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Elon Musk Versus Capitalism

According to Musk and his supporters, many of the entrepreneur’s operational problems could stem from:

  • Tesla employee that has done “damaging sabotage to our operations.”
  • Someone on the inside that may have purposefully started a factory fire, which delayed Tesla production even more than it already has been.
  • Incompetent drivers, involved in fatal accidents, who did not put their hands on the wheel of his self-driving cars.
  • A SpaceX supplier’s faulty steel strut, which caused an explosion.
  • Someone shooting down another SpaceX rocket from the sky in another company failure.

Even if some of Musk’s claims are factual, one would think that he could make the problems go away with the over $5 billion in government money he’s reaped.

Which begs the question: Why are taxpayers footing the bill for a private entrepreneur?

Sure, the concept may sound like a good idea. Electric cars and space travel, they both sound awesome. And I’m sure they’d benefit our country as a whole. But seriously, why are the American people forced to be investors in his vision?

According to Forbes, Musk is the 53rd richest person in the world, worth over $20 billion. Why isn’t he willing to do what every other entrepreneur does? The name of the game is called risk. Launching a business is a gamble. When you believe in yourself, you take the risk because you believe the reward will be worth it. Why doesn’t Musk use his money, and his money only? Why are millions of everyday Americans financing the enterprise of a multi-billionaire?

Musk is free to build his vision.

He’s free to seek out capital support to finance his venture. And he’s free to build, fail, build again, fire non-loyal employees, bring charges against saboteurs, and then build again, and do that as often as it takes to see his vision become a reality. That’s the American Dream. But avoiding risk by sucking up government subsidies and tax incentives circumvents that process.

How many other visionary entrepreneurs are being financed by the American taxpayer via the U.S. government? That is not supposed to be why the American people pay taxes!

It took Henry Ford 20 years, multiple failures, and plenty of funding challenges to make his vision a reality. Unlike Musk, he improved his products on his own dime, not off the backs of the American taxpayers.

Under capitalism, the government does not fund private enterprise. If someone is looking for the government to finance your business, they might want to move to a socialist or communist country.

They pick winners and losers in business. We don’t do that in the U.S. At least, we didn’t used to. Maybe Musk, who recently proclaimed himself to be a socialist, doesn’t know that. Apparently, the Obama Administration didn’t know that either, since they authorized most the financing.

What I’d like to know is, at what point do we cut our losses? Every business owner who is failing to make a profit has to make the decision, at some point, to shut down operations. If Musk cannot turn a profit with billions in government subsidies (and even more billions in the bank!), it’s time to shut down and turn off the taxpayer spigot.

And if, in good faith, he can show that a working profit model is in the near future, when will we, his investors, be seeing a return on our investment? I’m not just talking about cool cars and rich people finally being able to shuttle out to space – I’m talking about things that benefit the blue-collar men and women of this country.

I won’t hold my breath.

Joe Messina, is host of the nationally syndicated The Real Side w/Joe Messina,  Learn more at

Pro Abortion Democrat says she is doing the work of God against Trump!

Abortion On Demand Sign, Planned Parenthood
Abortion On Demand Sign, Planned Parenthood

Pro-abortion Democrats are pulling out religious quotes to blast the Trump administration amid reports about immigrant children being separated from their parents at the borders.

U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York told Politico this week that she is wearing the “Armor of God” to battle the Trump administration on a number of issues, including immigration.

Gillibrand described herself as a passionate, faith-inspired advocate for children. She said she believes in right and wrong, and regularly attends Bible studies in the capital.

But her devotion to her Christian faith and children fall short when measured up to her long history of abortion advocacy.

According to the report:

Referencing the “devil’s schemes” from the Book of Ephesians, the New York senator said President Donald Trump’s administration qualifies for that label “if you were talking in Christian language.”

“To me? Yes, these are all things that come from the darkness that are ripping children from their mothers’ arms. That’s outrageous. I mean, that is not a positive, good thing. It is an evil, dark thing,” she told me in an interview for the latest episode of POLITICO’s Off Message podcast.

She ducked calling Trump himself evil, or saying that the person she accuses of acting out the devil’s schemes is the devil himself. But she said what he’s doing certainly is. …

The rest of that passage in Ephesians is about believers taking up the “armor of God”—the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit. Gillibrand goes to three Bible study sessions on the Hill each week, and really is the only Democrat who attends in the Wednesday group convened by Oklahoma Sen. Jim Lankford, really was there that morning in December when aides pulled her out after Trump’s tweeted about her “‘begging’ for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them).” And she really does see herself as wearing the “armor of God” (including, in the words of Ephesians 6:16, the “shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one”). 

