Chicks on the Right

Hi! We're Daisy and Mockarena. We're chicks who developed an interest in politics around the time of the 2008 presidential campaign, which is pretty much when we realized that this country is being taken in a completely wack direction by liberal Democrats. And so we've decided to talk about it in an open forum. You can learn more about us below.

Who is Daisy?

Daisy lives in a small Indiana town, out in the country with her husband, baby daughter (Dandelion), two stepchildren, three dogs, and other wildlife critters. She's always liked the art of yapping, and tends to spew her opinion whenever possible or unsolicited. She's a non-affiliated, yet self-proclaimed spiritual Christian mutt who believes in the pledge of allegiance, the military, education, and the power of laughter. She believes in capitalism and less government intervention in her life, her decisions, her personal freedoms, and her spending. Despite her leaning to the right, she is relatively moderate from a social standpoint, is an animal enthusiast, college football fan, pianist, organic vegetable gardener, movie junkie, and shoe addict. She has the same birthday as Mother Theresa and realizes that the similarities between them may end there.

Daisy does not believe in socialist ideology, time-outs for bratty kids, the overabundance of lawyers in this country, giving trophies for 7th place, handing a woman a fish when an opportunity exists to teach that woman to fish for herself, nor does she believe that any government official is the Messiah. She's a Virgo who likes the smell of puppy feet, long walks on the beach, road trips, rocking out to Rachmaninoff and the Foo Fighters, and Will Farrell movies. She isn't OLD, really, but just old enough to remember when MTV played music and wasn't merely teaching our teenage daughters to be vapid, mindless little tramps.

Who is Mockarena?

Mockarena (or "Mock"as she is more commonly known) rarely hides her feelings about anything, much to the delight? dismay? of her devoted husband. She's simultaneously disgusted and obsessed with today's pop culture, and totally gets the glees from mocking the empty-headed celebridrones who are famous for nothing other than being famous.

Mock is a true religious mutt born to a Catholic mother and Jewish father, both Polish immigrants who steadfastly love and honor this country and worked hard to acquire their US citizenship years ago. You know, before the cool thing to do was to just come over illegally and refuse to learn English. While Mock isn't affiliated with a particular church, she believes in God and in good old Christian values. She also, like Daisy, believes that government is best when it's small and non-intrusive, when it lets capitalism, NOT bailouts, shape the economy, and when the constitution is seen as something to live by, not something to adapt whenever the ACLU gets its panties in a wad.

Mock hates educators who teach self-esteem and correct condom use in place of history and algebra. She thinks university professors have NO BUSINESS injecting personal political opinion into the classroom. She misses the days when kids could walk to school unattended and feel totally safe. She values family and marriage above pretty much anything else, and she thinks Ronald Reagan was not only one of the best presidents ever, but also one of the best husbands. Happily, she's married to an exceptionally perfect man herself, and is a mom to two beautiful boys (Junior Mock and Mini-Mock).
Christ following, wife, mother, grandmother, and small business owner with passions for holistic wellness, gardening, raising critters, and preserving our Constitutional liberties especially free speech, religious freedom, and the 2nd Amendment. God gave me the most wonderful husband, who I love dearly and am grateful to have the opportunity to work with every day as his Producer in this Real Side venture. When you see my posts, they are truly mine. So please don't hold him accountable for what I write. Contrary to what some say, I'm not a Stepford wife. I have my own opinions and am willing to share some of them here.