Why Trump? An Open Letter To My Kids

West Wing Creator Aaron Sorkin Wrote An Open Letter To His Daughter Excoriating Trump And Trump Supporters After His Election. WIBC Morning Host Tony Katz Took A Far Different, Honest Approach

The Altered Dem universe

People get a clue! The mainstream media wouldn’t call out Hillary or Obama or any other high-ranking official if they were caught beheading Christians themselves

Oops! General Allen makes the case for Trump at the DNC

Gen. John Allen (Ret.) spoke at the DNC last week to tell use why we need Hillary Clinton in the White House. Listening to him speak, at times I had to wonder if he was at the wrong convention. Or maybe he’s been in a coma for the last 7 years. Here are a few highlights from his speech.

What the Left didn’t learn from Vietnam

Recalling the bloodbath in Vietnam, a Navy Seal critiques the continuous poor military strategies and the lessons that the Left didn’t learn. He states “…war is here, you don’t have to find it.” Thanks, Liberals.

Political correctness kills 50 plus this time!

It’s Sunday morning and I’m watching coverage of the horrendous act carried out by a Muslim extremist. Yes, I say that because just before he committed the act he yelled “Allahu Akbar,” ISIS has claimed credit for it, and the FBI is in charge of the “terrorist” investigation. BUT… that still won’t be enough for some. […]

Veteran explains Memorial Day… you may need tissue for this one

A veteran gives an emotional speech explaining what Memorial Day means to him and for those who serve. This is one you need to bring the kids into the room to hear. They aren’t going to learn it in school. You’re going to have to pass this along at home. It’s important. Do it. Do it NOW!

Veterans don’t die waiting in line for healthcare at Disneyland!

VA Sec., Robert A. McDonald, compared the time veterans are having to wait to receive care from the VA, to the amount of time people are willing to wait in line at Disneyland! Because being forced to wait for life-saving, pain-relieving medical care is JUST LIKE willingly spending a day at Disney? WRONG! Our veterans deserve to be treated like royalty.

Obama: We don’t need no stinking laws!

The Dictator is at it again. Mr. Obama really has a mental health issue. After nearly 8 years, he still hasn’t figured out that he is not a “dictator,” he is not a “king,” he is not our “supreme leader nor grand imperial poohbah.” Nope he is just the president of the republic known as […]

Mr. Obama’s Impartiality?

Our President has simply sent “representatives” to Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries who are supposedly our allies. And he has seen fit to send “representatives” to criminals’ funerals. Pause here an let that sink in… presidential representation at the funerals of thugs and criminals!

Good news for Veterans: New treatment for PTSD & traumatic brain injury

Warrior Angels Foundation will continue to use disruptive technology and tactics to improve quality of life for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) while working to secure our endorsed evaluation and treatment process within the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Veterans Administration (VA) or until new technology dematerializes, demonetizes, and democratizes the current health care system.

Hey Christians: A little late to the party!

Hey! Yo! Christians… it’s a little late to start complaining about Donald Trump. I’m watching all the garbage on social media from conservative Christian Republicans asking Christians all over to get on their knees and pray Trump doesn’t win!  HELLO!?! First, does God work that way? Are you really supposed to pray for a human […]