She argued that many of the Trump administration’s actions are “rooted in hate,” including building a border wall, marginalizing transgender military members and children, pollution and a lack of support for immigrant children.

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Disability Claims are way down – God must be working overtime!

The New York Times reported that fewer than 1.5 million people filed for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration last year, and the agency said the number of applications it had received fell to its lowest level since 2002.

Government officials say the number of disability applications is falling even further this year, and it might be due to the strength of the economy.

The decrease in applications also stems from revised eligibility requirements and baby boomers getting off disability because they qualify for Medicare and Social Security retirement benefits.

The agency says it had to revise its estimates of how long the program would continue to be financially solvent because of the significance of the drop.

The federal government announced this month the program would have enough money to run through 2032, four years later than last year’s estimate. In 2016, the government said funds for Social Security would run out by 2023.

As Social Security disability applications fall, those already on Social Security got more money out of their checks. The agency announced in October that benefit recipients would see their paychecks increase by two percent to offset rising living costs.

Meanwhile, some employees within the Social Security Agency have been accused of stealing benefits from dead people. One Social Security employee was arrested this month for allegedly committing $680,000 worth of Social Security fraud by stealing benefits from deceased recipients.

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Was Comey really Clueless?

Former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) chief James Comey claims that he did not know Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin was married to Anthony Weiner, which makes no sense considering the timeline of events.

Comey’s claim was included in the inspector general report published by Michael Horowitz Thursday,

Here is part of the IG report: “On October 28, 2016, 11 days before the presidential election, Comey sent a letter to Congress announcing the discovery of emails that “appear[ed] to be pertinent” to the Midyear investigation. Comey’s letter was referring to the FBI’s discovery of a large quantity of emails during the search of a laptop computer obtained in an unrelated investigation of Anthony Weiner, the husband of Clinton’s former Deputy Chief of Staff and personal assistant, Huma Abedin.”

“Comey said that he recalled first learning about the additional emails on the Weiner laptop at some point in early October 2016, although he said it was possible this could have occurred in late September 2016,” according to the Horowitz IG report.

“Comey told the OIG that this information ‘didn’t index’ with him, which he attributed to the way the information was presented to him and the fact that, ‘I don’t know that I knew that [Weiner] was married to Huma Abedin at the time,’” according to the report.

In actuality, Comey’s FBI was sitting on the Anthony Weiner emails as best they could, trying to drag it out before finally the story broke in the Daily Mail courtesy of reporter Alana Goodman, which forced their hand.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under James Comey and Andrew McCabe sat on the revelation that Anthony Weiner possessed more than 300,000 relevant emails on his laptop including tons of Hillary Clinton-Huma Abedin emails dating back to 2007.

Why? The report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz claims that the FBI shifted focus to the higher priority of the “Russia collusion” investigation, and that agents did not think the emails on Weiner’s laptop (many of them classified) would be “important.”

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New book calls out the Sex and Drug activity in WH during Obama’s Reign!

The president’s airplane used to be kind of like Las Vegas: What happens on board Air Force One stays on Air Force One.

For instance, did you ever hear the story about two well-known and prominent White House reporters having sex under a blanket in an empty row of seats aboard the press plane on an international presidential trip? No (but I was aboard that plane and saw it happen).

But all that’s changed. With social media and the bloodsport that is now modern politics, nothing is ever “off the record.”

Enter Beck Dorey-Stein, a White House stenographer during Barack Obama’s presidency. She’s written a new tell-all book detailing all kinds of things, including what goes on aboard Air Force One.

“In 2012, Beck Dorey-Stein is working five part-time jobs and just scraping by when a posting on Craigslist lands her, improbably, in the Oval Office as one of Barack Obama’s stenographers,” says the Amazon blurb on her new book, “From the Corner of the Oval: A Memoir.”

“The ultimate D.C. outsider, she joins the elite team who accompany the president wherever he goes, recorder and mic in hand. On whirlwind trips across time zones, Beck forges friendships with a dynamic group of fellow travelers — young men and women who, like her, leave their real lives behind to hop aboard Air Force One in service of the president.”

