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The War On Humans

Are people no better than  rocks, maggots, and squirrels? Wesley Smith urges us to defend human dignity before it is too late. Tune in!


FDA considers 3-way egg fertilization. Why? Because divorce between 2 people isn’t painful enough?

Why would we really need the genes of 3 people creating a child? And what are the risks if we decide to mess with God’s handiwork?

You can read more about it here.

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So… Russia is invading the Ukraine. Obama is telling him to stand down… or else. That’s not happening. Big surprise (not!)

Is Putin really bullying Obama? Or is he just ignoring him? And either way, what’s President Obama going to do about? Or should he (representing us, as Americans) even do anything at all?

“President Obama made clear that Russia’s continued violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity would negatively impact Russia’s standing in the international community,” according to a statement released by the White House.

How many of Obama’s threats has he actually followed up on? Hmmm…

You can read more about it here and here.

What Are Unions Up to These Days?

David Bego
David Bego

David Bego, Devil At Our Doorstep, gives us updates on the latest developments. Tune in!


Open up Area 51 and prove the existence of a “wheel” hovering in the sky over us, proving that there is extraterrestrial life?… Black Americans should separate from whites because “planes are going to destroy every area not dominated by Islam”?… Black Americans need to set up their own Bible and Quran based courts and legal system to eliminate racial bias?

When I first read the story I thought it was satire. I wish it were. It’s not. Minister Louis Farrakhan really said those things recently to 18,000 people!

You can read more about it here.

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Weekend Wrap Up & Pop Culture Crazy Stuff!

Andrea Nelson
Andrea Nelson

Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won’t hear anywhere else. Tune in, you’ll be surprised.

Will the Real United States of America Please Stand Up!

Where is she? Many of those “Tea Party”, “right-wing, Bible-thumping”, “Mom and apple pie” type of people are being made out to be lunatics.

Why? For loving God, country, and freedom. It seems that loving America enough to make her a priority is unconstitutional. At least according to the very grounded and always controversial opinions of the 9th Circuit Court.

The Court says that school districts can ban clothing when the “officials’ concerns of racial violence outweighed students’ freedom of expression rights. Administrators feared the American flag shirts would enflame the passions of Latino students celebrating the Mexican holiday” of Cinco de Mayo. Really, I am not joking!

Wanting to keep the kids safe is great. I can’t disagree with that. But I can disagree with this particular decision around Americans wearing shirts with an American flag on them. These kids took exception to the school administration allowing celebrations day around Mexican independence day and exercised their freedom to express themselves civilly.

America is getting harder and harder to find. Some schools have stopped saying the pledge because it’s too divisive or it takes too much time. Then there was the young boy who was told he couldn’t have an American flag on his bike on school grounds because of safety concerns! What low-IQ administrator came up with that one?

In some school districts, Bibles can’t be handed out on the sidewalk in front of schools because it’s too close to blurring the separation of church and state clause! (Good luck finding that one in the Constitution!)

Then there was the young man who dared to give out copies of the Constitution on a college campus. He was awarded $50,000 of your taxpayer money (not to mention taxpayer money wasted on the salaries of all those who were involved from the school administrators to the security guard to the campus attorneys) because his rights to free speech were infringed! Yup. How dare he want to give out a copy of the foundation of what America was built on, at an American college campus, maintained with American tax dollars, by security guards paid in American tax dollars. Some people have a lot of nerve! What if he wanted to give out the Communist Manifesto? Do think there would have been the same reaction?

Many of you on the left, for some reason, foam at the mouth when you read pieces like this. But, try to have an open mind and endeavor to reason this out together, shall we?

One of the first books those religion-hating forefathers allocated money to print was the Bible. (They must have been very confused old men given that old “separation of church and state” clause!). Then to add insult to injury, those same men wanted the Bibles placed in public education facilities and schools. Oh, the humanity of it all!

You see, America became great because of what it stood for, what it was willing to fight and die for, and the foundation that all men are created equal. We all have the right to succeed or fail. That’s why so many wanted (and still want) to come to this country.

I am extremely proud of my Italian heritage. I grew up in a place known as Little Italy in Boston. It was not uncommon to hear people speaking Italian in the streets and stores. With that said, when a non-neighborhood person came into a store (the area was very touristy because of historic landmarks like the Old North Church) everyone slipped into English out of respect for our country. Orders were placed in English.

My little Italian friends who had recently arrived in the U.S. were very proud to stand up and pledge allegiance to the flag even though they weren’t yet citizens. Why? Because they knew what America stood for and wanted to be part of it.

