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Everyone gets to Vote!

First they start by explaining that Legal Immigrants are important and should be able to vote.

What is a Legal Immigrant? In most cases it’s someone in this country that has a visa to work for a period of time.

Do they really deserve the right to vote?

The thing I always really appreciated about Maine is that they went out of their way to make sure homeowners were allowed to do what they want on their properties as long as they don’t infringe on others. They really did believe in less government.

The Maine League of Young Voters is a group that’s sponsoring a ballot initiative to give non-citizen legal immigrants the right to vote in Portland City elections. Portland is a population of 65,000 and has a little over 10,000 “Legal Immigrants”.

Read more on this… you won’t believe it.

Read More!

Dual Host wrap up

That’s right. Network news is down to the mid-teens when it comes to the percentage of the viewing public watch their broadcasts.
47% of people get their news from Cable TV. Yes, Cable. The rest are getting it online. A large amount of viewers are young people who tend to get their news as stated above. The interesting stat is that older people stick with the network news. Maybe that’s why the number is dwindling… because we are. Or maybe it’s just bad news and young folks get it.

The HIJAB Disney mess up… I am on the side of the employer. Imagine that. The employee signed an agreement and understood what the rules were. This same stunt was tried back in 2004 with another “cast member”. They lost. I agree.

Is Obama a Muslim? Most people don’t care. They just want honesty. If you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew or atheist, ACT LIKE ONE. Don’t expect us to buy it because you want us to believe you are.

The American people just want the truth….

Missed the show? You missed a lot. Check out the podcast. 

Dual Host Monday 8/30

Polls show (not Joe’s polls) that more American feel Obama is more a Muslim than a Christian. Are actions speaking loader than words?

Why does it matter? Is it a trust issue ?

Does mainstream media still report facts or opinion, and who’s opinion?

Does it matter? Can’t Americans read, listen and figure it out?

Less than half of Americans polled said they get their news from the paper.

24% say they go online. An even smaller amount get it from the radio.

HOWEVER… People are turning to CABLE news as opposed to NETWORK or BROADCAST news at a much larger number and it is increasing in large numbers every year. NBC, ABC and CBS news were all in the low 20% area in 2000. They are now in the mid to low teens.

Almost 40% of adults say they watch cable news with CNN, Fox and MNBC getting the lion’s share.

The audiences tend to be younger, more republican and more “eco” friendly, NO PAPER!

Want more? Listen in!

RACISM – Wrap Up

that in 2010, we still look at skin color, type of vehicle driven and where a person lives as a guide to character.
Not good, not REAL, and not fair. People, we are a good community, let’s make it great! Let’s learn to see each other for the value of our character not the color of our skin.

On a positive note, I had many emails that applauded us for taking this issue on. I will have more of this in the future and the RACISM show may be a regular.

What do you think?

Is all fair in Church and Mosque?

UPDATE … August 18th

The Church has given up!
after many attempts to get the port authority to re-engage! nothing, no noise, nothing.

I think they should tell them they want to build next door to the Mosque, Your thoughts ?

Check out the update on Fox.


ORIGINAL STORY: According to many sources, St. Nichols Church was destroyed on 9/11 by the crushing weight of the concrete and metal. It was destroyed in the ATTACK. They have been trying to rebuild for years. Until recently, the Port Authority had been working with the church to make sure they kept the “Gold Dome” below the height of the yet-to-be-built Ground Zero Memorial. No one seems to know why talk just stopped and church officials are unable to get any help in moving forward with plans to rebuild.

It is coming up on the ten year anniversary of 9/11 and this church is still struggling with red tape to get past the planning stage with authorities…this is nuts!

So let me get this straight, we are going to rush a Mosque right through but make sure the Church has to wait. Where’s the equal treatment?


Off my Front Porch 
Ironic Surrealism 3.0


Open MIC Monday!

Legalize Marijuana?

Why? Do we need the money that badly?
How much will it really cost us?

California Budget Crisis, Who’s Fault Is It?

Are the Democrats not getting it?
Are the Republicans out of touch?
Why can’t we get a budget… and get it on time?

Any other issues?? Call in and we will talk about whatever you want!

Second Half of Show

Prop 8, Stay Ruling

Did the judge do the right thing in staying the ceremonies until the 18th?
Should we just push this to the US Supreme Court and get it over with?
Is it discrimination?

We will also have a gay couple on who DON’T believe in gay marriage!
Yep, it’s true! And I didn’t have to look hard.

Check it out, you’ll be surprised!

Can I have a toke?