The New York Post writes that in the book, Dorey-Stein “dishes of jetting to more than 60 countries with a pool of 13 reporters.”

On long flights, everyone took whatever worked to get some shuteye, including Sonata, Xanax and Ambien.

The drugs made “awkward intimacy with colleagues suddenly just funny and bizarre,” Dorey-Stein writes, according to the Daily Mail.

Said the Mail:

Beck intended to only live in D.C. for the duration of the job – three months … “because who wants to live in DC? – A one trick political pony town,” she writes.

“My job in the spring of 2011 was to help those hormonally-charged stressballs chill the f**k out,” Beck writes while casting an eye to what looked like “human Ken dolls in a short-sleeved button-down”. 

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Podesta was tipped off? DBL standard!

A top Barack Obama Department of Justice official integrally involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation tried to get his son hired on the Hillary Clinton campaign and also tipped off John Podesta with insider details on the case, according to Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report released Thursday.

Assistant attorney general Peter Kadzik should have recused himself from the case due to his duplicity, according to the IG report.

A top Barack Obama Department of Justice official integrally involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation tried to get his son hired on the Hillary Clinton campaign and also tipped off John Podesta with insider details on the case, according to Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report released Thursday.

Assistant attorney general Peter Kadzik should have recused himself from the case due to his duplicity, according to the IG report.

From The Horowitz Report of June 14:

“In Chapter Fourteen, we found that Kadzik demonstrated poor judgment by failing to recuse himself from Clinton-related matters under federal ethics regulations prior to November 2, 2016. Kadzik did not recognize the appearance of a conflict that he created when he initiated an effort to obtain employment for his son with the Clinton campaign while participating in Department discussions and communications about Clinton-related matters.

Kadzik also created an appearance of a conflict when he sent the Chairman of the Clinton Campaign and a longtime friend, John Podesta, the “Heads up” email that included the schedule for the release of former Secretary Clinton’s emails proposed to the court in a FOIA litigation without knowing whether the information had yet been filed and made public. His willingness to do so raised a reasonable question about his ability to act impartially on Clinton-related matters in connection with his official duties.

Additionally, although Department leadership determined that Kadzik should be recused from Clintonrelated matters upon learning of his “Heads up” email to Podesta, we found that Kadzik failed to strictly adhere to this recusal. Lastly, because the government information in the “Heads up” email had in fact been released publically, we did not find that Kadzik released non-public information or misused his official position.”

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders bashed CNN’s Jim Acosta on Thursday, saying she knew it was “hard” for him “to even understand short sentences” amid a conversation during the daily press briefing.

Following a question about North Korea, Acosta asked Sanders about comments made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier in the day, in which Sessions quoted a verse from the Bible while seeking to explain immigrant children being split up from their parents.

“Can I just ask a second question, completely unrelated, on these children who are being separated from their families as they come across the border,” Acosta asked. “The attorney general earlier today said that somehow there’s a justification for this in the Bible. Where does it say in the Bible that it’s moral to take children away from their mothers?”

In response, Sanders initially said she didn’t know what Sessions had said but added “that it is very biblical to enforce the law.”

“That is actually repeated a number of times throughout the Bible,” she said, before Acosta cut in asking “where in the Bible does it say it’s okay to take children away from their parents?”

After Sanders said she wouldn’t respond to Sessions’ “specific comments that I haven’t seen,” Acosta retorted, “Well you just said it’s in the Bible to follow the law.”

“That’s not what I said. I know it’s hard for you to understand even short sentences, I guess, but please don’t take my words out of context,” Sanders fired back, before adding the government’s actions at the border are “the product of the same legal loopholes that Democrats refuse to close,” and that Trump was “simply enforcing,” the laws.

Scoffing of sorts emanated from the group following Sanders’ “short sentences” comment, as Acosta’s face remained relatively expressionless.

But the CNN correspondent picked up where he’d left off, probing “How is it moral policy to take children away from their parents?” and “Why is the government doing this?”

“Because it’s the law and that’s what the law states,” Sanders said.

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Strzok and others used private eMails… No arrests?

FBI agent Peter Strzok emailed the draft copy of the Anthony Weiner search warrant to himself on his private email address days before the election, which allowed him to make changes to the warrant without being detected by FBI documentation. This revelation came out in the Michael Horowitz inspector general report.

