Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr.

Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. has been studying the Sacred Scriptures, Greek myth, Greek art, and the Parthenon since 1984. He is a 1965 graduate of West Point, and an airborne ranger infantry veteran of Viet Nam who served from March 1968 to March 1969. His latest book is The Parthenon Code: Mankind's History in Marble (September, 2004). His previous two books are Athena and Kain: The True Meaning of Greek Myth (2003) and Athena and Eden: The Hidden Meaning of the Parthenon's East Façade (2002).

Mr. Johnson is the coauthor (with K. Bruce Galloway) of West Point: America's Power Fraternity (Simon and Schuster, 1973, out of print). His writings have been published by The Progressive, The New York Times, Playboy, the international publication of Answers in Genesis, TJ (Technical Journal), Newsday, and many others.

He is also the coauthor (with Ron Pramschufer) of Publishing Basics: A Guide for the Small Press and Independent Self-Publisher (2000), and the author of 100,000 Plus Power Phrases for Students, Writers, Speakers, and Business People, an ebook.

Mr. Johnson is the co-inventor (with Ron Pramschufer) of the controversial board games Public Assistance: Why Bother Working for a Living? and Capital Punishment (©1980 and 1992 now both out of print).

Mr. Johnson also holds an Associate of Arts degree from Anne Arundel Community College.

He is the vice president of Solving Light Books in Annapolis, Maryland.
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