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Liberals NOW attacking their own!

Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews was criticized by fellow liberals Monday over a tweet that commended President Trump‘s response to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Matthews, a fervent critic of Trump on his long-running show “Hardball” — from which he was ousted back in March — said the president was “right to show respect for RBG.

“True presidential behavior,” Matthews went on. “Far too rare.” It was not immediately clear to what specific action or statement of Trump’s Matthews was referring.

The longtime host’s tweet was widely panned on the left.

“Oh big deal,” responded “The View” co-host Joy Behar.

“He implied her grieving family were a bunch of liars today for relaying her dying wish,” former Amy Klobuchar communications director Tim Rogan wrote, referencing President Trump’s remarks earlier Monday in which he doubted the legitimacy of Ginsburg’s reported dying wish of having a new president choose her successor.

“Every day. Every day, I had to go through this,” former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann chided his ex-colleague. “I mean, anybody else see him on ‘Mission Accomplished’ night? I had to, I was co-anchoring.”

“oh. you must not have been watching the news …” actor Don Cheadle said.

“Did Chuck Todd repeatedly bludgeon you in the head with Chris Cillizza?” writer Rafi Schwartz asked, knocking the MSNBC anchor and CNN editor-at-large.

“Lol. Whew these journalists are so desperate to declare ‘presidential behavior’. Go away, Mr. Matthews,” journalist Soledad O’Brien said.

In a later tweet, Matthews offered some advice to Trump, insisting he’s better off nominating 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Barbara Lagoa to the high court because picking 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Amy Coney Barrett is “playing to lose.”

Matthews abruptly left MSNBC amid a slew of controversies, including allegations of sexist behavior, numerous gaffes, and other controversial moments.

Read the rest at: Liberals blast Matthews

Is there a case to teach the Bible in schools?

Well, our founding fathers thought so!

But I guess those old white guys dont matter anymore!

A Defense of the Use of the Bible in Schools

The following is part of the transcript from a letter written in 1791, which was published by the American Tract Society in 1830. To purchase the whole text of Dr. Rush’s letter, see The Bible in Schools pamphlet that can be found in the WallBuilders store.

Dear Sir:
It is now several months since I promised to give you my reasons for preferring the Bible as a schoolbook to all other compositions. Before I state my arguments, I shall assume the five following propositions:

That Christianity is the only true and perfect religion; and that in proportion as mankind adopt its principles and obey its precepts they will be wise and happy.
That a better knowledge of this religion is to be acquired by reading the Bible than in any other way.
That the Bible contains more knowledge necessary to man in his present state than any other book in the world.
That knowledge is most durable, and religious instruction most useful, when imparted in early life.
That the Bible, when not read in schools, is seldom read in any subsequent period of life.
My arguments in favor of the use of the Bible as a schoolbook are founded,
I. In the constitution of the human mind.

The memory is the first faculty which opens in the minds of children. Of how much consequence, then, must it be to impress it with the great truths of Christianity, before it is preoccupied with less interesting subjects.
There is a peculiar aptitude in the minds of children for religious knowledge. I have constantly found them, in the first six or seven years of their lives, more inquisitive upon religious subjects than upon any others. And an ingenious instructor of youth has informed me that he has found young children more capable of receiving just ideas upon the most difficult tenets of religion than upon the most simple branches of human knowledge. It would be strange if it were otherwise, for God creates all His means to suit His ends. There must, of course, be a fitness between the human mind and the truths which are essential to it happiness.

Read the letter at: Bibles in School

Open MIC night Give Joe a call, Any topic INCLUDING Covid!

Joe takes on all topics! OPEN MIC NIGHT! make it your show, your topic! Call in all topics on the table, get engaged, get involved!

anything Covid 19 and more

AND as always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts. Be sure to tune in!

The party of NON-Responsibility strikes again and again and again!

Joe Messina, The Real Side
Joe Messina, The Real Side

Joe discusses the stories you wont here anywhere else.
Democrat dementia and more in this hour

Gov Newsom blames wildfires on CLIMATE CHANGE! Right!

