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Trump is said to be the Chemo of government!

Joe Messina, The Real Side
Joe Messina, The Real Side

Larry Greenfield is a fellow of the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship & Political Philosophy asks, are you better off than you were 4 years ago? Clearly yes. By A LOT! It doesn’t mean the President is perfect or that he hasn’t had some challenges (personality or otherwise), but a lot of good things have happened underneath his leadership.

Long ago, Democrats laid the foundation that personal virtue is not important in deciding who will be President. What matters is the kind of job can he do!

Trumpism, like chemotherapy, is an attempt to put into remission, if not cure, what clearly ails the United States.

Jews carry a gene of subversiveness. But they have it so good in the U.S. that they don’t seem to realize how to prioritize their moral outrage.

If you invoke Hitler and the Holocaust, you’re losing the debate. America rescued victims and fought against Hitler. To compare America to Hitler/Holocaust is despicable.

Yoram Hazony will be speaking at the National Conservatism Conference on the Virtue of Nationalism.

The average American does not want to see Americans and veterans treated as 2nd class citizens behind illegal immigrants.

Progressive Paul Ryan is back like a bad rash!

Xander Gibb
Xander Gibb

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan is back in the news with his new book, and, yep, you guessed it, he’s criticizing the President. Who else is NOT shocked?!? It’s easier to do that than to re-assess his own performance failures. Think about how much more they could have accomplished during Trump’s first 2 years if Ryan and his House Majority would have gotten on board and HELPED Trump instead of working against him.

Xander Gibb, openly gay CONSERVATIVE talk show host of X-RAD says it just seems that Democrats are willing to accept whatever they’re told. We have to break down their lies. Why is it only OK for Democrats to “evolve” on their viewpoints? But Republicans are held to whatever they said 50 years ago?!?

Xander: I’ve been waiting for the Jews to #WalkAway from the Democrat Party. And now they want to kill children after they’re born. Parents need to #WalkAway too!

Trump is like Chemo?

Disruptive? Definitely. Messy? Frequently. Unpleasant? Of course.

President Donald Trump’s personality has injected intemperate and impatient bluster into our national life, and all the critiques and condemnations over how Trump conducts executive leadership are well-known and well understood.

But that’s only half the analysis. Trump also delivers toxic yet necessary measures to save the American body politic. His opponents believe he is killing democracy. His supporters believe he is saving our nation from a steep decline into defeatism.

In the medical field, unlike surgery or targeted radiation, doctors use powerful chemotherapy to attack rapidly dividing cancer cells in the human body. In the process of easing symptoms, controlling the spread of cancer or curing the patient through the elimination of tumors, healthy cells may be harmed along with malignant ones. While there is no guarantee cancer cells won’t return, chemotherapy has been extremely effective in saving lives.

Trumpism is an attempt to put into remission, if not cure, what clearly ails the United States.

A shared complaint of both the political left and right in the U.S. is a fear of bullying and betrayal by the federal government, which ignores whom Trump calls the “forgotten men and women” in favor of self-serving multinational corporations, Silicon Valley “masters of the universe” (as Financial Review terms them), elite business leaders plotting at Davos and K Street lobbyists in “The Swamp” — all who promote agendas beyond the common public interest.

In recent years, leftist activists have organized around Code Pink,, Occupy Wall Street, the Women’s March, Antifa and Black Lives Matter. 

Similarly, rightists seeking to reduce the dominance of Washington, D.C., have championed the Tea Party, the Freedom Caucus on Capitol Hill, the libertarian movement and the call for an Article V Convention of the States.

Both older and younger citizens condemn U.S. political parties for ever-growing federal debt (now $22 trillion). Many Americans are concerned about IRS and FBI/DOJ bias and overreach. Others are anxious about perceived threats to their constitutional rights to religious liberty, freedom of speech, abortion (or fetal) rights, gun possession, and protection from illegal search and seizure (asset forfeiture).

Read the rest at: Chemo

Guest Post – Larry Greenfield

House Dems attacking AOC & CNN panics!

