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Selective Compassion… Gorillas win, Babies lose

Gorillas, Babies, Planned Parenthood, Compassion
Gorillas, Babies, Planned Parenthood, Compassion

Babies in danger of falling into the Planned Parenthood exhibit, right next to the gorilla display of selective compassion.

Political Cartoon by A.F.Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

School sends sheriff to order child to stop sharing Bible verses

Children Holding Hands on School Playground
Children Holding Hands on School Playground

By Todd Starnes:

A public school in California ordered a 7-year-old boy to stop handing out Bible verses during lunch – and they dispatched a deputy sheriff to the child’s home to enforce the directive.

“This is a clear, gross violation of the rights of a child,” said Horatio Mihet, a Liberty Counsel attorney representing the first-grader who attends Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale. They are also representing his parents, Christina and Jaime Zavala.

Here’s the back story:

Mrs. Zavala made it a practice of including a Bible verse and encouraging note in her son’s lunch bag. The boy would tell his friends about the note and read them aloud at the lunch table.

It wasn’t long before children asked for copies of the notes and Mrs. Zavala obliged – including a brief note to explain the daily Bible verse.

Read the rest of the back story by Todd Starnes at FoxNews

D-Day: When our President prayed for the nation & military

WWII, DDay, Normandy Invasion
WWII, DDay, Normandy Invasion

Flashback to June 6, 1944, when then President Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) took to the radio waves and boldly prayed for our nation as our military embarked on what would forever be known at D-Day in an effort to end World War II.

“Almighty God: Our sons, pride of our Nation, this day have set upon a mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization, and to set free a suffering humanity.

You can read the full transcript of his prayer and speech at ChristianPost

H/T YouTube/FDRLibrary

Photo credit U.S. Army History

Sheriff tells little boy NO SCRIPTURE READING!

Joe Messina, The Real Side
Joe Messina, The Real Side

A California sheriff sent to visit a 1st grader’s home by the school to tell him not to bring Bible scriptures to school anymore. Can anyone say “unconstitutional”?? Why don’t these officers of the law actually KNOW our Constitutional rights? Hey parents! Your child does NOT have to check their 1st Amendment rights at the school property line. Stand up for their rights.

Father defends son who raped an unconscious woman on Stanford campus. Shameful. Even worse, the judge goes for leniency and only sentences him for 6 months (instead of 14 years!)

Sharron Angle: Beating the Nevada political machine

Sharron Angle
Sharron Angle

Today is the 72nd anniversary of the D-Day invasion. If we hadn’t been successful in that campaign, today our world would be much different.


Sharron Angle joins Joe to discuss the games that take place when you shake up your own party. She also has a great ground game … and she is doing well!

Nevada Congressman Joe Heck is supposed to be a Republican but continually votes with Harry Reid. We need a REAL conservative representative, not another Dem posing as GOP! Now he wants to be in the Senate. #HeckNO! VOTE Sharron Angle!

Political Games: The Day before California primary!

Franklin Delano Roosevelt prays on D-Day… to the ENTIRE NATION on a radio broadcast! It wasn’t just a generic prayer. It was a VERY Christian prayer.


Fresno city council candidate Holly Carter joins Joe to discuss what the “other side” does to you when they think you can beat them! You need to know what goes on in politics so you know how to help good honest people get elected to represent us.

Ignorance and Idiots Are Becoming the Norm!

Have you heard about the implosion of socialism in Venezuela? Or should I say, the blow up of Venezuela because of socialism?

Food trucks being hijacked, black market food skyrocketing, a dozen eggs selling for over 100 bucks, toilet paper, milk, and other basic necessities not being provided or even available for the general public. YEP! In a socialist nation where everyone is equal.

Bernie Sanders said we should embrace socialism because it treats everyone fairly and provides for all. That must have been one heck of an acid trip Bern! The upper 1% get all the toilet paper, food, water, and electricity they want, while “The People” get what the government says they can have. And right now, that isn’t much.