Proof the Dems hate America. JoeyB may have sold out America to try to take down Trump, he needs to go to jail for treason!

AND as always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts. Be sure to tune in!

Where are the Conservative Teachers?

A new study confirms what even the most casual observer of higher education has long known — that conservative professors are vastly outnumbered by liberal ones — but it also shows that the problem is getting worse.

Published in Econ Journal Watch last month, the study looks at faculty voter registration at 40 leading universities and finds that, out of 7,243 professors, Democrats outnumber Republicans 3,623 to 314, or by a ratio of 11 1/2 to 1.

The study comes after a tumultuous few years at American colleges and universities, marked by campus race protests, the disinvitation of conservative speakers and the popularization of phrases such as “trigger warning” and “safe space.”

Out of five departments analyzed by the authors, the field friendliest to conservative scholars is economics, where there are only 4.5 liberal professors for every conservative.

Conversely, history is by far the least conservative-friendly department, where liberals outnumber conservatives by a 33 1/2-to-1 ratio.

This stands is in stark contrast to a 1968 study that put the Democrat-to-Republican contrast in history departments at 2.7 to 1, the study points out. Even reports from as recent as 2004 have estimated liberals outnumber conservatives in the field by a ratio between 9 to 1 and 15 to 1.

The authors of the analysis — Brooklyn College business professor Mitchell Langbert, private sector economist Anthony J. Quain and George Mason University economist Daniel B. Klein — speculate that the rapidly growing disparity is due in part to the rise of academic subcategories, such as the histories of gender, race and class, where a liberal orientation is the foundation for subsequent research.

Kim R. Holmes, a distinguished fellow at The Heritage Foundation, said the ascendance of multiculturalism in the humanities makes it difficult for conservatives to find work teaching.

“If you’re going to have a Gender Studies Department, or something like that, the progressive assumptions are built into the very idea of the department, so you’re not going to hire any conservative professors,” said Mr. Holmes, who is the author of “The Closing of the Liberal Mind.” “Because of this, the imbalance has proliferated.”

Read the rest at: Need more conservative teachers

We need to replace Ruth NOW!

Joe deals with the Christian and conservative issues of the day.

Joe and Brad discuss he pressing issues before SCOTUS

Pacific Justice Institute’s (PJI) founder Brad Dacus joins Joe to discuss legal issues affecting churches and business

AND as always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts. Be sure to tune in!

The gaffs continue with JoeyB

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden gestures while referencing President Donald Trump at a campaign event at the William "Hicks" Anderson Community Center in Wilmington, Del., Tuesday, July 28, 2020.(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

There are no words to describe Joe Biden, anymore. The guy is just gone. How a person can vote for him in November literally makes zero sense. He’s not fit to run a hot dog stand, at this point.

How can somebody get words mixed up so badly even when reading from a teleprompter!?

According to the former VP, 200 mill…LOL, I can’t even type the sentence without laughing. Just check this out, via The Daily Wire:

Trending: Biden Said He Received Full Scholarship, Graduated Top of His Law School Class — He Lied

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden struggled during a speech on Sunday, falsely claiming that estimates indicated that there would be 200 million people dead from COVID-19 by the time he was finished talking.

Biden did not correct himself but, several minutes later, said, “Like I said, as I speak, we’re probably passing 200,000 deaths lost to this virus.”

Imagine having to go four years of hearing the most powerful man in the entire world speaking Klingon, or in tongues, or whatever it is that Joe does.

Half of the time, it’s just not even English.

If Saturday Night Live played it down the middle, there would probably be some pretty funny skits mocking Joe.

The already twice-failed presidential candidate had another classic speaking blunder, recently.

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Del Beccaro – Who will be the next Justice

Democrats are loooooosing it big time
Threatening impeachment and more if Trump chooses or nominates a justice.

Will the Senate go along?

Dem DBL standards?