Every August there is a month of celebration coinciding with Italian festivals taking place back in Italy. Celebrating heritage, like the Mexican kids on campus today. The difference? Always present at the Italian festivals was the American flag, flown higher than the Italian flag or any other flag. America was always first. Period! We have lost that.

Progressives think that we got this strong and respected around the world by chance or luck or karma or whatever. Nothing successful ever happens by accident and if it does, it won’t be sustainable. Success requires work, maintenance, and someone to care about and for it. America first! If you think it will just happen, sit around and watch. Something will happen but not what you want to happen.

America is becoming unrecognizable. We need to find her and prop her up.

Don’t wait! On Cinco de Mayo, celebrate by wearing an American flag. Celebrate Mexican independence by relating it too American Independence Day.

And ultimately, if you’re told you can’t wear an American flag shirt on Cinco de Mayo, stage a sit in by the school flag pole wearing American-themed shirts and join in the celebration.

America, you better wake up or lose your country.


Faith, Cross, Sunrise, Christian
Faith, Cross, Sunrise, Christian

The Presbyterian Church says, “God loves all people, and as the Scriptures teach us, has a special heart for those who are abused, neglected, and marginalized.”…   Well, DUH!

That still doesn’t explain the Church backing Presbyterian College’s decision to host a student production of The Vagina Monologues.

They say it promotes awareness of violence against women and encourages women to take control of their bodies. I think that’s a great message. I’m just not convinced this is the best vehicle to convey that message.

I also find it appalling that a college, supposedly promoting Christian morals and values, would find that a production celebrating “lesbianism, prostitution, perpetual self-gratification, and orgasmic chanting as an exercise of empowerment” to be acceptable and in line with scriptural, Christian teachings.

You can read more about it here.

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Faith Friday – Sons of Liberty

Bradlee Dean, Sons of Liberty
Bradlee Dean, Sons of Liberty

Bradlee Dean talks with Joe about passing the torch of liberty, the importance of history, and reaching America’s next generation through principles of morality, true freedom, and personal responsibility.


Surprise, Surprise! Your federal government is spending your tax money on yet another study. So far the study has cost $500,000. And what will you get for this money? Every 3 years your Congress will get a report from the FCC with the intent and purpose of “eliminating barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the communications industry.”

As part of this study, the Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs, or CIN, the FCC plans to send researchers to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run” along with assessing “coverage of eight “critical information” subjects, including public health, politics, transportation, the environment and “economic opportunities” and any “perceived station bias,” an “outlet’s “news philosophy” and about how they selected stories.”

Because asking questions about content coverage is going to help eliminate barriers for new entrepreneurs in the media markets? How, exactly, is that going to encourage new business ownership? And is that really the FCC’s job… to help foster new radio and TV stations? I think not!

Let the free market work. If people don’t want to listen to the content, they will change the channel. If there’s not enough diversity on the airwaves, maybe there’s just not enough diversity in listenerships and viewerships? You don’t need to get involved in everything!

The FCC’s job is to regulate licensing of airwaves; TV and radio stations. They don’t need content information. Are they attempting to level the playing field, giving equal time to opposing viewpoints? That’s not clear, but could be done with content information collected.

FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler said that they had “no intention of regulating political or other speech.” —- well, if the commission is granted the “right” to collect information that would make it easy to do that, there’s no guarantee that the next commissioner won’t take advantage of that right. And if you have no intention of exercising the right, then why does it need to be granted? Just take that language outta there!

The FCC has no business poking around in the content of a free press, which is guaranteed in our Bill of Rights. Just back off!

You can read more about it here and here.

Is Electronic Privacy a Misnomer?

Are you being tracked? Do you even have a choice? Online privacy advocate Mark Weinstein discusses the current state of privacy, (corporate and government) cyber spying and tracking, the NSA and PRISM, Edward Snowden, net neutrality, the business of social media, the complacency of the Obama Administration, cyber relationships (including e-dating), the invasiveness of Google Glass, and disturbing tracking issues relating to ObamaCare.


Trader Joe’s not welcome in a predominantly black Oregonian neighborhood? Apparently so. Why?

The Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF) says:

  • It would “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,” which would, apparently, somehow displace current residents.
  • The group “remains opposed to any development in North/Northeast Portland that does not primarily benefit the black community” because bringing jobs and good food doesn’t benefit the black community?
  • Bringing Trader Joe’s to the community “reflects the city’s overall track record of implementing policies that serve to uproot, displace and disempower our most vulnerable community members”… WHAT???