When Bernie was asked about socialism and why he thinks it’s so great especially since we are seeing the oil-producing, socialist country of Venezuela unravel before our eyes. And recently we’ve watched the failures of other socialist nations like Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, Greece, the European Union… all EPIC FAILURES! Bernie responded with, “I didn’t come here to speak about socialism, I came here to speak about my campaign.” The commentator said “You are touting the virtues of socialism on your campaign trail.” After a moment of silence Bernie said again,” I didn’t come here to discuss that”. A real winner in that one!

Russia is really operating under socialism and can’t get out of their own way. It’s is one of the richest countries on the planet in terms of natural resources. They are loaded with natural gas, diamonds, oil reserves, and great farm land but somehow the ability to feed its people or give them “fair and equitable” housing alludes them.

When asked about socialism, Liberal Loons respond pretty much the same way all the time basically saying, “go away,” “you’re stupid,” and “fear-monger.” They can’t even string together a sentence with structure and substance. WHY? Because they got nuthin’! They don’t know, they are ill-informed and the way to win (so they believe) is to brow-beat and insult, rather than actually deal with the issue.

My wife (also my producer and editor) Tammy recapped an on-air story I recently covered about socialism. When I scanned the reader comments I was floored! Not really. Nothing the far Left does really floors me anymore. One reader wrote:

How long did you spend in Venezuela? My students and family there would be really upset if they knew that a priviledged [sic] lady like you is so misinformed about what a dictatorship looks like versus true DEMOCRACY.”

First of all lady, we are comparing socialism to a REPUBLIC. Hello! Get a clue! Secondly, are you really that blind? Are you so afraid or prideful that you will have to concede that socialism works NOWHERE that you’re willing to bury your head in a really dark place so you can ignore people eating their own pets and paying over 100 bucks for a dozen eggs? Food truck drivers are being beaten and the trucks hijacked. This isn’t a joke.

The government is shutting down government buildings 2 days a week to save electricity and money. Martial law has been established for at least 2 months. You can be SHOT for stealing food. Some of you bleeding hearts don’t want to prosecute people in this country for stealing food for their families when they are in need. But somehow you have no issue with what is going on in Venezuela? The Loon who commented thinks Venezuela is a true democracy? I want to know what she’s smoking.

Socialism doesn’t work, it never has. It takes so much away from individuals. Socialism doesn’t allow for incentives to better oneself or move up. The economy is not market driven. Property is owned by the state and they decide who gets what and when. With no incentives, there’s no reason to work harder. There’s no real hope that you can achieve your goals and happiness. Under socialism, collective ownership is what’s important, not individual achievement.

China, though using a more “capitalistic approach” to their financial markets, still adheres to strong socialist values, except for the top one percent. Many companies in China are owned by the government or friends of the government. From a young age you’re groomed to understand the government knows best about everything. They chose what career you will have, where you will live, and how much you will be paid. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it!

Watch the interviews of the “Bernie Millennials.” They are strong advocates for socialism because the government pays for education, housing, food, medical, and more. Sounds like prison to me! They think that the government will share the resources so everyone is treated equally. Think again. The government has NEVER done a good job of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. They have done a great job of taking from the hard working, and taking from the hard working, and taking from the hard working (no I didn’t stutter) and trickling a small portion of what’s left, what they didn’t waste, to people in need. But they’ve yet to work on a solution as to how to get them off government aid. Just ways for getting more government aid.

Millennials think that helping people is socialism, but it’s not. Helping people is actually accomplished through capitalism! Private organizations do a much better job at helping out non-profits who then actually get more of the resources (private money) out to the people in need. It’s private money that funds much of the research and development for breakthroughs in medicine and science as well as new energy sources and new technologies. Very few innovations come out of socialist and communist countries. Period.

Capitalism is the only way for individuals and countries to pull themselves out of poverty and eventually be able to help other people and, in turn, other nations take care of their own.

Watching the Bernie millennials, I now understand that saying from years gone by… “Youth is wasted on the young.”

Bernie’s Socialist America

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist, has a significant fan base called the millennials – the 1980s- and 1990s-born Generation Y.

Many of them say they are pro-socialism. The problem is the millennials don’t know what socialism is. The few who are confronted and asked are stunted for an informed answer. Once their minds pass the thought of “free” stuff being provided without work on their part, they’re vacuous.