Nancy Pelosi’s chief of staff blasts AOC saying she is immature and ignorant for her attacks on Pelosi and other leadership. OUCH!

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi advises illegals on how to avoid ICE arrests and deportation telling them not to open the door! She calls the raids “heartless”. No Nancy. What was heartless was someone breaking our laws and putting their family in a position to be deported.

Decision to nix Pledge of Allegiance spurs ‘USA!’ chant at Minnesota city council meeting

CNN ratings continue to plummet. How much longer can they continue?

Is this a Christian country? David Horowitz explains.

David Horowitz
David Horowitz

Are you still voting “Party”? If so, why? You need to REALLY know what each Party stands for. Do your homework! Don’t just listen to headline news.

Author, commentator, and Red Diaper Baby, David Horowitz says, the Democrat Party is now Communist. The idea of free speech is under attack by Democrats. For now, you can have Christian beliefs, but keep it to yourself or you’ll be under attack like Chick-fil-A.

We are a secular republic because 98% of the people who settled our country were protestant Christians fleeing religious persecution. Every principle and freedom we hold dear are founded on Christian ideas. This country could not have been founded by any other religion.

For 170 years there had been daily prayer in our schools until the 1960’s when Leftists on the Supreme Court decided it need to be removed.

AFter that they banned Bible reading in schools (Madeline Murray O’Hare’s son). She tried to defect TO the Soviet Union. KGB looked her over and said she was too crazy to let in! But our SCOTUS made her idiotic views the laws of the land. Now you can’t even tell kids that the Pilgrims were fleeing religious persecution and were Christians!

SCOTUS = 9 lawyers appointed for life by politicians. What could go wrong?!?

At the 1968 Democrat Party Convention radicals rioted to destroy Humphries candidacy. They were successful. Then the radicals rushed in and took over, creating factions within the Party. It culminated in the election of the Communist, President Obama. It’s a 60 year development.

Re: the Green New Deal… There are 268 MILLION gas-powered vehicles in the U.S. and AOC wants to get rid of ALL of them within 10 years! How does she plan on doing that without instituting a police state?!?

Right now, Americans work nearly 1/2 the year to pay taxes. That’s a form of slavery. But AOC and the Green New Deal would have you pay more! It involves $93 trillion in taxes.

Trump is NOT giving in!

Corey Duncan
Corey Duncan

All Democrats seem to want to do is protect non-Americans.

CA’s Governor will sign ANY far-Left bill put in front of him. There’s nothing stopping him.

Trump is ‘not backing down’ to get an accurate count of non-citizens and citizens in the United States. Census? We don’t need no stinkin’ census! Get ready for an Executive Order.

Founder of the Grassroots Conservative Association Group (GRCAG) and Retired USMC Colonel Corey Duncan joins Joe to discuss how we can all be involved in changing the direction of our nation.

Cleanse your mind and your soul so that you can make sound decisions.

If things are so bad here, why are you still here?!?

The 4th of July parade was AWESOME! It was all about PATRIOTISM and appreciation of our military. Exactly what the 4th of July should be about.

Remember when Pres. Trump said the Puerto Rico officials were corrupt? And our lamestream media ripped up Trump for his comments? Guess who was right… FBI arrests former top government officials in Puerto Rico.

AOC says Pelosi is working her too hard!

he civil war between the Democratic Party’s left flank and extreme left flank is heating up.

Days after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi mocked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and trio of her freshmen colleagues — Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) — for focusing on Twitter and PR at the expense of legislation, AOC issued another broadside against Pelosi.

“All these people have their public whatever and their Twitter world,” Pelosi told the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd published Saturday. “But they didn’t have any following. They’re four people and that’s how many votes they got.”

Today in an interview with WNYC’s “New Yorker Hour,” AOC accused Pelosi of intentionally saddling her with work to keep her out of the spotlight.

“I was assigned to some of the busiest committees and four subcommittees,” AOC said. “So my hands are full. And sometimes I wonder if they’re trying to keep me busy.”

