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This Week! Many conservatives are fighting to get the message out Twitter / Facebook / Google censoring and stopping our listeners and readers from getting the information they need to fight back! Lets support our President! Lets show the rest of the world that America is not filled with The nuts they see on TV!

The Dems are stuck on an empty mantra of  "collusion"! Trending Topics of the Week Got money? Why not!

GUESTS include: Kimberly Morin, Xander Gibb, Gen Vallely. Corey Duncan Ramblings of a Mad Black Man, College Campus Crazies! among others...


The Battle Continues! *** Fight with us *** Lets work hard and Help make America STRONG again!


Lets keep Americans working! Our New Sponsor keeps Americans working Can you Imagine American Flags made here in the USA. NOT China!


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a MAJOR MAJORITY of Americans oppose sanctuary cities!

Start off New Year with REAL American Flag!
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