Ok, so let’s review. Letting Trader Joe’s move into the community might make more people want to move to the neighborhood… non-black people… because making jobs for the “most vulnerable community members” uproots, displaces, and disempowers them. Is everyone clear on this?

All I can say is, the PAALF is either confused or they’re working hard to keep black communities in a vulnerable, disempowered position. Or maybe it’s just me who’s confused. You decide. Let me hear your thoughts…

You can read more about it here.

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Financial & Economic Update

Tune in today to hear the latest, craziest news events. Many you won’t hear anyplace else. Call in or join the chatroom and get involved in the conversation!

Today’s special guest is Kerry Lutz with the Financial Survival Network talking about the market and economic outlook. Where SHOULD you put your money? Tune in!


This mom didn’t like the graphic images she saw on the t-shirts in her local PacSun store. She believed they violated the city’s code and asked the store manager to remove the display. When the store manager declined, she bought all of the shirts at a cost of $567. She plans to return them under the guidelines stipulated by the store’s return policy.

Well that’s one way to take care of it!

In the meantime, she’s meeting with the city attorney regarding the appropriateness of the content to determine if it really was a code violation.

Never doubt that one person can make a difference…

You can read more about it here.

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Their Symbol is a Jackass, Any Questions?

Chris Vaca has read Alan Colmes’ book, “Thank The Liberals For Saving America” and has written a rebuttal. Tune in today to hear his opinion. Should be interesting.


She says she was fired for asking the company (McDonald’s) to comp meals for local firefighters who had just battled a blaze.

The company says she was fired for swearing at a superior.

There’s no way to know the real truth here. But one thing’s for sure, she felt compelled to show gratitude to the firefighters because she paid for the first team of firefighters from her own pocket , $83! And when another team came in, she wanted to do it again and asked the store manager and then corporate office if they wanted to get in on the generosity. Not so much.

What happened between that and her employment termination we’ll probably never know. But she has since received numerous job offers.

I guess there’s always a job for those who take care of our first responders…

You can read more about it here.

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Do you support the First Amendment? The IRS has proposed new rules to limit your voice!

The IRS is seeking to implement new rules that will limit the ability of non-profit 501c(4) status organizations to participate in political activities and grassroots efforts.

We are currently in the public comment. It ends February 27th (this week!)

If you value your First Amendment freedoms, take a few minutes and exercise them NOW! Let the IRS know that they are overstepping their boundaries and encroaching on yours… and let them know, you won’t stand for it!

You can submit your comments to the IRS here. Let them know that they efforts to silence, even a little bit, grassroots organizations goes completely against the intent of the Consitution.

Then post a comment here, and let us know that you’re fighting for all of us!

Thanks to the Family Research Council for keeping an eye on these types of issues. You can submit your comment here.


Thirteen year old entrepreneur, Danielle, sold 117 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. How’d she do it? In front of a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. She had to call for reinforcement because she kept running out of cookies.

The dispensaries website says, “Cookies, cannabis and charities, what more can you ask for!?”

Right or wrong, little Danielle has that capitalist gene running strong in her veins. Location, location, location. I think she’s pinpointed the prime cookie location!

What do you think? Should Girl Scouts be allowed or encouraged to exploit such a vice?

You can read more about it here.

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Weekend Wrap Up & Pop Culture Crazy Stuff!

Andrea Nelson
Andrea Nelson

Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won’t hear anywhere else. Tune in, you’ll be surprised.

Seinfeld on Parenting?

This one had my head spinning. I had to watch and listen twice! Now, I know, some may say this guy has issues of his own, but the audience was proof that he was on target.

Jerry Seinfeld was on the new Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and I am sure his audience was not a bunch of old folks.

After a few minutes of standup comedy, Seinfeld sat down with Fallon and got into a conversation about parenting. Seinfeld stated that he was not in agreement with this “new style” of parenting and reminded the audience that when many of us were kids, our parents didn’t give a [email protected]@ about a lot of things.

Seinfeld went on to say that our parents never made deals with us to eat our food, brush our teeth, and so on. Our parents didn’t have to ask us 147 times to go to bed, “get back into your bed,” “what did I tell you?” “did you brush your teeth,” “did you use water,” and so on and so on.

How many books do you read your children at night? How many hours of TV do they watch in their bedroom before going to bed? The inmates are running the asylum!

Look, I’ve had 4 children. Based on how different each was, they may as well have been born to 4 different sets of parents. My ex-wife and I had different parenting styles. (I am not picking on my ex-wife. Simply stating fact and using my own real-life example since I can’t use yours!)

