Sharron Angle

Sharron Angle ran for U.S. Senate against Harry Reid. She lost the first bid, but remains a strong voice in the process and a conservative, grassroots political activist.

She says America is ready for a straight talking conservative voice –someone who isn’t afraid to go up against the “good old boy system” and challenge “politics as usual.” As a Nevada state legislator, I stood consistently for the principles of more freedom, lower taxes, family values, and less government spending and regulation.
Christ following, wife, mother, grandmother, and small business owner with passions for holistic wellness, gardening, raising critters, and preserving our Constitutional liberties especially free speech, religious freedom, and the 2nd Amendment. God gave me the most wonderful husband, who I love dearly and am grateful to have the opportunity to work with every day as his Producer in this Real Side venture. When you see my posts, they are truly mine. So please don't hold him accountable for what I write. Contrary to what some say, I'm not a Stepford wife. I have my own opinions and am willing to share some of them here.