Lt. Col. Steven Russell

Retired Army Lt. Col. Steve Russell served 21 years as an infantry officer and is a veteran of Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2003-2004, Russell commanded Task Force 1-22 Infantry, a unit that was a central part of the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein. His unit was broadly covered by all the major news networks and print media and his unit has been the subject of numerous books and publications. Russell and his unit have also been featured on Discovery’s ‘Ace in the Hole’ and BBC Panorama’s ‘Saddam on the Run.’ Russell has also been a guest on Spike TV’s ‘Deadliest Warrior’ and Outdoor Channel’s ‘Gun Stories.’

He is the author of “We Got Him! A Memoir of the Hunt and Capture of Saddam Hussein,” a work which has drawn critical praise from the New York Journal of Books and the Wall Street Journal, as well as endorsements from such notables as General Tommy Franks, General Ray Odierno, the late Robin Moore (author of the Green Berets and the French Connection), Kim Dozier, and Brian Bennett.
Russell retired in 2006 to return to Oklahoma, where he has been a tireless advocate for veterans. Russell was elected to serve in the Oklahoma Senate and was Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee authoring landmark legislation that protected soldiers and veterans, advanced the 2nd Amendment and created adoption reform.

Choosing to pursue business interests rather than run for reelection, Russell is president of Two Rivers Arms, a rifle manufacturing company he began in 2010. Russell also serves as a military analyst for Concerned Veterans for America and has appeared on major talk shows, news segments and has written many OpEds for major publications. He is also a co-host on the weekly radio show, “Warrior Talk Radio.”

A featured speaker with Premiere Speakers Bureau since 2007, Russell captivates audiences across the US and Canada with his remarkable stories, experiences and leadership insights. Russell lives in Oklahoma City with his wife of 27 years and has 5 grown children.
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