I heard on a regular basis on how she couldn’t get them to eat. She couldn’t get them to go to sleep, clean their rooms, make their beds, do their homework.

On the other hand, when they were at my house, we all ate at the dinner table at the same time. We cleaned up together. Everyone was in bed at the assigned time. Beds were made and rooms cleaned every Saturday before they went outside. Sounds a little like a militant lifestyle? Well, so what?

Kids love consistency. Kids want to know things are the way they should be. They want to be able count on mommy and daddy and other adults to be there for them, to guide them and help them. Sometimes help is not in the form of, “it’s OK honey, you broke the TV while playing ball in the house, I am sure you didn’t mean it”…  (insert buzzer sound here) Wrong answer!

Life has consequences. When you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing like, drinking and driving, speeding in a residential zone, cheating on a test, or consistently showing up late for work, it’s not going to be all right. They all carry serious consequences… jail time, fines, failing a class, or getting fired.

The best time for your kids to fail and feel the consequences is at a young age while they are still with you. Parents discipline in a loving and caring way, not demeaning.

According to Dr. Robi Ludwig, Psychotherapist, there is a real backlash against these helicopter parenting strategies, described by Seinfeld, and practiced by millennial moms.

Helicopter parenting is when parents hang over the kids, never allowing them to feel bad about anything, fail, or make non-life threatening mistakes. These kids ultimately learn nothing about real life or how to interact in the real world.

Dr. Ludwig goes on to say, “certainly there is a generation of moms who waited a long time before they had kids. They’re working many hours. So due to guilt or just falling in love with motherhood, they’re creating this whole ritual” of a feel-good eating experience or a bedtime experience or whatever.

Many of the offspring of these helicopter parents and the kids of the “no score,” “no-grades” era are having real problems in today’s society and in the workplace.

When they encounter problems with authority at work many go into shutdown mode. Friends who own businesses have plenty of stories to tell about that generation. People who show up late… a lot! And use excuses like: traffic, couldn’t find a parking space, long line at Starbucks, I’m not a morning person, or talked to another parent too long when I dropped my kid off. Really?

In the past, I have had employees who got extremely upset with me because they weren’t paid for 40 hours even though they only worked 36. Let that sink in. Then there were those who came in at 8:35 or 8:40 when everyone else starts at 8:30. They went to lunch at 11:45ish come back at 1ish when lunch is 12 to 1, like everyone else. It was my experience that most of these people grew up in a very “open” parenting environment.

According to Dr. Ludwig these kids who were raised by a helicopter mom consistently say they are not so happy with the way the world worked out. The world does not actually revolve around them. Shocking!

Dr. Ludwig says it’s better for children not to think that everything is going to be easy because life is not easy. And in order to be successful in the world, you have to be prepared for reality. You have to believe in yourself. But you have to know things are not always going to go your way and learn how to strategize.

By not allowing children to achieve on their own, good or bad, I believe we are doing them a disservice. They need to see what working hard will get you and what working “kind of” hard gets you and what “not trying at all” gets you.

To Seinfeld’s point, our parents didn’t care if you were always happy, got everything you wanted, or faced hardships. These things built character and they taught us how to deal with them and work through them. Parents need to be there to guide and encourage, not do and shelter.

America, be parents, or be prepared for your kids to be lost!

Faith Friday – The Case Against Atheism

Talking all things faith, including faith-based current events (and sometimes even that dreaded political overlap, YIKES!)

Today, Mike Dobbins says atheism is based on faith, intolerant, unscientific, hopeless, and hypocritical and it’s time for this “militant atheism” to be critiqued and confronted.

How Bad Was Fukushima, REALLY?

When extreme nature collided with aging, outmoded nuclear reactors on Japan’s northern coast it spelled disaster. David Lochbaum and Edwin Lyman discuss the reality of Fukushima and it’s potential impacts on the U.S. Tune in!


Proposed Alabama bill would require congressional prayer to be read each day as part of civics class.

Opponents say it’s unconstitutional.

Hmmm… reading a congressional opening prayer is unconstitutional? Wouldn’t it be unconstitutional for Congress to read the prayer too? Or it’s only unconstitutional if you’re in school? But if it’s ok to learn about our government, and this is one of the constitutional things that our government does when opening a session of congress, why would it be unconstitutional to learn about this aspect of our government in public schools funded by our government?

I’m so confused…

You can read more about it here. If you can figure it out, leave me a comment below. Would love to hear how this logic works!

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