The New York lawmaker had been describing why she declined Pelosi’s offer to sit on a standing committee on climate change. AOC said she declined the Speaker’s offer after she had refused AOC’s demands for what the committee should do.

Asked about how the relationship with Pelosi is generally, AOC deadpanned: “I think sometimes people think that we have a relationship.”

UPDATE: Pelosi responded during a Democratic caucus meeting.

“In every family you have your moments — Right, do you not have your moments in your family? Do you all agree all the time on everything? Do you?,” Pelosi said, according to BuzzFeed. “We’re a family and we have our moments and we’re like a kaleidoscope… But we’re all a resource to each other and we must never undermine the strength of anyone in our caucus.”

AOC then responded later in the afternoon, telling BuzzFeed: “I think the issue at hand is that it’s not just about Caucus dynamics, this is about children dying in DHS and ICE custody. And that’s ultimately what this is about, this is not about any kind of political dynamic.”

Here’s an excerpt from AOC’s interview on WNYC:

HOST: “What’s your relationship like with Nancy Pelosi. Tell me how that works, what are the dynamics of it?”

OCASIO-CORTEZ: “You know, I think sometimes people think that we have this — like we have a relationship.” (Laughter)

HOST: “Are you saying you don’t?”

OCASIO-CORTEZ: “Not, not particularly, not one that’s I think distinguished from anyone else. Like if there’s a legislative need, you know. The last time I kind of spoke to her one on one was when she asked me to join the Select Committee on Climate Change.”

HOST: “What did you say.”

OCASIO-CORTEZ: “I said no.” (Laughter)

HOST: “Why?”

OCASIO-CORTEZ: “Because I had made very specific requests which I thought were rather reasonable for the Select Committee on Climate Change. I asked that it have a mission to try to draft legislation by 2020 so that — so that we essentially have a 2 year mission to put together whether it’s a Green New Deal or whether it’s some sweeping climate change legislation that — that the select committee have a legislative mission. I asked for it to have subpoena power which most committees do. The last — the last select committee had subpoena power but now this one doesn’t. And I asked for the members who sit on the select committee to not take any fossil fuel money. And none of those requests were accommodated, and so I didn’t join the committee.”

HOST: “Are you better on the outside looking in or the inside looking out?” [crosstalk]

OCASIO-CORTEZ: “I think — I think I’m better on the outside looking in, on this issue.”

HOST: “Why is that?”

OCASIO-CORTEZ: “Because given that none of those standards were met sitting on that committee I would have to own anything — I would take responsibility for anything that comes out of that committee. And when the actual my opinion, the structure of it, is compromised in very deep ways, you know it’s not — I don’t think it was like I’m going to take my ball and go home, it’s we have a select committee whose mission — I’m — I was uncertain on who’s members take fossil fuel money. You know it’s — it’s beyond just a mere disagreement I think there’s a structural problem with it. And so — and there are plenty of other caucuses as well that work on climate issues. So I think — I think that that ultimately I’m fine with the decision especially given the committee assignments that I was ultimately given, which were very intense and very rigorous. I was assigned to two of some of the busiest committees and four subcommittees so my hands are full, and sometimes I want to they’re trying to keep me busy.” (Laughter)

Read the rest at: AOC

Iranians try to seize a British tanker!

An Iranian war-boat fires a missile during the "Velayat-90" navy exercises in the Strait of Hormuz in southern Iran on December 30, 2011. Iran, which has been carrying out war games in the Strait of Hormuz over the past week, has said that "not a drop of oil" would pass through the strait if Western governments follow through with planned additional sanctions over its nuclear programme. AFP PHOTO/IIPA/ALI MOHAMMADI (Photo credit should read ALI MOHAMMADI/AFP/Getty Images)

Five Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps gunboats tried to seize a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf Wednesday but backed off after a British warship approached, a senior U.S. defense official told Fox News.

The British warship was said to have been less than 5 miles behind the tanker but soon intercepted the Iranian boats and threatened to open fire. A manned U.S. reconnaissance aircraft was above as well, the official said, adding that Iranian forces left without opening fire.