So, we have passed medical marijuana laws and, as a result, we have MANY teenagers with medical marijuana cards for all kinds of reasons. It’s already causing a host of new issues and challenges at the school level.


Now we want to pass it for general daily use… like having a beer. I guess we don’t have enough issues with drunk drivers, teenage pregnancy, and alcohol addiction. Let’s add marijuana, the “Jump off Drug”.


How about the legal side? It’s against Federal Law! What happens when the Federal and State laws collide? Well, apparently, if the law is about illegal immigration, the administration takes you to court. If it’s about dope, let’s pull back and not get too crazy. What’s the big deal? It’s just drugs.


Excerpt from API…


The proposition’s supporters dispute the chamber’s findings. They point to the state Legislative Analyst’s Office’s determination that employers would “retain existing rights to address consumption of marijuana that impairs an employee’s job performance.”


Mainly at issue is a section of the proposition that says no one can “be denied any right or privilege” because they engaged in legal conduct permitted by the act, such as smoking pot.


The section continues: “The existing right of an employer to address consumption that actually impairs job performance by an employee shall not be affected.”


Some groups claim the proposition would create a new, ill-defined standard of “actual impairment” that would prevent employers from disciplining workers simply for consuming marijuana. Instead, according to the chamber’s analysis, employers would have to prove that pot impaired an employee’s job performance.


“For example, if a forklift driver showed up reeking of marijuana smoke, an employer could not take disciplinary action until it could be proven that the employee’s job performance was ‘actually impaired’ by the marijuana use (for example, after an accident occurred),” the chamber wrote.


The Proposition 19 campaign said in a statement Thursday that employers under the law would still be able to prohibit and punish employees for marijuana consumption that impairs job performance just as they would for alcohol.


Employers would still be able to ban possession or consumption of pot at work and keep rules in place that involve driving or operating dangerous machinery, the campaign said. Employers could still certify that they maintained a “drug-free” workplace by prohibiting marijuana possession or use on the job.


How about just before work, lunch, and so on??


Portions taken from API, read the rest of the article.

Freedom Final Thoughts

 Watch the Show on SCVTV

Freedoms – Final Thoughts
One hour and nothing new, Freedom of Speech, couldn’t get any boundaries. We don’t need a boundary if people will really use common sense, but even that has different meanings to different people. I understand that if we limit any part of the freedom we limit ALL freedoms. HOW do we get the ones pushing the limits with the vulgarity in art and television, “clothing malfunctions”, and the like to understand that there is a large group of us who don’t want a PG-13 film to have sex scenes that are deemed OK because they have a cover over them while they are in bed “acting”?
Wasn’t the original intent for us to be able speak out against the government without fear of losing our heads?
Freedom of Religion, we could have had a 2 hour show on that alone. I found in my research that those who had no knowledge of either religion or REAL information on our forefathers seemed to be the experts!
As I said on the show, I don’t want to have some government prayer in school or a Bible in every desk, BUT, I don’t want us rewriting history. The majority of the founders held seminary degrees. They fasted and prayed as part of the official duties and one of the first official books printed and distributed by the government was THE BIBLE! LET ME BE CLEAR! I am not pushing for a “Christian Nation” here. Let’s just get the facts straight. Allow me my freedoms and I will allow you yours.
We should ALL be allowed to practice our beliefs in freedom. The government should not be afraid of participating in events during the holidays… Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Nothing day, a Christmas tree in front of City Hall, a Menorah, a whatever! Let’s have a celebration of what made this country great, the mix of beliefs with a basis in Judeo/Christian principles, a mix of ethnicities, nationalities and classes WITH NONE OF THE UGLIES!
God Bless America!

STOP free enterprise!

Lemonade stand shut down because she failed to get the $120 in permits.

SHE’S SEVEN (7)!! And it’s a temporary restaurant license. PLEASE!

I told you “common sense” is no longer common in government.

The girl went out of her way to do a better job in keeping her table, cups, and lemonade cleaner than the hot dog stand I eat at.

The Huffington post has a different take. They feel there were safety issues because of the intersection she was set up in. However, this was not part of the original issue.

To read more about this Click here!

Freedom… Really?

Will flogging be brought back?

Are our freedoms in danger of being taken away? Really?

With some of the ways the current administration is doing business we are being forced to do things that just don’t make sense?

What was the intent of our founding fathers?

Freedom of Speech.

