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Election is less than a month away! Are you ready?

What do you really know about the candidates running? Be careful about fake news and fake posts? You may have to do a little homework on this one

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Derangement syndrome grows Trump, Kavanaugh, and West what happened to Love Trumps Hate? Trump brings home a jailed Pastor from Turkey. I thought he ruined that relationship?

Don't let them win, Tune in find out how to win!

Getting next to impossible to get our message out on! Twitter / Facebook / Google censoring and stopping our listeners and readers from getting the information WE need to fight back!

GUESTS include: Kimberly Morin, Xander Gibb, Gen Vallely. Corey Duncan College Campus Crazies! and more...


The Battle Continues! *** Fight with us *** Lets work hard and Help make America STRONG again!


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