Navy Captain Bill Urban, spokesman for the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), said the military was aware of the reported actions. He added, “Threats to international freedom of navigation require an international solution. The world economy depends on the free flow of commerce, and it is incumbent on all nations to protect and preserve this lynchpin of global prosperity.”

The British frigate was identified as the HMS Monstrose, according to CNN, which was first to report the encounter.

The incident was the latest in a series of provocations between the Islamic Republic and the West. British forces last week seized an Iranian supertanker that officials believed was operating in violation of European Unionsanctions. The British Royal Marines captured the vessel in Gibraltar after believing it was trying to provide crude oil to Syria, an ally of Iran.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned that Britain would face repercussions over the seizure.

Last month, Iran shot down a U.S. drone over the Strait of Hormuz, a vital waterway separating Iran from the United Arab Emirates. Oil exporters transport around 22 million barrels of oil per day through the strait.

U.S. officials also blamed Iran for attacks on six oil tankers in the area. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused the regime of trying to disrupt the flow of oil in the area.

Tensions between Iran and the U.S. have escalated in recent weeks and could spiral downward after Iran admitted Monday it surpassed uranium enrichment levels that were set by the Iran nuclear agreement in 2015.

President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the deal last year but several EU nations remained involved. Those countries — Russia, China, Germany, France, Britain, and the European Union — have called on Iran to stick to its commitments under the deal.

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1 drops, 1 enters 2020 Presidential race, UNREAL!

Wealthy hedge fund billionaire turned green activist, Tom Steyer is the exact OPPOSITE of what Democrats want on their Party ticket. He’s rich, he’s white, he’s Wall Street, and he’s a HE. But don’t worry, he has a gay-card, so all the other ills are forgiven, so they won’t mind letting him run for President.

AOC is mad claiming Pelosi is belittling Progressives and specifically singling out 4 of the freshmen of color. She claims Pelosi is saddling her with too much work to keep her so busy she can’t do anything else. Oh, poor baby. I guess that’s why they call it A JOB!

St. Louis Park reconsidering the Pledge!

Do you know how hard it’s going to be if YOU don’t stop letting social media silence conservative voices?

President Trump caught wind of the Minnesota town council that eliminated The Pledge of Allegiance and tweeted, “Outrage is growing in the Great State of Minnesota where our Patriots are now having to fight for the right to say the Pledge of Allegiance. I will be fighting with you!” Uh Oh!

Matt Bellis, spokesman for Liberty Healthshare, says healthcare sharing is a ministry to share in medical expenses with one another. It’s a community of people you can rely on to help cover medical costs. It’s member-to-member, person-to-person cost sharing.

Unlike insurance… We don’t spread risk and we don’t pool funds.

Spreading risk takes away responsibility which ultimately limits freedom. With healthsharing, we own our own bodies and health decisions.

Insurance POOLS money. It’s a bureaucratic black hole.

Healthshare’s goal is to strengthen the individual to take care of themselves on a regular basis.

President Trump recently signed a mandate requiring more transparency in healthcare pricing.

Assault on free speech in the US and elsewhere!

Film producer and conservative commentator, Mark Sutherland says, the UK has a TRADITION of free speech, but it isn’t codified LAW. This is why we’re seeing what has happened to Tommy Robinson.

The parliament in Lego Land has more power than we do under the EU!

We’re in a war for our freedom. It may not involve shooting, but make no mistake that it’s still a war.

The EU is a Marxist-socialist construct. The Remainers refusing to BREXIT is bureaucratic tyranny. The people have already voted. BREXIT has revealed the UK’s Swamp. What’s the point of voting if they won’t execute the will of the people?

The UK Ambassador stepping down has caused utter chaos over there. Why?

Donald Trump may go down in history as the first president who actually DID what he said he was going to do.

Within 5 hours of arrest, Tommy Robinson was imprisoned for 13 months. For reporting, within required guidelines, on Pakistani grooming gangs. No one has been convicted for anything like this in over 60 years. He’s supposed to be tried in front of a jury. THAT hasn’t happened. They have weaponized the judiciary.