If Strzok had printed out the draft warrant at his office, it would be subject to official FBI records. But instead he sent it to his private email on October 29, which allowed him to print it off at home. Insiders believe that Strzok showed the draft warrant to other people, despite the warrant being under seal by a federal judge.

The Anthony Weiner warrant ended up being limited in scope, leaving out some of the private email domains that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin used to send each other classified information.

“Did you (Strzok) print it at the printer at your house? Did you let your friend, the federal judge, or a reporter, look at it while you made changes? Did you let someone in the Hillary Clinton campaign look at it?,” wonders Chuck Marler, a longtime former FBI Special Surveillance Group member, to Big League Politics.

“It allowed him to circumvent the system so he could allow other people to look at it. On October 29, it was a draft. At some point, they made changes,” Marler said.

The inspector general report makes clear the extent to which the FBI was trying to cover up the Weiner situation, with James Comey even stating that he did not know Weiner was married to Huma Abedin. Yeah right!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under James Comey and Andrew McCabe sat on the revelation that Anthony Weiner possessed more than 300,000 relevant emails on his laptop including tons of Hillary Clinton-Huma Abedin emails dating back to 2007.

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Love Trumps Hate? Im so confused!

Until recently it was possible to discern a policy-based ideology of elitism. It was the establishment consensus around the benefits of globalization, automation, centralization and uncontrolled immigration.

Over the past few decades, this elitist policy agenda was implemented regardless of actual election outcomes.

Republicans and Democrats alike encouraged trade deals and financial deregulation that replaced corporate America’s primarily local and national economic outlook with a global one.

Technology was unleashed on the American workplace with no thought given to the wrenching transition this would cause and the massive scale of retraining needed to enable our workforce to cope with it.

Political decision-making slipped from the hands of citizens to distant and unaccountable politicians and bureaucrats, as power was centralized at the federal level. A parallel centralization took place in the economy, as over-permissive antitrust policy allowed businesses to get bigger and bigger, reducing competition in sector after sector.

And immigration was allowed to increase without limit, undoubtedly bringing its traditional benefits by adding to America’s rich history of innovation and entrepreneurship – but now featuring a dark side too, as the mass importing of cheap labor undercut American workers.

This elitist ideology brought enormous benefits to the elite themselves: astonishing increases in wealth, booming urban centers, a fabulous quality of life for those fortunate enough to be part of the new “knowledge economy.”

But for those outside the elite – the 80 percent or so of Americans who were the victims of elitism – the result was less positive.

Incomes went down and jobs went away. The social fabric was torn by community disintegration and family breakdown. People lost faith in government, politics – the whole system. They could see that it was working for those with power, not for everyone

This is what led to the populist revolution that helped elect Donald Trump. And the elite’s reaction has been remarkably instructive.

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For Fathers Day let reflect on Toxic Masculinity! NOT!

This Father’s Day, men should take the left’s attacks on manliness as men should – with our chins raised and a warm, manly humor in our baritones as we point out all that is good in old-fashioned manliness.

The academic left accuses manly men of having “toxic masculinity.” They insinuate that manliness is to blame for the actions of sexist workplace monsters.

Instead of trying to understand the deep philosophy men of honor try to live up to, those on the left pretend manliness is only as deep as the phrase “man up.” As they do, they portray men in TV sitcoms mostly as cases of arrested development – beer-swilling, barely literate frat boys.

This sexist treatment of men is pervasive throughout the mainstream media and Hollywood-led popular culture. Even Microsoft Word’s thesaurus offers “chauvinist” as a synonym for “macho.”

To rip down the trusses of manliness, critics act as if back to antiquity legions of thinkers, soldiers and statesmen didn’t work to evolve the deep definition of what makes a good man, a man of honor.

Instead, the critics read sexism, misogyny and an Old World patriarchy into whatever remnants of manliness stubbornly hang on today.

The men, or whatever they call themselves, who buy into this ignorant and sexist treatment of an entire body of thought are left with what?

With nothing, that’s what.

Some young men, after being fed this nonsense at a university, start to search for answers outside the politically correct cannon. This is why Jordan Peterson is a YouTube phenom.

As these people turn against the “mainstream” they realize that honor and integrity aren’t toxic old-school notions we must dispel.

How can standing up to adversity with your chin stubbornly out and your back straight be a sign of toxic masculinity?

Should men who speak with authority – not with a talk-over-others arrogance, but with confidence and respect—be called “mansplainers?”