What was the intent of our founding fathers?
Why can’t I use foul language on TV? It is freedom of speech, right?
Should high school students be allowed to write illegal immigration or pro-Prop 8 articles for a school newspaper?
Does the first amendment really cover campaign contributions?
Do “Hate Crime Laws” conflict with the first amendment?
If I speak out against a religious group in a way that may violate the hate crimes laws, does it not also go against my freedom of speech.
Freedom of Religion.
Freedom FROM or OF?
Who decides what’s considered religious?
When it has a hint of Judeo/Christian tradition is it religious?
If it has Islamic or Buddhist traditions is its not?
Did religion play a part in the founding of our nation?
Is Prop 8 PURE freedom or religious?

Marriage is a religious ceremony with traditions that are rooted in the Bible LONG before there were states. How does that weigh in?

American Paycheck for Terroist!

Fort Hood gunman, is still getting paychecks from the military – and I can prove there is a God.

Bank of America has informed him that he is no longer welcome at the Bank.

HOWEVER… in another crazy twist, Military financial advisors are helping him to find a bank! Thank God another dozen banks have turned him down!

Doesn’t this just frost you?

And his attorney is saying his client is being treated unfairly.

What about the people he ambushed and KILLED!

I guess they got fair treatment.


Illegal Aliens – Final Thoughts

After 2 hours of listening to many guests that are in the middle of it, I hear 2 messages:

1. There should be an easy and equitable way to enter into this country. There should be a way that the ones here should be able to prove they are a value to our society and stay. We can’t just ignore the kids that were brought here, educated here, grew up here and would not know how to move back into the culture of the country of their parents’ origin.

2. We just can’t afford it. The financial strain on our economy is enormous. There are American men and women that will do the work the illegals are doing.

I think we all need to get real and stop talking out of both sides of our mouths.

Advocates: Stop telling us that “They pay taxes to”, because they don’t! They pay a small part of sales tax and other taxes that are directly associated with “sales tax” but no contribution to State and Federal payroll taxes. They are a strain on our health and education system. Just stop trying to put a dress on a pig and we might be willing to help.

There is no real EQUITY among American born and illegals. Right now illegals have the edge.

Against it:  Business owners, STOP talking out of both sides of your mouth. If you hire an illegal worker, you deserve everything that comes from it. Raids on your establishment, fines and so on… and maybe it’s worth it to you.

Stop saying send them all home! We can’t. It would be a nightmare. Homeowners, do you really think it’s fine for your gardener, housekeeper, or handyman to be illegal and then get mad at the legislators for not closing the border?  HHHmmmm!

We need to stop pointing fingers, have some real honest dialogue, and work toward a solution.

Maybe we have no guest worker program until unemployment is below 5%.

Maybe if your on welfare you have to put in some work hours every week for the state or local government.

I don’t have the answers, but there out there.

AND, illegal is illegal! 


I felt the wrath of the so called “White Anglo Saxon American”. I was told I should not be dating their women and that I was a “Grease Ball”, “WOP” let’s not forget “Dumb Dago” …

The names weren’t the big deal. It was not understanding that what they were saying about me I couldn’t change!

So, does racism exist today? NO really! Like it’s always pushed out at us. If I think someone should get paid less money and he or she happens to be black or Hispanic, why is that RACISM!?

How about, I just think he or she isn’t worth more money!

Why is there ALWAYS a perceived ulterior motive?
Now, we start off thinking the worst instead of the best.
This makes no sense and we will not be able to move forward this way.

So, we are going to take a look at racism… REAL racism… from the people that are hit the hardest with it…

Tune in… Don’t miss out!!! Join in the conversation.

Politics in the SCV

Let’s focus on Local, State and National politics as we speak with Scott Wilk (R), member of Republican 38th Central Committee and Mike Cruz (D), member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee. Both are plugged into their respective parties and will give us the local take on the issues.

Can we keep spending the way we are?
Do the Democrats even have a voice in local politics?
Do the Republicans REALLY run the Santa Clarita Valley?

Have we lost or gained jobs here in the SCV?

Are the White House policies really working for us in our little town?
How does Santa Clarita play into County and State politics?
Call in, Tune in Listen Live!

Undocumented, Illegal, Unannounced Workers !!!

People, lets get a handle on this! Simply put, they broke the law, they are “illegal”. Calling them undocumented workers is like me calling myself an “undocumented driver” when I get pulled over and don’t have a drivers license.

Let’s make sure we understand that we are talking about… ALL NATIONALITIES here… illegal is illegal!

Illegal Immigration… Undocumented Workers… Undocumented Americans…

I have heard it all from — “all we want to do is work” to “we are humans too!”