Conservative commentator Deneen Borelli just lost her show on The Blaze after 3 months of Facebook throttling her show traffic to the point of being largely non-existent.

It’s a war against conservatives on social media giants. We are fact-based, content focused trying to educate folks on the truth. The number of people affected by social media censorship is staggering.

Social media giants are already moving the mechanisms around in preparation for the 2020 election. Watch for them to pick 2020 winners and losers by silencing those who don’t align with their agenda.

Is DRAGGING for kids good for them?

8-year-old ‘Mini AOC’ has to delete AOC parody accounts after doxxing and death threats against her and her family. Why hasn’t AOC come out publicly and emphatically denouncing anyone threatening this little girl?!?

Taylor Lorenz, staff writer at The Atlantic says air-conditioning is sexist because she should be able to wear dresses in the summer and not get hypothermia. So, A/C is sexist because… fashion?!?!

Dangers of “Dragging” Children… Kira Davis writes “as a parent there are some art forms I would never let my child engage in for the simple reason that some things are for adults and those things should never include children.”

Former Presidential hopeful from the Bush/Clinton election, Ross Perot, died today. He was one of the first to come out warning about government’s runaway spending.

Philadelphia police have released surveillance video asking for help identifying a large group of young people storming “the Walgreens store” and running “around knocking items off of the shelves.” What was the point?!?

Nancy Pelosi says Trump wants the citizenship question on the census because he wants to make America white again.

Portland doing away with single family homes!

Oregon and California are pushing hard for high density zoning, right up to doing away with single family homes. Isn’t that one of the MAIN attractions of being an American?!?

Dangers of “Dragging” Children…

Don Lemon v Don Lemon… remember, it’s a manufactured crisis on the border… until Don says it’s real, and then it’s a humanitarian crisis. No Don. It’s a national security crisis. If we’re such a mean, oppressive country, why do so many want to come here? Why not stay in their own country?

Gold Star mom slams Kaepernick criticizing his whiny elitist $14 million oppression in comparison to her son who gave his life for us for only $14,000 per year. And she rightfully says her son gave more to this country than ANY athlete ever could. BOOM.

Senator Hawley slams our do-nothing Congress with dereliction of duty on the immigration and border problems. Congress KNOWS that children are being exploited and yet no one has the political will to actually take action.

LEGAL immigrants speak out FOR Trump!

Outspoken conservative, Deneen Borelli was officially squashed by Facebook, effective today. If you don’t want to lose EVERY conservative voice on social media, you need to start donating to whoever you want to keep hearing from. The Left is methodically shutting us down one by one.

Trump-Mexico deal cuts release of illegal aliens into U.S. by 70%!

At the Vietnamese Trump Birthday Rally, legal immigrants (Asian-Americans) organize in front of the White House in support of President Trump’s immigration policies and they WANT the wall built! They like that he stands up to China and puts America first. They don’t like that people come here illegally and take advantage of the system.

Cigarette butts are polluting the ocean more than plastic straws — so why not ban these?

Home Depot billionaire cofounder’s endorsement of Trump triggers boycott. Oh sure. That’ll work. As if millennials who have NO IDEA what a wrench is were frequenting Home Depot. Next.

Hello Ladies – No More!

Washington Post contributing columnist Steven Petrow used to write a regular column for the Style section called “Civilities” (even as he supported manner-shredders like Dan Savage) to explain the LGBTQ Revolution in all of its linguistic permutations. On Saturday, that exercise returned in a book review touting “A necessary guide to gender inclusivity.”

Strangely, this guide is not new. It was published last October. The title is Gender: Your Guide, with the subtitle A Gender-Friendly Primer on What to Know, What to Say, and What to Do in the New Gender Culture. To eradicate the “gender binary” is defined as “gender-friendly.” The author is Lee Airton, an “assistant professor of gender and sexuality studies at Queen’s University in Ontario.” Petrow explained “Airton identifies as non-binary and uses ‘they’ as a preferred pronoun.”

