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In Los Angeles the week on July 25th?

Join the American Freedom Alliance for this social event! 


The Left is VERY gone! Proof that TDS is REAL! Stormy, Russia, Nuclear threat ALL went flat! Lets try another lie! Dont let them win, Tune in find out how to win!

Getting next to impossible to get our message out on! Twitter / Facebook / Google censoring and stopping our listeners and readers from getting the information WE need to fight back!

GUESTS include: Kimberly Morin, Xander Gibb, Gen Vallely. Corey Duncan Ramblings of a Mad Black Man, College Campus Crazies! among others...


The Battle Continues! *** Fight with us *** Lets work hard and Help make America STRONG again!

********************************* Lets keep Americans working! Can you Imagine American Flags made here in the USA. NOT China!


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Weekdays: 6pm to 9pm West Coast 9pm to Midnight East Coast Live chat room, Live Video, Live Radio FaceBook Live! Just for You!

Stories you wont hear anywhere else! Check the website for Station list guests, topics and times! REAL talk! Real Issues, Real People Tune in and get informed! Miss a show No Worries pick up a podcast.

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