Merriam-Webster defines socialism as:

“a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.”

There is about a hair’s difference between socialism and communism. Both hold the theory that assets are owned and controlled by the “community” or the “state,” i.e. the government. There’s no critical thinking occurring to wonder exactly who will be in control of the “state” or “government.” Who gets to be the totalitarian, the autocrat?

Socialism and communism are presented as “all are equal.” The bad joke is that factually some are more equal than others – and that person or party will be the authoritarian.

To those with the mindset of refusing responsibility or being unmotivated to work for their wants, Bernie is and should be very popular. He’s dangling the piñata of free offerings to the takers while not admitting that the rest of us will be mandated to pay for the candy. Bernie’s not on the hook. He has a cushy “job” financed by workers, and his future is guaranteed an income with life-long perks.

It would take a real loser not to succeed in popularity when you are endlessly offering someone else’s stuff.

Almost exactly one year ago, June 4, 2015, the Investors Business Times published an article recognizing a report by Emily Ekins, a research fellow at the Washington, D.C.-based Cato Institute.

Ekins states that young people are unable to define socialism; they simply do not understand it.

IBT then quoted a survey from a 2010 CBS-New York Times poll finding that a mere “16 percent of millennials could define socialism” as contrasted to about one-third of people over age 30.

Reason-Rupe conducted a separate poll in July 2014 showing “64 percent of millennials said a free market system was best for the U.S. Only 32 percent wanted a government-managed economy.”

The latter statistic is frightening. Nearly one-third of this group wants a “government-managed economy.”

Ekins concluded that millennials “just like the idea of a social safety net,” yet they do not “want the government to run Amazon, to run Google, to run Facebook or Uber.”

Ekins’ conclusion is glaring. It appears the targeted groups reject a national authoritarian body ruling over things they are familiar with.

Digesting the political vote-getting chatter by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders asserting Wall Street and big business need to be diminished under the control of their kind of government, the core challenge is rarely presented: Name a country where socialism or communism have ever succeeded. What land has bettered its people under such tyranny?

It’s appalling that the candidates are not challenged with that query.

Coincidentally, the L.A. Times ran a story last Monday on the deplorable conditions in Venezuela.

Former President Hugo Chavez avidly imposed Venezuela’s socialist revolution. He was the president for 14 years before dying and identified with the United Socialist Party of Venezuela including serving as its president in 2012.

Chavez’ death brought no changes to Venezuela with the “election” of Nicolas Maduro, a former multiple Chavez-appointee and understudy of Chavez.

The Times article tells of the lack of electricity, potable water, food; in other words, all of the necessities for survival.

The people are forced to la cola — the lines.

Citizens travel many hours beginning in early morning to stand in line for another seven to 10 hours to find the store shelves empty of rice, bread, milk, flour and sugar. Meat and dairy sections are nonexistent.

Armed national guardsmen control the sites. Shoppers must show government-issued IDs to buy goods. Their purchases are limited; no hoarding allowed.

Many shoppers are single mothers with multiple children. Mothers must show their children’s birth certificates to buy the restricted number of diapers.

Crime and corruption are rampant.

Venezuela’s largest-denomination note is the 100-Bolivar bill. It’s now worth one U.S. cent. Inflation is predicted at 1,200 percent next year.

While the poor and working classes are the prevalent victims, the wealthier have access to U.S. dollars, allowing a much different standard of living.

All are not equal after all.

Thus is daily life under Bernie Sanders’ and his followers’ socialism. It’s Bernie’s “future we can believe in.”

Believe it.

Photo credit DonkeyHotey

When they told Trump to skip National Anthem, he did this… [VIDEO]

Donald Trump, National Anthem, Anaheim, Rally, Video Still
Donald Trump, National Anthem, Anaheim, Rally, Video Still

At the Anaheim, CA campaign rally, somebody told Donald Trump that there wasn’t time for the National Anthem. Here’s what he did in response:

Seriously, people, it takes 2 MINUTES! Literally 2 minutes. Just time it. And they thought there wasn’t time?