“Lee” is a perfect name for the non-binary.

Professor Airton’s life is devoted to teaching the teachers to inculcate LGBTQ orthodoxy in the children, and insists that when you greet an audience you say “Hello, everyone,” which is less upsetting than “Hello, ladies and gentlemen.” If you are writing a letter or e-mail, forget “Dear Sir or Madam” and try using a person’s full name (starchy, but less upsetting). When it comes to “husband” or “wife,” Airton suggests “gender-neutral options, such as partner or spouse, even if you’re cisgender, in an opposite-sex relationship.” You can’t use “husband” and “wife” for people who themselves use those terms. You have to label everyone as the gender-benders insist.

Progressives never stop projecting the notion that transgenders are such sensitive people that they should never have to “correct” anyone about their ever-evolving rules of address. The gender-fluid can’t “participate in the world” unless what Airton has called the “gender police” are stopped.

Read the rest at: Being Civil

Jobs Jobs Jobs & More Education Choices

Remember when liberal mainstream media was screaming that the economy was going to tank under President Trump? WRONG! Payrolls, unemployment, and wages ALL improved beyond expectations under Trump.

With Caprice Young, Ed.D., National Superintendent of Learn4Life Schools (charter school).

Charter schools have more freedom to be innovative and allow children to complete their education. If their only choice was public school, they’d likely have to drop out. 1/3 of the kids who come to the charter come to get caught up and then go back to public school to finish and graduate. We have partnerships with employers to ensure that when children graduate they have a path for employment.

Not every child learns the same way. Charter schools offer a variety of learning alternatives and can often tailor the program to meet a child’s need.

California believes that education should be run by the government. They want charter school options run by communities and non-profit organizations shutdown. If you’re in California want to continue having an option for charter schools, call your state reps NOW! They getting ready to vote to eliminate charter school competition.

Public schools shouldn’t be afraid of charter competition. They should be afraid of children not receiving the best education possible. Public, government-run schools are not the best thing for every child.

WHY do Democrats hate parental choice for education?

Charter schools v. Public schools. They’re pretty much the same thing. Both are funded with public dollars. Public schools oversee charter schools. Charter schools are NOT a free for all. But they do have more flexibility in programs they can offer students.

Do you know what the first book the Founding Fathers wanted taught in our schools? The Bible. Who founded many of the schools? Christian churches.

Teen who told teacher in viral video argument that based on science there are only two genders is banned from returning to school. The teacher told student to keep his opinion at home and not to share it at school.

U.S. Women’s soccer team wins series, LOSES American people

Congratulations to the U.S. Women’s soccer team! Shame on them for disrespecting our flag and our president. Leave politics out of the game. And if you’re going to represent the U.S., do it right or get out.

New Hampshire conservative independent writer and activist, Kimberly Morin weighs in on the U.S. Women’s soccer team, they’re a team representing the United States of America… have a little respect for the flag that you are representing or don’t play. Who’s funding them?

The women’s team doesn’t have the same amount of sponsorships that men get. So the men’s team raises more money than the women’s team, but gets a lower percentage cut toward their pay. And the women think they’re getting slighted?

Starbucks customer complains that she’s uncomfortable that 5 police officers came into the store, so Starbucks asked them to leave! Why didn’t the ONE lady have to leave?!?

Did you see Trump’s parade? I guess all those black people and Taiwanese-Americans didn’t realize how much he hates them? Why did he let them march in his parade if he hates them so much?

Is anyone shocked that Washington DC has more psychopaths than any other place in country?

Kimberly says she has lost faith in the fairness of our justice system when it comes to extremely wealthy individuals. People with money have a completely different set of rules.

Epstein is picked up for Sex Trafficking – Surprised -NOT!

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for allegedly sex trafficking dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005, and will appear in court in New York on Monday, according to three law enforcement sources. The arrest, by the FBI-NYPD Crimes Against Children Task Force, comes about 12 years after the 66-year-old financier essentially got a slap on the wrist for allegedly molesting dozens of underage girls in Florida.