Must a man be meek in today’s office culture to survive?

Can a man even thrive in a competitive office environment if he must be weak?

Of course not.


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Did the IG soft-shoe the report?

President Trump’s former personal attorney John M. Dowd told Fox News that the Justice Department watchdog’s report on the FBI’s actions in the Clinton email investigation wasn’t nearly tough enough on fired FBI Director James Comey.

In the report released Thursday, Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz called Comey “insubordinate” and deviating from “well-established department policies.”

Dowd told Fox News in an email, “The clear evidence of his usurpation of power, violation of his oath of office and material false statements to the public and the Congress all to conceal his own misconduct warranted a criminal referral of Comey’s conduct. The finding of no bias was ludicrous. The OIG findings support the President’s decision to fire Comey.”

He also told Fox News that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller “allowed their relationship with Comey over the years [to] blind them to his obvious appalling behavior. I was shocked that Mueller chose not to investigate the President’s accuser before investigating the President, who you will recall was ‘not under investigation’ according to the sworn testimony of Comey. As a result, the authenticity and legality of the Mueller investigation is in serious question and should no longer be honored.”

Trump himself told Fox News’ Steve Doocy on “Fox & Friends,” “I think Comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves.”

Letters newly obtained by Fox News, which were written in the summer and fall of 2017, revealed Dowd and another Trump attorney, Marc Kasowitz, had deep reservations about Comey’s credibility as the main witness, called Witness #1, in the ongoing Russia collusion probe that started shortly after Trump fired Comey on May 9, 2017.

In a blistering 13-page letter hand-delivered to Mueller on June 27, Kasowitz elaborated his concerns about Comey, whom he called “Machiavellian,” after the former FBI director testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Kasowitz wrote Comey was an “FBI director unbounded by law and regulation, driven by his own interests and emotions, willing to provide embellished and incorrect testimony…”

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ACLU no longer for equal right?

Editor’s note: This article was first published in The Hill.

The Director of the American Civil Liberties Union has now acknowledged what should have been obvious to everybody over the past several years: that the ACLU. is no longer a neutral defender of everyone’s civil liberties; it has morphed into a hyper-partisan, hard-left political advocacy group. The final nail in its coffin was the announcement that for the first time in its history the ACLU would become involved in partisan electoral politics, supporting candidates, referenda and other agenda-driven political goals.

The headline in the June 8 2018 edition of the New Yorker tells it all: “The ACLU is getting involved in elections – and reinventing itself for the Trump Era.” The article continues:

In this midterm year, however, as progressive groups have mushroomed and grown more active, and as liberal billionaires such as Howard Schultz and Tom Steyer have begun to imagine themselves as political heroes and eye Presidential runs, the ACLU, itself newly flush, has begun to move in step with the times. For the first time in its history, the ACLU is taking an active role in elections. The group has plans to spend more than twenty-five million dollars on races and ballot initiatives by Election Day, in November.

Since its establishment nearly 100 years ago, the ACLU has been, in the words of The New Yorker, “Fastidiously nonpartisan, so prudish about any alliance with any political power that its leadership, in the 1980’s and 90’s, declined even to give awards to likeminded legislators for fear that it might give the wrong impression.” I know, because I served on its National Board in the early days of my own career. In those days, the Board consisted of individuals who were deeply committed to core civil liberties, especially freedom of speech, opposition to prosecutorial overreach and political equality.  Its Board members included Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, right wingers and left wingers – all of whom supported neutral civil liberties. The key test in those days was what I have come to call “The shoe on the other foot test”:  would you vote the same way if the shoe were on the other foot, that is if the party labels were switched?

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They hated him so much they were willing to act like KGB!

The Justice Department’s internal watchdog released a much-anticipated 400-page report on the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State.

Among the bombshells finally coming to light is the revelation that anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok showed a “willingness to take official action” to impact the presidential election, according to Inspector General Michael Horowitz. (The Daily Caller)

“(Trump’s) not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” asked another anti-Trump FBI agent, Lisa Page. “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it,” Strzok replied.

Strzok’s text “is not only indicative of a biased state of mind but, even more seriously, implies a willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidate’s electoral prospects,” the report said.

Other bombshells that we’ve been able to corroborate include:

1.) That the Bureau sat on further Clinton emails discovered on a laptop belonging to convicted sexual predator Anthony Weiner for over a month without taking any action.