Tom Del Beccaro joins Joe to discuss Democrat debacles!

Tom is an acclaimed author, speaker and the former Chairman of the California Republican Party. His latest book is “The Divided Era: How We Got Here and the Keys to America’s Reconciliation.”  

AND as always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts. Be sure to tune in!

Mental Health Mondays! – How can hate grow like this?

You struggling with Depression, anxiety, confusion and so much more!

Dr B. (Dr Bridget Melson) joins Joe to discuss the issues of the day. Feeling like you cant do this home school thing? You can!

Dr. B has an M.S. in Counseling Psychology, a Psy.D in Psychology with an emphasis in Neuropsychology and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in two states. She recently completed a post doctoral certificate in Medical Neuroscience from Duke University.

Her expertise is in working with at-risk teens, those struggling with anxiety or depression, and working with families to find solutions to get them back on track.

Are you frozen by fear? Feel like your living in the twilight zone?
Dr B can help you get through the haze and get the help and answers you need!

AND always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts. Be sure to tune in!

Stories that no one covered from the weekend! Sometimes!

Kimberly Morin joins Joe to discuss the issues of the day including the death of Justice Ruth and the threat of violence unless the mob gets their way!

All those stories released from Friday to Sunday the press hoped no one would cover.

New Hampshire conservative independent writer and activist, Kimberly Morin joins Joe to discuss today’s political issues from a “New England” viewpoint.

AND as always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts. Be sure to tune in!

Sad Ranter, Doug’s Rant

How Can This Be?

I can’t remember being as emotional as I was watching the video of the attempted assassination on the sheriff’s deputies this week, but what really got to me was hearing the glee in the voices of people celebrating, protesting and blocking the entrance to the hospital while medical professionals were trying to save the deputy’s lives.

Usually I would become angry at reprobates like that acting out the devil in their souls, but this time, for some reason, I found myself becoming profoundly sad. Is this where we really are in America today, how can anyone have such awful hate in their brains?

Are these cowardly punks being motivated by Trump, Biden, BLM, ANTIFA or the misguided notion of systemic racism in the ranks of law enforcement and even society? Is it because of the breakdown in the family structure that fails to raise decent humans, is it mental illness run amuck?

Would this sort of behavior happen if God wasn’t taken out of schools and all aspects of public life? Is God simply turning his back on us letting such retched thoughts infiltrate the hearts and minds of people, all in an attempt to grab our attention, wake us up to what true depravity looks like and cause a big revival towards the importance of moral right and wrong?

I have no idea, but if we continue to see this trend of violent hate show its ugly face and if it spreads far and wide, turning into something close to a civil insurrection, it could end up seriously affecting all Americans. If that were to happen, the only possible solution to protect us would be war like tactics from the military and that could tear the fabric of our society apart at the seams.

I am concerned about this sort of thing if President Trump is reelected and there is controversy regarding the validity of tabulated votes. From what we’re seeing in the streets today it could become a nationwide riot, if you’re the praying type, best get at it fast and hard. God may be the only solution to this mess and let’s hope his solution isn’t to let America turn into hell on earth for betterment down the road.

Blue Lives Matter:

Say that too loud and you’ll be labeled a racist and accused of racism in your heart without you even knowing it. Such rubbish in my mind, but don’t law enforcement lives matter too? All lives matter, but police officers and first responders are incredibly important to society, for obvious reasons, and to be without them, or their ranks diminished, would be horrendous.

I wonder if the sick idiots in Compton, who celebrated the shootings of the deputies, were to be in serious trouble for their lives, would they shed the demonic hate for police and embrace their life saving actions?

How would they like it if they or their loved ones were in grave danger and called police to save lives, or they were bleeding on the ground and the police showed up laughing and exclaiming “we hope you die mother fuc***s.

Read the rest at: Doug’s Sad

Ginsberg reaches out from beyond the grave! Dems wont like it!

