What happened to the Red Wave & Blue Wave predictions?!?

Both Republicans and Democrats were predicting landslide elections. But neither side saw a “wave”. So what happened with those Red Wave and Blue Wave predictions? Expert on forecast modeling, Dr. Gerard Lameiro explains why he’s calling it a “Zero Wave” election:

The U.S. Air Force Versus Businessman Elon Musk

SpaceX should be at risk of losing some of its government money. And yet, although the Air Force awards Musk hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts every year, we have barely heard even a peep out of them.

BREAKING: Draft Exec. Order Targets Online Platform Political Bias

This weekend, Bloomberg News received a draft of a proposed Executive Order authorizing federal antitrust agencies to look into possible violations.
It’s widely known that online conservative media has been taking a hit on online platforms for over 2 years now. Many have already been put out of business as online platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have shadowbanned and demonitized us, preventing us from reaching much of our audience and, in turn, earning ad revenues with the content we publish online. Those of us still hanging in there are having to make major changes to sustain and are largely relying on listener and reader support.