2.) Agents prioritized the Russia investigation over the Clinton emails. It’s not clear if this was due to a political bias, although we should note that anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok was intimately involved in the decision-making process.

The IG report “did not identify a consistent or persuasive explanation for the FBI’s failure to act for almost a month after learning of potential [Clinton investigation-related] emails on the Weiner laptop.”

3.) Comey flagrantly ignored the rules to the detriment of the FBI’s long-standing reputation. The former FBI Director “engaged in ad hoc decision-making based on his personal views, even if it meant rejecting longstanding Department policy or practice.”

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City buying Heroin for addicts – says it makes the city safer?

City council member Sally Bagshaw said she would like to learn more about how to provide “free” illegal drugs for users.

Seattle, WA – Several Seattle City Council members have announced that they plan to move forward with multi-million dollar, taxpayer-funded proposal to purchase a massive recreation vehicle that would provide intravenous drug users with a space to shoot up.

One city council member said she would even like to look into the option of providing illegal drugs for users.

The estimated startup costs associated with the project amount to $1.8 million, not including the $2.5 million in additional taxpayer dollars that would be needed to operate it, KCPQ reported.

“We were looking at those city-owned and county-owned properties, but none were really viable that were appropriate,” Seattle Human Services Department representative Meg Olberding told KIRO.

Instead of a brick-and-mortar location, project proponents began exploring the concept of a “fixed-mobile” site, which would allow the RV to be moved to a set location each day, then taken back to a secure facility off-site for cleaning and maintenance at night, KIRO reported.

“It is an option where we would actually lease or go into an agreement regarding a fixed site,” Human Services Department health strategist Jeff Sakuma explained during a June 7 council committee meeting. “This is potentially a very large vehicle that we would then house the consumption activity in.”

The RV would offer accommodations including booths where addicts could use illegal drugs and a separate section designated for recovery.

“We would want to make sure we provide a safe area, not only for the neighbors but for the individuals who are using as well,” Sakuma told the council.

During the meeting, council members Sally Bagshaw and Debora Juarez urged proponents of the “safe injection site” plan to go out into the community to convert those who opposed the concept.

“A particular group of people shows up at every one of my community meetings to come at me over that [issue],” an apparently exasperated Juarez said. “You can only do so much.”

“No one deserves to die behind a 7-Eleven,” she added.

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Pelosi called IRAN deal a Masterpiece! REALLY?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) trashed President Donald Trump’s diplomatic efforts Tuesday at a summit with North Korea’s Kimg Jong-un in Singapore, claiming he had conceded too much to the regime.

The would-be Speaker of the House also complained that Trump had insulted American allies and sidelined the experts at the State Department.

Pelosi’s full statement, as reported by Alex Moe of NBC News, is as follows:

Nuclear nonproliferation is a pillar of America’s national security. We respect any serious and real diplomatic efforts to achieve that goal on the Korean peninsula. Apparently, the President just handed Kim Jong-un concessions in exchange for vague promises that do not approach a clear and comprehensive pathway to denuclearization and non-proliferation.

In his haste to reach an agreement, President Trump elevated North Korea to the level of the United States while preserving the regime’s status quo. The millions of families currently living in fear of nuclear weapons in the region deserve strong and smart leadership built-in diplomacy and engagement with our regional partners and allies.

The president’s marginalization of the State Department and his habitual disparaging of our allies as demonstrated at the G7 Forum hinders a lasting, stable pathway to peace.

Pelosi did not stipulate which concessions Trump had made. The U.S. did not relax sanctions –as the Obama administration had with Iran merely to start negotiations — and U.S. allies in the region were generally encouraged by the historic the talks.

On Tuesday, South Korea praised the summit: “”[The] Agreement will be recorded as a historic event that has helped break down the last remaining Cold War legacy on earth. It is a great victory achieved by both the United States and the two Koreas, and a huge step forward for people across the world.”

In 2015, Pelosi called the Iran deal a “diplomatic masterpiece.” A decade earlier, she traveled to Syria to hold talks with Syrian

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Hannity tells witnesses to handle evidence like Hillary did!

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity

Fox News host Sean Hannity on his show Wednesday night sarcastically advised witnesses in special counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation to “follow Hillary Clinton‘s lead” and destroy their personal phones before handing them over to prosecutors.

Hannity’s comments — he said he was kidding during the same telecast — followed a report by CNBC that Mueller’s team had asked witnesses in its probe to turn over their personal phones for examination of encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp, Dust and Signal.