For more than a decade, Epstein’s alleged abuse of minors has been the subject of lawsuits brought by victims, investigations by local and federal authorities, and exposés in the press. But despite the attention cast on his alleged sex crimes, the hedge-funder has managed to avoid any meaningful jail time, let alone federal charges.

The new indictment—which, according to two sources, will be unsealed Monday in Manhattan federal court—will reportedly allege that Epstein sexually exploited dozens of underage girls in a now-familiar scheme: paying them cash for “massages” and then molesting or sexually abusing them in his Upper East Side mansion or his palatial residence in Palm Beach. Epstein will be charged with one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors—which could put him away for a maximum of 45 years. The case is being handled by the Public Corruption Unit of the Southern District of New York, with assistance from the district’s human-trafficking officials and the FBI.

Several of the billionaire’s employees and associates allegedly recruited the girls for Epstein’s abuse, and some victims eventually became recruiters themselves, according to law enforcement. The girls were as young as 14, and Epstein knew they were underage, according to details of the arrest and indictment shared by two officials.

Read the rest at: Epstein – Sex Trafficking

Finally! Multistate Child Sex Slave stings

ATLANTA – A high school band director. A youth group leader. A fireman. A county leader.

All are among the 82 people, including 31 in Georgia, who have been arrested and accused of sexually exploiting children in a multistate sting.

The sting, dubbed Operation Southern Impact III, was spread over three days recently and across eight southern states from Florida to West Virginia.

Channel 2’s Rikki Klaus was outside the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, where she learned that Georgia had the most arrests of the eight states involved.

GBI Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Commander Debbie Garner said the operation focused on people who possess and distribute child pornography and those who are sexually exploiting children in other ways using technology and the internet.

“We were targeting material that was the most violent sexual abuse material involving infants and toddlers,” Garner said. “It is as horrific as you can imagine.”

Garner said the material is often in the form of videos.

“We were focused on those who were collecting and viewing that content for sexual gratification,” Garner said.

Most of the leads started as cybertips, Garner said.

See the rest at: Child Sex Ring


Minnesota city council says no more pledge of allegiance!

Saint Louis Park City Council meetings will no longer begin with the Pledge of Allegiance.

The council voted to change meeting protocol on June 17, moving start times up an hour to 6:30 p.m. and dropping the pledge. The resolution was approved by a 5-0 vote with one council member and the mayor absent.

Anne Mavity, the Ward 2 council member in St. Louis Park, sponsored the change, saying the pledge doesn’t reflect the city’s diverse values and is not necessary.

“Not everyone who does business with the city or has a conversation is a citizen,” Mavity said. “They certainly don’t need to come into city council chambers and pledge their allegiance to our country in order to tell us what their input is about a sidewalk in front of their home.”

To be clear, the city council did not vote to ban the pledge. It may still be used during special occasions, such as appearances by the Boy Scouts Color Guard.

“We just decided it was something we didn’t need to do as a part of every single meeting,” Mavity said.

The decision drew a response on Twitter from the Minnesota Senate Republicans, who called the move “shocking.”

Mike Thingvold, who grew up in St. Louis Park before he was drafted into the Army during Vietnam to serve in Germany, asked: “It’s been there forever and ever. Why get rid of it now?”

He added: “I think there’s more things to worry about than just the Pledge of Allegiance. You get excited about that, I hate to see what else you get excited about.”

Mavity, however, said she encourages the debate.

“I understand that people think differently and we welcome that,” Mavity said. “That is what democracy is all about.”

In an email, Mayor Jake Spano did not say he opposed the measure to remove the pledge, but said it was not a “high priority” for him. “First, I think there are more substantive things we should be working on to make our city more open and welcoming and secondly, I’ve always used the last six words, “with liberty and justice for all”, as a reminder to me that not everyone in our community enjoys the benefits of those words and it’s my job to everything I can to fix that,” he said.

Read the rest at: NIX the PLEDGE!

Trump policies create over 220k jobs!

