Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor is an entrepreneur, Iraq War veteran, and was a member of the Virginia War Memorial Board of Trustees, appointed by Governor Bob McDonnell. He is an advocate for men and women in uniform and is a frequent guest of Fox News Channel, discussing national security, military issues, and foreign policy. He believes in free market capitalism, American energy independence, smaller and less intrusive government, and private sector job creation.

Navy Veteran

Scott Taylor enlisted in the U.S. Navy, becoming a US Navy SEAL at age 19. As a SEAL, Scott served throughout South and Central America where he gained a fluency in Spanish, built rapport with host nation militaries and leaders, and advanced U.S. interests. Scott also served as a Sniper in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was injured in a fall during a combat mission in 2005. Scott served over 8 years in the SEAL teams and spent 2 years teaching his fellow SEALs marksmanship and reconnaissance.

Small-Business Owner

Scott Taylor is a licensed Real Estate Broker. He also has traveled to the Middle East over numerous years advising on security and asset protection. He is a speaker, having keynoted events with fortune 500 companies to NFL football teams. Scott obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University Extension School, studying International Relations. He is currently working toward his Master’s there in the same field. He holds a Master’s Certificate in Government Contracting at Old Dominion University. Scott served on the board of the UDT/SEAL Museum and the Virginia Beach Forum (an organization that seeks to promote civic discourse in Hampton Roads).


Scott Taylor regularly appears on FOX & Friends First, FOX & Friends, Neil Cavuto, and Geraldo At Large. He has contributed to segments with various topics such as, defending the 3 Navy SEALS charged with abusing a terrorist, the US budget, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, Military absentee voting, etc. Scott has been on numerous radio shows ranging from Mr.Tony Macrini in Hampton Roads to nationally syndicated Radio host Mancow Muller.

Scott Taylor is a Constitutional conservative in the Reagan tradition, believing in the strength of the free market and limited government as the best way to create the highest standard of living and quality of life for all citizens.
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