The Fox host lambasted Mueller’s “pitbull” team for the tactic of demanding that witnesses turn over phones and all encrypted apps, along with the messages and emails within them.

Hannity then made a comparison to Clinton, whose use of a private email server when she served as secretary of State prompted an FBI investigation and has been the subject of frequent criticism on his show.

“Maybe Mueller’s witnesses, I don’t know,” Hannity said on air. “If I advised them to follow Hillary Clinton’s lead, delete all your emails and then acid-wash your emails and hard drives on the phones, then take your phones and bash them with a hammer to little itsy bitsy pieces, use BleachBit, remove the sim cards and then take the pieces and hand them over to Robert Mueller, and say, Hillary Rodham Clinton, this is equal justice under the law.”

Hannity later said that he was kidding in repeating advice that witnesses should follow Clinton’s lead and destroy their phones before giving them to Mueller.

“Mueller wants everyone’s cellphones. My advice to them, not really, kidding, bad advice, would be, follow Hillary’s lead. Delete them, acid wash them, bust them up, take out the SIM cards and say here Mr. Mueller, here,” Hannity said, “I’m following Hillary’s lead.”

Hannity is a closely watched television host in the Trump era given his closeness to the president. President Trump is known to watch the show, and the two reportedly talk frequently.

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Planned Parenthood covering up sexual abuse? YUP!

Planned Parenthood, abortion clinic
Planned Parenthood, abortion clinic

A group of 56 lawmakers led by Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo., is urging federal officials to investigate the extent to which Planned Parenthood fails to report suspected sexual abuse of minors.

In a letter Thursday to the Department of Health and Human Services, Hartzler and 55 other Republicans ask the agency to probe whether Planned Parenthood, as a recipient of federal Title X funds, “failed in its duty to report suspected child abuse to local authorities and to HHS.”

Hartzler and other signers announced the formal request of an investigation in a press conference Thursday morning at the Capitol.

Their letter to HHS Secretary Alex Azar comes less than a week after the pro-life group Live Action released a reportalleging Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, covered up evidence of child sexual abuse.

Among the signers are two senators—Joni Ernst of Iowa and James Lankford of Oklahoma. Besides Hartzler, the 53 members of the House requesting the probe include Chris Smith of New Jersey, Mark Walker of North Carolina, and Diane Black of Tennessee.

The Daily Signal previously reported that the Live Action study, “Aiding Abusers: Planned Parenthood’s Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse,” alleges that Planned Parenthood has been caught on multiple occasions providing abortions to victims of sexual abuse as young as 12 and 13, failing to report suspected sexual abuse to authorities, and sending victims back to their abusers.

The report singles out situations where it says abusers forced minors to get an abortion because they had become pregnant after rape and sexual abuse, while Planned Parenthood looked the other way.

Title X is a federal grant program for preventive and family planning health services.

In their letter, the lawmakers ask that Health and Human Services specifically investigate and make available:

Although a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood declined to comment on the lawmakers’ letter, she referred The Daily Signal to background materials in which media and other critics characterize Live Action’s video report as deceptive, heavily edited, and untrue. 

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California water problems – Self inflivted!

The drought may be over, but California residents should prepare themselves for new and more permanent restrictions on water use.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a pair of bills Thursday to set permanent overall targets for indoor and outdoor water consumption.

Assembly Bill 1668 by Assemblywoman Laura Friedman, D-Glendale, and Senate Bill 606 from state Sen. Bob Hertzberg, D-Los Angeles, give water districts more flexibility than the strict cuts mandated under Brown’s emergency drought order and will eventually allow state regulators to assess thousands of dollars in fines against jurisdictions that do not meet the goals.

“In preparation for the next drought and our changing environment, we must use our precious resources wisely,” Brown said in a statement. “We have efficiency goals for energy and cars – and now we have them for water.”

The laws set an initial limit for indoor water use of 55 gallons per-person per-day in 2022, which gradually drops to 50 gallons per person by 2030.

Just how consumers will be required to meet the goals remains unknown.

The Department of Water Resources and State Water Resources Control Board will conduct studies and recommend standards for outdoor use by October 2021. State regulators will consult with local districts, recognizing differences in climate, water availability and demand across the state, to establish outdoor targets. Water districts that have already taken steps, such as recycling, to broaden their water supply could get more leeway even in dry conditions.