As the debate over what to do about the vacancy on the Supreme Court is only getting started, perhaps we should heed the advice of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself as to what to do.

When a similar scenario occurred four years ago, following the death of Antonin Scalia, the Republican-controlled Senate blocked Barack Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. It was a controversial move, and Ginsburg had something to say about it:  Ginsburg publicly called on the Senate to go through with the nomination.

“That’s their job,” she said in July 2016. “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the President stops being President in his last year.”

“Eight is not a good number for a collegial body that sometimes disagrees,” Ginsburg said on the issue a few months later during an event at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who was with her, agreed. “I think we hope there will be nine as quickly as possible.”

“What we do is we automatically affirm the decision of the court below. No opinion is written, no reasons are given, and the affirmance has no precedential value,” Ginsburg explained. “It’s just as though we denied review.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) made the same argument Friday night, though he added that since the 2020 election results are expected to be contested, an eight-member Court poses a potential constitutional crisis.

“Democrats and Joe Biden have made clear they intend to challenge this election. They intend to fight the legitimacy of the election. As you know, Hillary Clinton has told Joe Biden ‘under no circumstances should you concede, you should challenge this election.’ And we cannot have Election Day come and go with a 4-4 Court,” Cruz told Sean Hannity on Friday. “A 4-4 Court that is equally divided cannot decide anything. And I think we risk a constitutional crisis if we do not have a nine-justice Supreme Court, particularly when there is such a risk of … a contested election.”

Read the rest at: GINSBERG REACHES OUT

John Kerry – WRONG AGAIN!

A recently resurfaced video depicts a confident John Kerry lecturing on the impossibilities of achieving that which the Trump administration did this past week in yet another blow to Kerry and the Democratic establishment’s long-held foreign policy doctrines.

In the clip, President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry was seen bashing the notion that peace between Israel and Arab states could ever be achieved without first solving the Palestinian conflict.

Yet, this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined leaders from Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates in an epic ceremony, signing peace agreements and effectively normalizing relations between the nations, as the Trump administration brokered two major Middle East agreements in a matter of weeks.

Contrary to Kerry’s declarations, the peace agreements were achieved without the need for any Israeli concessions or on the conditioning of Palestinian statehood.

Neither President Trump nor Prime Minister Netanyahu even mentioned the Palestinians during the accords ceremony, which President Trump hailed as the “dawn of a new Middle East.”

Trump has also said repeatedly in recent days that several additional Arab countries are moving towards normalizing ties with Israel.

During his last weeks as President Obama’s secretary of state, Kerry made a categorical prediction about the Middle East: Arabs will not pursue a “separate peace” with Israel in the absence of peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

On the heels of Tuesday’s signing ceremony of normalization agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates as well as Bahrain, Kerry’s confident statements are memorable for how utterly wrong they were.

A recently resurfaced clip of Kerry from 2016 has him vehemently rejecting the possibility of any peace between Israel and the Arab world without the involvement of the Palestinians, as he lectures an audience at the Brookings Institution’s Saban Forum, only six weeks before President Trump’s inauguration.

Read the rest at: STORY LINK

Dem mayor lies to shut down bars!

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, told the “Todd Starnes Show” that reports out of Nashville claiming the city’s mayor kept data on the coronavirus transmission secret to justify lockdowns is further proof that the orders were “all based on a lie” and called on U.S. Attorney William Barr to make good on his strong rhetoric.

“Attorney General Barr always says the right thing,” Fitton said. “Right? But the follow-up is lacking.”

Fitton pointed to comments that Barr made on Wednesday about the stay-at-home orders and how they were akin to house arrest.

“It’s—you know—other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history,” Barr said, according to Politico.

Fitton was referring to a Fox 17 report that showed leaders in the city discussing how to handle the news that only 22 cases of the virus were traced back to bars and restaurants. Despite the numbers, the city went forward with plans to shut down bars and restaurants and put thousands out of work.