Illegal immigration costs this state over $15 billion a year in direct costs!
Imagine what that costs the country!!
Is the administration doing what it can to stop illegal immigration??

Join me, City Councilman Bob Kellar, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, and, schedule permitting, we may even hear from Sheriff Lee Baca! Hart School Board President Paul Strickland. We’ll also be joined by 2 immigration attorneys and Angelica Salas, Executive Director from CHIRLA (Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles).

Tune in and see what the experts say.
During the show, make sure your voice is heard. Send me an email to
[email protected] or hop on the web site and join the chat window!

“Tweet” me at 
To be on the air call 298-KHTS (5487)

Family Values – Final thoughts

To start with, I received many emails in response to the original email information blast calling me a biggot and closed-minded. I would suggest the closed-minded are the ones that sent me the emails!

If you listened to the show, I was looking for input. I was HONESTLY looking for both sides of the issue. If you speak with Donald Goodman the counselor I had on, (who was PRO – same-sex marriage and the raising of children in those types of relationships) he would agree it was a VERY level and fair conversation.

My point that divorces are on the rise, that children from single parent households tend to have more issues is a true statement!

Now, the so-called experts say there will be no ill effect from same sex family units. There has been no long term studies to prove that position. Therefore the blanket statement cannot be made with certainty.

BOTH experts agreed that kids need a 2-parent loving environment to thrive in and have a better chance of surviving life’s issues when they have a 2-parent loving environment

BOTH agreed that the best environment for a child to grow up in is…
The 2 biological parents being in the house on one accord and in solidarity in the raising of the children.

Take it up with them!


6 Yr-Old on Government No Fly List!

 A 6-year old little girl is on the no fly list.

A 6-year old little girl is on the no fly list.  Look at her picture. She sure looks “scary” (NOT).  I don’t know if this is the kind of ridiculous stuff you want for your show, but it sure hacks me off that we can’t find the 10 guys that went AWOL from IRAQ, but we have time to put this girl on the no fly list.
BTW they ARE still letting her fly but they didn’t remove her name.  I think it’s outrageous for 2 reasons.
#1 How can ANYONE be allowed to fly if they are on the no-fly list?
#2 Why don’t they take her off the list?
Here’s a quote from her dad: “She may have threatened her sister, but I don’t think that constitutes Homeland Security triggers,” said Dr. Thomas.    (Submitted by Alice)   Read More!

Proposed Kindergarten Sex Ed

…and it doesn’t stop there.
Positions, yes, positions. What cavities can be penetrated, and so on.

Disgusted?! Then stop reading and so something!!

We have gone over the top. Schools should not be teaching our kids moral and social values.
Those should be left for parents and ONLY parents!.

Check out Montana Parents Weigh In on Proposed Kindergarten Sex Ed 

Not just that people have sex, but how to have sex.  Read More! 

Obama’s thoughts on this issue  Read More! 

Better Pay Attention!  (sent in by Alice)

8 Yr-Old boy suspended for wearing a hat.

Rhode Island boy suspended for wearing Patriotic hat.

I believe we have gone over the top with being “politically correct” or “non-tollerence”
This is an 8 year old boy that simply wants to honor the troops with 2 inch toy soldiers glued onto his hat! Am I missing something here??

The school has a no tolerance weapons ban. Unless this child had intent to shove these plastic soldier down someone’s throat, then how could they be considered weapons??

He violated the weapons ban! HHHmmmm….
Help me understand.

The boy designed a hat to honor the troops     Read More!
Cleveland papers has better coverage              Read Here! 

You Can’t Pray Here?!?

A group of Christian students was allegedly ordered to stop praying outside the U.S. Supreme Court building on May 5 because a court police officer told them it was against the law. (SERIOUSLY!?!)

The students were part of a junior high school American History class at Wickenburg Christian Academy in Arizona. After taking pictures on the steps of the Supreme Court building, their teacher gathered them to a side location where they formed a circle and began to pray.

According to Nate Kellum, senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, a police officer “abruptly” interrupted the prayer and ordered the group to cease and desist.

“They were told to stop praying because they were violating the law and they had to take their prayer elsewhere,” Kellum told FOX News Radio.

A spokesperson for the Court said the Marshal of the Court will look into the events alleged by the ADF.

“The Court does not have a policy prohibiting prayer,” said public information officer Kathy Arberg in an email to FOX News Radio.

So the group of 15 students and seven adults left the Supreme Court and relocated to a sidewalk – where Rigo said the children stood in a gutter – and continued their prayer.

