Stewart Alexander

Virginian born Stewart Alexis Alexander is the perfect model of a concerned citizen. An average American turned political activist, the cleaning company owner and “automobile sales consultant” (as his filings for California’s 2006 Lieutenant Governor elections showed), is also the Chairperson for the Socialist Party of California as well as the Executive Director of the African American Civil Liberties Union.

Alexander, who once served as a reserve in US Air Force March Joint Air Reserve Base, will be participating in his fourth top-tier election following defeats in Los Angeles Mayoral (1989), California’s Lieutenant Governorship (2006), U.S. Vice-Presidential (2008) and California’s gubernatorial (2010) elections. His first brush with politics was back in a very non-Orwellian 1984, when he campaigned for the Democratic presidential nominee, Reverend Jesse Jackson.

However, it was his time spent as host of a talk show on KTYM Radio in Los Angeles that probably gave him the final push to make the giant leap into competitive politics. The years spent listening to the cry of the masses, and the perennial problems of the proletariat may have been the trigger behind Alexander’s decision to enter the 1989 Los Angeles mayoral election.

The father of two (including a stepson from his second marriage) is at the very heart of it, an idealistic, left leaning, middle-class American; and as befitting his political ideology, the Murrieta resident will center his campaign on worker’s rights and civil support infrastructure.
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