The report got the attention of Donald Trump, Jr., who tweeted, “The Dem Mayor of Nashville KNOWINGLY LIED ABOUT COVID DATA to justify shutting down bars & restaurants, killing countless jobs & small businesses in the process. Everyone involved should face jail time. How many other Dem run cities is this happening in?”

Todd Starnes, the host of the program said the report is “proof positive” that these mandates are not about public safety but rather a government power grab. He said the report should concern all Americans.

“Mayor Cooper needs to be removed from office immediately – along with the entire health department,” Starnes said. “Tennessee’s attorney general should launch an immediate criminal probe into this nonsense.”

Read the rest at: Mayor Lies

Southern Baptists go all out PC!

Leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention are steadily removing the “Southern” part of the group’s name in an effort that Convention President J.D. Greear said is essential following a summer of Black Lives Matter protests and increased calls for racial justice reform.

In an interview with The Washington Post published Tuesday, Greear said there has been more support to adopt the new name “Great Commission Baptists,” both because of the changing climate in the U.S. and because many have long believed the “Southern Baptist” title no longer adequately encompasses the approximately 50,000 churches that now exist around the globe.

“Our Lord Jesus was not a White Southerner but a brown-skinned Middle Eastern refugee,” Greear told the Post. “Every week we gather to worship a savior who died for the whole world, not one part of it. What we call ourselves should make that clear.”

These statements come after the leader also announced in June that he would be retiring a historic gavel named for a slaveholder that Southern Baptists had continued to use to open their meetings.

“While we do not want to, nor could we, erase our history, it is time for this gavel to go back into the display case at the Executive Committee offices,” Greear said in a statement at the time.

Read the rest at: Church goes PC

Crime soars students want less police!

As violent crime soars and Chicagoans express their growing fear, students at the University of Chicago are demanding that their school defund, and eventually abolish, its police force.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a group of student protesters began marching through UChicago’s campus and the surrounding neighborhoods to protest the existence of the institution’s police department. The group eventually stopped in front of Provost Ka Yee Lee’s house, where they campused out for at least seven days. One of the protest’s organizers, Alicia Hurtado, called the demonstration an “occupation” on her personal Twitter account.

Of note is the fact that the area of south Chicago surrounding the university’s campus sees a significant amount of crime and is currently patrolled by the University of Chicago Police Department.

The students’ demands include the full disclosure of the department’s budget, a 50 percent reduction in said budget, disarmament of officers, and the total abolition of the university’s police by 2022. The students want the funds that currently go to the police to instead be distributed to students of color and to ethnic studies.

On August 28, the large group of students spent hours demonstrating outside Lee’s home.

Hurtado used a megaphone to lead a number of chants aimed at Lee. These chants included, calling cops “racist a** cops,” mocking Lee for being unable to sleep, and repeating “shame” over and over again.

Activists were also filmed banging snare drums, shining flashlights into Lee’s windows, and spamming her doorbell.

A number of individuals can be seen throughout the live stream talking to police. When they felt as if they may be arrested, Hurtado ordered students to get in front of everyone to serve as a barrier. In doing so the students blocked a residential road.

Read the rest at: Chicago Police

Chris Rock says Obama only good for White People!

Famed comedian Chris Rock said that President Obama’s tenure was “progress for White people,” but not Black people.

“Obama becoming the president, it’s progress for White people. It’s not progress for Black people,” Rock told The New York Times during a wide-ranging interview to promote his upcoming FX series “Fargo” that was published Wednesday.

“It’s the Jackie Robinson thing. It’s written like he broke a barrier, as if there weren’t Black people that could play before him,” Rock continued. “And that’s how White people have learned about racism. They think, when these people work hard enough, they’ll be like Jackie.”

Rock said “the real narrative should be that these people, the Black people, are being abused by a group of people that are mentally handicapped.”

“And we’re trying to get them past their mental handicaps to see that all people are equal,” he said.

The comic legend added that “humanity isn’t progress” and should be expected.