Job creation reignited in June, with nonfarm payrolls rising 224,000 and unemployment ticking up to 3.7 percent.

The June number will be closely watched after a surprisingly poor showing in May, when the U.S. economy was initially reported to have added just 75,000 jobs. That number was revised even lower on Friday, to just 72,000. April’s number was revised down to 216,000 from 224,000.

Economists surveyed by Econoday had been looking for a gain of 165,000 for June and for unemployment to remain steady at 3.6 percent.

The June number will also be looked to as a barometer for the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. Last month, the Fed signaled that it was ready to cut rates if the economy continued to show signs of slowing and inflation remained low. The stronger than expected number may create some hesitancy to cut rates.

While the economy has continued to grow in the second quarter, it has shown signs of slowing from the rapid 3.1 percent rate of growth in the first three months of the year. Manufacturing has been a weak spot while consumer spending and the labor market have been strong. Economic weakness around the globe may also be weighing on the U.S. economy by reducing demand for U.S. exports. And uncertainty around trade may also be making businesses hesitant to invest and hire.

With unemployment near 50-year lows, job growth has slowed. Employment growth has averaged 172,000 per month thus far this year, compared with an average monthly gain of 223,000 in 2018. But wage gains have gone the opposite direction. In June, average hourly wages were 3.1 percent above the year-prior level.

Manufacturing jobs showed renewed strength, adding 17,000 jobs after four months of coming in flat. Construction jobs rose by 21,000. Transportation and warehousing added 24,000  jobs. Employment in health care increased by 35,000. Professional and business services added 51,000 jobs.

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Waters says she’s on a mission from God!

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been on a one-woman mission to oppose anything and everything that President Donald Trump proposes, even if what he is doing is good for her constituents.

Waters made headlines after pronouncing that her mission to stop the 45th president was actually a divine assignment given to her by God,

“You’ve gotta know that I’m here to do the work that I was sent to do, and as pastor said to me when I came in this morning, when God sends you to do something, you just do it!”

According to Breitbart, Waters made her comments at the First AME Church in Los Angeles, where she was speaking out against the “zero tolerance” policies of the administration.

“So I have a message I’m going back to Washington tomorrow morning, I’m going to tell them pastor told me to come here and just do it!”

Waters, who once threatened to nationalized the oil industry, has been calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump since the week before he actually took office.

The California Representative has been an outspoken critic of the president, and even called for her followers to harass and confront members of the Trump administration:

“I have no sympathy for these people that are in this administration who know it’s wrong for what they’re doing on so many fronts. They tend to not want to confront this president or even leave, but they know what they’re doing is wrong. I want to tell you, these members of his cabinet who remain and try to defend him, they won’t be able to go to a restaurant, they won’t be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store. The people are going to turn on them. They’re going to protest. They’re absolutely going to harass them until they decide that they’re going to tell the president, ‘No, I can’t hang with you.’”

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Love Trumps Hate – Failed AGAIN!

In a move that is both completely unsurprising and also shockingly despicable, left-wing keyboard cowboys have doxxed ‘Mini AOC’ and her family off the internet.

On Wednesday the account that purports to be Mini’s stepfather tweeted that the family had been receiving an unbearable amount of physical threats, phone calls to personal numbers and disturbing messages.

Jack Posobiec       @JackPosobie

According to her family, there will be no futher MiniAOC posts due to doxxing and death threats her family received from @AOC supporters  

Not everyone finds the doxxing and threatening of a child an amusing or heroic pursuit (thank God).

JD Rucker   @JDRucker

It’s unfortunate that progressives get defensive when conservatives say children should not dance provocatively in drag, but they scream “child abuse” and make death threats when a little girl mocks their socialist queen. We’ll miss you, .


The Gray One    @silentrunning12

Nothing says tolerance, love, inclusion and diversity like threatening to kill an 8 year old girl…

But conservatives are the Nazis, right? 

So much more Love? 

Sometimes it seems we’re reaching critical mass where the good people of America simply won’t tolerate anymore of this nonsense. Others it seems like there is just no bottom.

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