Patti Handy

Patti Handy is a leading mortgage professional and expert in the California market. Patti’s expertise in mortgage finance comes from over 25 years working with bank and mortgage banking firms large and small.

What makes Patti incredibly successful and in such high demand as a mortgage professional are the results she achieves for her clients. Patti’s passion to see her clients purchase the home of their dreams, or simply refinance existing homeowners into incredibly low and affordable mortgage payments is what motivates her every single day. Patti is driven to help clients make smart financial decisions.

Patti’s commitment to helping clients make smart financial decisions came from her own life experiences. The same financial solutions and strategies that Patti used to turn her life around are the one’s she shares with her clients, so they too can enjoy the rewards of homeownership while maintaining financial balance.

Beyond Patti’s incredible expertise in helping clients find the best possible mortgage financing for their particular needs, Patti offers something else that goes far beyond what any other mortgage professional can provide…financial education to youths.

In Patti’s financial journey she came to realize that financial education needs to be taught at an early age. Unfortunately, our local and national education systems do not provide any education regarding financial responsibility. It is for this reason that Patti created and founded Teens Cash Coach™.

Patti’s commitment to educating children at a young age about financial responsibility was and remains so strong that she authored a top selling book How to Ditch Your Allowance and be Richer than Your Parents. Her book was originally written for her own teenage son, but as word got out about the book, she found herself inundated with requests for copies of the book from parents within the United States, and to her surprise, from all around the world.

Patti has a Bachelors degree in Accounting Theory, holds a California Real Estate Brokers license, Series 6 and Series 63 Securities licenses and is a CTA Certified Life Coach.

Patti is very active in her community on many levels as her core belief is to always give back.
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