“It’s only progress for the person that’s taking your humanity. If a woman’s in an abusive relationship and her husband stops beating her, you wouldn’t say she’s made progress, right? But that’s what we do with Black people. We’re constantly told that we’re making progress,” Rock said. “The relationship we’re in — the arranged marriage that we’re in — it’s that we’re getting beat less.”

Rock also blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other Democrats for prioritizing impeachment earlier this year, accusing them of letting the coronavirus into the country as they attempted to oust President Trump, who he likened to a “5-year-old.”

Rock recalled talking politics with comedy colleague Dave Chapelle, knocking President Trump by comparing him to a “landlord” and explaining “we’re in the predicament” because “no one has less compassion for humans than a landlord.”

He then linked the president to the 1987 film “The Last Emperor,” which he noted features a child ruler.

Read the rest at: Chris Rock Obama

University pushing students to BLM protest while against the law!

Black Lives Matter, street demonstration. Human hand holds a dark protest banner, against injustice. USA black people rights, social problems concept, racism and inequality. Stop discrimination.

Radford University is allowing a Black Lives Matter protest to take place on Saturday, despite its own concerns over coronavirus.

Multiple Radford University student organizations are hosting “The Bigger Picture March and Rally,” where it is expected that hundreds of people will gather together on campus, including the university’s president, Brian Hemphill, to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

The impetus for this surge in GOP registrations is unquestionably Donald Trump.

Hemphill sent out an email to the campus community on Monday morning promoting the event and asking students to attend the rally.

“As we move forward together in sharing a united message that Black Lives Matter, I am asking members of Highlander nation to pledge in serving as active and vocal participants by advocating for equality and fairness now and well into the future. I look forward to joining with our passionate students as part of The Bigger Picture March and Rally to be held on the afternoon of September 19, 2020,” Hemphill wrote.

In the email, Hemphill talked about his experience with racism and further “applaud[s] those who have faithfully supported Black Lives Matter in sharing a peaceful and powerful message for change” and asked students to “join” him in “denouncing racism and reporting discrimination.”

Hemphill then goes on to ask Radford University students “to pledge in serving as active and vocal participants by advocating for equality and fairness” and notes that he will be joining the march and rally. After the email was sent out, there was an overwhelming amount of criticism by students, parents, and city residents.

This prompted Hemphill to send a follow-upemail Wednesday to address the concerns expressed about his original message.

In the email, Hemphill responded to the criticism that his original email faced by stating that the email was taken “out of context” and used to push “personal agendas,” claiming such criticism is what led to “robust dialogue and significant disruption.”

Read the rest at: STORY LINK

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College campus confusion!

Joe checks out the unheard of stories of craziness in public education that your TAX dollars are paying for/

Still crazy stuff going on with our college kids and professors, don’t let them fool you!

Joe looks to CampusReform to find the craziest stories and the foolishness young people have been taught!

AND as always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts. Be sure to tune in!

Climate Change Hustle – Part2

Another Climate change hustle?

Craig Rucker joins Joe to discuss Climate Hoax continued, He is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president. For over 30 years, Craig has provided expertise to a wide range of government, academic, media, and industry forums. His organization, the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, boasts a large grassroots membership base, features over 50 scientific and academic experts, and is widely heralded as a leader in the free market, think tank community in Washington, D.C. In addition to being a frequent guest on radio talk shows, Rucker has also written extensively and appeared in such media outlets as CNN, the BBC, USA Today, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post, among many others. Rucker was a co-producer of the award-winning film “Climate Hustle,” which was the #1 box-office film in America during its one night showing in 2016. NOW he has more to say.

AND as always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts. Be sure to tune in!

Did Obama help White or black people?

Sonja Schmidt joins Joe to discuss issues like:

Did Obama help Whites or Blacks, Chris Rock says “WHITES”

Political activist and commentator Sonja Schmidt in to discuss!

Minneapolis cans police then wants to know where they are?

Southern Baptist Conference dropping southern! UGH!

AND as always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts. Be sure to tune in!