Story is from the Fox News and other networks

get the full story by clicking here


Family Values

We need to really be paying attention to the “Family Unit”.

The family unit has been fragile for years. The traditional family that we grew up with has been under scrutiny
since the 60’s. Remember free love, free sex, no war, No Commitments? Remember?

I remember growing up and hearing “Kids are so resilient”. I believe that was wrong and that we are reaping the benefits
of giving in to that thought process. Divorces are still on the rise. Single parent families occur at an alarming rate.

Children from single parent homes often have MANY more issues adjusting and getting along than those coming from
a “Traditional Family”.

Now we are going to introduce gay and lesbian marriages into the mix? Are we in for even more trouble… Maybe?
Check out the show on Monday and hear what the experts have to say.

Patriotism – Final thoughts

Today we found out that Patriotism might mean many things to many people. The common thread was, Love of Country. Most people express it in many ways, Flag waiving, Special observances during the year, BBQ’s and so on.

I was not here on the 5th, if you tuned in I was home relaxing with my wife.
Thanks to the Patriots who went before me and made that possible…
With that in mind, today’s show was about PATRIOTISM. What is it? Why is it important?
Is it important enough to die for?
Today we use the word Patriotism like we use the word and meaning of Christmas.
There is a true meaning of Christmas that over the years has been allowed to be eroded and forgotten.
It’s gone from a time of giving of one self, of remembering the importance of family, for Christians remembering Christ’s birth… to TODAY… how much can my budget bear… how do I make sure I don’t tick off any of my relatives or friends.. VERY different meaning.
The true meaning of patriotism has also eroded… (in my opinion…)
Were our Founding Fathers patriots? What did they give up for their PATRIOTISM??
Would America be a different place today if the founding fathers considered patriotism unimportant?
Today patriotism has taken on a meaning of Parades, BBQ’s, days off w/pay.
Wave flags, BUT DON’T INSULT ANYONE! Don’t push your brand of Americanism on anyone.
I think the Tea Partiers have re-sparked Patriotism.
They get out and get involved… (as do many NON tea partiers)
We need to get out and get involved.


Anti-4th of July?

Why I Don’t Celebrate July 4

By Matthew Rothschild, July 3, 2010

It’s July 4th, my least favorite holiday. And I’m not referring to the bugs, or the crowds, or the traffic on the highways.
I’m talking about the mindless patriotic bubble bath we’re all supposed to soak in all weekend long.

Well, not me.

My heart does not beat faster at the strains of the Star Spangled Banner, much less at the sight of F-16s flying overhead to kick off the show.
You see, I don’t believe in patriotism. You can call me unpatriotic if you’d like, but really I’m anti-patriotic. I’ve been studying fascism lately, and there is one inescapable fact about it: Nationalism is the egg that hatches fascism. And patriotism is but the father of nationalism.

Patriotism is not something to play with. It’s highly toxic. When ingested, it corrodes the rational faculties. It gulls people into believing their leaders. It masks those who benefit most from state policy.And it destroys the ability of people to get together, within the United States and across boundaries, to take on those with the most power: the multinational corporation.

Plus, it’s a war toy, wheeled out whenever a leader needs to improve his ratings by attacking some other country—often after invoking God’s name, too. It’s been so since the Spanish-American War and World War I and right up through the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War.

American patriotism has also gotten in the way of solving global warming. Many in the United States, which consumes 25 percent of the world’s resources but has just 4 percent of the world’s population, believe we have the God-given right to use up all the resources we can. And there is an all-too-common attitude that we don’t need to listen to any other countries, or the U.N., or obey any international agreements because we’re Americans, and we’re better than everybody else.

We’ve got to get over patriotism, and we’ve got to cure the American superiority complex. So celebrate the 4th if you like.

But as for me, between God, country, and apple pie, I’ll take the apple pie.

Copied from the “Progressive” magazine

We’re Here!

I want to thank Carl and Jeri for giving me a microphone and a one hour show to talk about ANYTHING I want to. Many of you who know me know I am not shy and I like to get down to it, not dirty or nasty, just raw truth, no fluff, no games.

I need and want your participation, so write in [email protected], call in 298-5487 or send smoke signals; I don’t care how you do it but here is your chance to deal with issues like illegal/legal immigration, racism, religious indifference, politics… REAL, LOCAL politics. What is a “Developmental Terrorist”? What does one look like?

We’ll have some real fun looking at the truth from everyone’s perspective.

Join us Mondays from 1-2pm on your Home Town Station, AM-1220.