from far left reporters to make it look like I was directed by the National Republican party and others to attack Katie Hill.

As I spoke about on my show  and wrote about on my web site .
I simply exposed Katie Hill’s total disregard for her Congressional seat by having an admitted affair with her subordinate which is against a law SHE VOTED for.!

While proof exists that Katie broke the law, While She admits she broke the law, Her supporters say she is innocent.

While NO proof exists, no connection exists between me and the published “semi-nude” photos of Hill they have marked me as guilty of distributing revenge porn, Real nasty double standards.

I now find myself in the middle of a legal battle. As is the policy of the left they will try to break us financially.

Katie Hill has over 1.3 million dollars to try to bury those conservative constitutionalists for shining light on her ethics violations, lies and potential FEC violations …

I never ask for help like this. BUT we have had several sponsors put their contracts on hold. We have legal fees we are looking at plus other expenses.

Please help support us in his continued fight to expose the left for what they are!

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