Singing Happy Birthday can kill you?

Not to be a party pooper, but the “Happy Birthday” song may be the latest COVID casualty.

Despite early advice to sing “Happy Birthday” while hand-washing to ensure sufficient cleansing, health experts are now warning that the song may be a particularly potent vehicle for the spread of COVID-19.

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden observed the trajectory of aerosols emitted by 12 people singing different songs, and discovered that consonant-heavy lyrics, such as the hard Ps and Bs of the birthday song, send comparatively more droplets into the air.

“Different restrictions have been introduced all over the world to make singing safer,” said Jakob Löndahl, an associate professor of aerosol technology. While previous case studies have revealed superspreader events seemingly caused by singing, “there has been no scientific investigation of the amount of aerosol particles and larger droplets that we actually exhale when we sing,” the author said in a statement on the university website.

Respiratory droplets, which may become aerosolized — meaning small enough to be carried in the air — are expelled as we talk, and even more so when we laugh, yell or sing.

“Some droplets are so large that they only move a few decimeters from the mouth before they fall, whereas others are smaller and may continue to hover for minutes,” said co-author and doctoral student Malin Alsved.

“In particular, the enunciation of consonants releases very large droplets and the letters B and P stand out as the biggest aerosol spreaders,” said Alsved, whose experiment used Swedish children’s song, “Bibbis pippi Petter.” The song bears similarities in the amount plosive sounds, or those emitted by the consonants T, K, P, D, G and B, as the American “Happy Birthday” song.

Their study included data from two singers who had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Read the rest at: Happy Birthday BAD

Transgender Republican Satanist running unopposed! WHY?

A transgender woman who describes herself as a ‘Satanic anarchist’ has won the Republican Party nomination for sheriff in a New Hampshire county after running on a platform of ‘F*** the police.’

‘I can’t imagine they’re happy about this,’ Aria DiMezzo told Inside Sources when asked about the reaction from Republicans.

DiMezzo captured the GOP nomination for Cheshire County sheriff on Tuesday night after she ran unopposed in the party primary.

She won despite the fact that she received no support from the county or state GOP.

The head of the Cheshire County Republican Party, Marylin Huston, misgendered DiMezzo by referring to her as ‘he’ when she offered congratulations.

‘He did very well with the primary and that was wonderful,’ Huston said.

DiMezzo is a member of a group of Libertarian activists known as the Free Keene group.

During the recent GOP primary for governor, the group backed Rich Paul, who legally changed his name to Nobody.

Nobody lost the primary on Tuesday to the Republican incumbent, Governor Chris Sununu.

Last year, Nobody lost his bid to become mayor of Keene.

DiMezzo is the host of an internet radio show in which she is known as ‘She-Male.’

Initially, Free Keene began as an offshoot of the Free State Project of Libertarians, but the Free State Project has since distanced itself from Free Keene.

According to Huston, DiMezzo ran as a Republican because she was unable to get onto the Libertarian Party’s ballot.

She signed up to run as a Republican two days before the deadline after it was learned that Earl Nelson, a longtime GOP candidate, was not running.

DiMezzo said she regretted that the party has not supported her candidacy.

‘They’re clearly not on my side,’ DiMezzo said.

In the town of Rindge, Nelson received more than 200 write-in votes on Tuesday.

Local Republicans on social media expressed their concerns about DiMezzo’s gender, religious beliefs, and political positions.

‘People of Rindge did a phenomenal job. Very well done,’ DiMezzo said.

Huston denies there was a coordinated effort to keep DiMezzo from winning the nomination.

‘I guess that’s just part of the whole political scene,’ Huston said.

Huston denies that the GOP is shunning DiMezzo, though she did voice concerns over her political positions.

‘If you look at their social media and their political statements they really do not fall in line with the Republican message,’ Huston said.

DiMezzo favors ending prosecution of drug crimes, sex work, illegal immigration, and other ‘victimless’ crimes.

Read the rest at: Transgender Satanist