California residents used an average of 90 gallons of indoor and outdoor water per day in 2017, down from 109 gallons in 2013, according to the State Water Resources Control Board.

Water consumption typically climbs in the summer months and falls in the winter. Residents used an average of 65 gallons of water per day in March of this year compared to 120 gallons per day in July 2017, for example.

“This is something that has never been done before,” said Hertzberg before the Senate passed his bill on a 24-12 vote on May 17. “We know we are facing challenges. We need to be a government that is prepared and provide the structures so this doesn’t happen again.”

Brown declared a state of emergency in January 2014 and California imposed mandatory 25 percent cutbacks on water use the following year. The state relaxed the temporary restrictions in 2016 and eventually called off the drought a year ago.

Friedman said the changes would make California water use more sustainable and “set us on the right path forward” to handle future water shortages.

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California number 1! – In poverty.

Everyone thinks California is our most progressive state. And why not? It imposes the highest tax on the richest one percent. It is aggressively implementing Obamacare. And it is standing up to President Donald Trump on everything from immigration to the environment.

And yet the Golden State is also number one in povertyand inequality in America.

How can this be? Around the world, progressive economies like those of Sweden, France, and Germany, which redistribute wealth through high taxes and generous social welfare policies, boast far less poverty and inequality than other nations.

What gives? And how does California maintain its reputation as a progressive leader given the reality on the ground?

If racism is more than just saying nasty things — if it is, as scholars like James Baldwin, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Michelle Alexander and countless others have described, embedded into socioeconomic structures — then California isn’t just the least progressive state. It’s also the most racist.

Real World “Elysium”

In the 2013 science fiction film, “Elysium,” the rich have fled to a luxury satellite orbiting Earth while the poor toil in dangerous conditions below. Life in California today differs in degree, not in kind, from that dystopian vision.

Homeless encampments of hundreds of people have cropped up around the state in the last two years. Occasionally, they are ravaged by hepatitis A, which killed 20 people last year. In Silicon Valley, 132 people died on the street in 2016 — up from 85 in 2015. In San Diego, 117 people died, up from 56.

Last year, San Diego city workers nearly killed a homelessperson after accidentally throwing her and the tent she was sleeping in into the back of garbage truck. She escaped just seconds before being crushed by the trash compactor.

Meanwhile, inside comfortable homes perched atop Berkeley and Beverly Hills, affluent progressives condemn the cruelty of the Trump administration toward the poor.

It’s true that workers in California earn 11 percent more than their counterparts nationally. But that amount is not enough to make up for mortgage payments and rents that are 44 percent and 37 percent higher (respectively) than the national average.

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A ‘privilege’ workshop for ‘white folks’

Father screaming through megaphone at teen age boy and girl. Isolated on white background. Copy space.

Humboldt State University is preparing to host a flurry of social justice workshops intended for “white folks” who seek to take part “in conversations about race more productively.”

Starting on June 12, students may attend part one of the “Microaggressions and Whiteness” workshop, which will offer “an introduction to the concept of whiteness, the significance of whiteness in our everyday lives, and how this shapes our interactions with each other.”

Part two of the workshop will take place on June 19, and is intended to provide “an introduction to the concept of microaggressions, how to identify them, and how to deal with microaggressions that occur during our interactions with each other.”

Alongside the two-part whiteness workshop, Humboldt invites white students to watch and discuss Ted Talks dealing with whiteness and privilege, including “How Can I Have a Positive Racial Identity? I’m White!” “Why Does Privilege Make People So Angry?” “How Studying Privilege Systems Can Strengthen Compassion,” and “What Beyonce Taught Me about Race.”

Additionally, the students will get a chance to read and discuss an article titled “White People: I Don’t Want You to Understand Me Better, I Want You to Understand Yourselves.”

All five discussion sessions are part of a larger “Building Stamina: Cultivating a Positive White Racial Identity that Supports Positive Participation in Conversations about Race” workshop that is intended specifically for “white folks,” according to the online description of the event.

“This is an opportunity for white people to self-reflect, ask questions, and enter in conversation with each other in an effort to better understand whiteness and privilege as well as interpersonal and systemic structures that facilitate opportunity for some and limit opportunity for others,” the description explains.

“No previous experience talking about race or whiteness is necessary,” it clarifies, saying the only prerequisite is “a willingness to listen, learn, and have what you know questioned.”

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