Tony Stiles

Tony Stiles: America's Original Political Badass!

Tony Stiles (Born December 19th, 1980) is an award winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, and political commentator. Self proclaimed King of accountability, facilitator of awesome, ambassador of badass, and defender of freedom. Often referred to as "America's Original Political Badass" - Host of 'The Tony Stiles Show' a socially liberal and fiscally conservative political radio show that started out on local Omaha radio, and is now syndicated nationally by Radio America. Stiles is an alumni of The King's College in New York City, former Baptist missionary to Romania, and Founder and Chairman of Stiles Industries, a venture capital firm in Omaha, Nebraska.

Stiles radio career started in 2000 on Grace University campus radio. Stiles has come a long way since campus radio, having lived in New York working in the high energy New York City radio scene. Stiles has also co-hosted and guest hosted a number of radio programs. He has successfully started four companies and has had a hand in the development in dozens of others.

After a lengthy hiatus, the decision to return to radio came as a result of being approached by his fans who urged him to get back on the air and bring some “nasty” to political talk radio. He then realized that people are starving for somebody to tell them the truth without the sugary aftertaste.

The offer to host an internet television talk show (The Stiles Initiative) on Next News Network came shortly after Stiles return to radio. The name of the show came from a play on words with the word "initiative" - meaning "energy or aptitude in starting something new" and "the right to initiate legislative action" - seemed an appropriate title for the show.

Stiles is a dominant figure in the liberty movement in America as well as Europe. Standing six-feet tall and possessing a strong fiery voice, Stiles is a very popular public speaker.
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