It’s good to see a patriotic American for a change. Thanks Mr. Trump!

via IndependentJournal & RightSideBroadcasting

Trump blasted the media… Well done!

Donald Trump, Blasts Media for bias
Donald Trump, Blasts Media for bias

Donald Trump blasts the media for their biased reporting and misrepresenting the facts… not surprisingly, the people seem to love it. It’s past time for a politician to show some spine.

Cartoon by A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

ICYMI: Google Doodle dodged Memorial Day

MemorialDay, Veteran, Fallen Soldier
MemorialDay, Veteran, Fallen Soldier

Did anyone else notice that Google failed to Doodle Memorial Day last week? I didn’t notice. Because I abandoned Google several years ago after snubbing Jesus on a pertinent Holy Day.

It’s shameful that an American company recognizes all kinds of other notable dates but chooses to snub those who died protecting their freedom to do so.

It’s just one of the reasons that I switched from Google to Bing as my choice of search engines. Does it impact them? Sure it does. They make money from the ads that run. They make money selling lists of what people, like you and me, are searching on. NO MORE! Spread the word…

Read more at Breitbart/Milo

Photo credit jpellgen

ICYMI: Bernie is speechless when asked about socialism’s failures [VIDEO]

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

The Democrats’ socialist candidate for President of the United States, Bernie Sanders, was seriously tripped up this week in an interview with Univision’s León Krauze.

When asked to explain the failure of socialist governments in Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil, Sanders completely clammed up, saying he has an opinion on the subject, but was unwilling to share it, as he is “focused on my campaign.”

Read the full article and transcript at NewsBusters.

The VA should be more like Disney

Joe Messina, The Real Side Radio Show, with Steve Knight
Joe Messina, The Real Side Radio Show, with Steve Knight

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of those in poverty are white: 29.8 million people. In fact, there are more white poor than all other poor combined.

Vox website editor suspended for encouraging violent riots at Trump rallies. Yes, there is a line, and he crossed it!


Congressman Steve Knight talks 2nd Amendment, VA wait times, PTSD, and expense vouchers.

He says the quickest way to disarm someone is to take away their ability to get ammunition. And California is trying to do just that!

Talking VA wait times and a new bill being authored to address treatment for PTS and TBI. The Veterans Administration should be more like Disney where they continually monitor their wait times down to the minute to improve customer experience. The VA bureaucracy is unbelievable.

Relationships with allies in the Middle East needs to be better. And our military equipment needs to be state of the art.

We’ve been at war for 16 years. The planes have been flying for 16 years.

Firefighters look like ISIS because they fly the American Flag on trucks

Joe Messina, The Real Side
Joe Messina, The Real Side

He converted to Islam while at a Catholic school. #FAIL DePaul Catholic University’s religious diversity director supports “re-establishing the Islamic State.”

Rhode Island official wants the American Flag removed from firetrucks. Why? Because it makes them look like ISIS. You can’t make this stuff up.

Liberals lose their collective minds over a new X-MEN billboard depicting a non-human woman being attacked by a non-human man(?) calling it sexist.

Johns Hopkins University decides to include freshman grades in transcripts… and the kids go wild saying it will put too much pressure on them and cause them to have mental problems. Really?

It’s not a protest if it’s violent… it’s a RIOT!

Joe Messina, The Real Side Radio Show, with Xander Gibb
Joe Messina, The Real Side Radio Show, with Xander Gibb

Don’t fall for the ‪‎lie‬ that BIG government liberals‬ care about ‪diversity‬, ‪free speech‬, or freedom of assembly!


Media mogul Xander Gibb talks San Jose Trump “protests,” Black Lives Matter more at Dartmouth, racism, discrimination, Sanders, and Trump.

You stop being a protester the minute you become violent. Then you’re a RIOTER and your point is muted. We don’t have to agree on everything, but I don’t want to beat your face when you don’t agree with me.

Dartmouth approves of ‎BLM‬ profane protest saying “F*** your ‪white privilege‬” is not a personal or racist attack. No action taken against the mob of 150 who disrupted the library and intimidated students studying.

If Bernie Sanders gets in, we’re going to be Venezuela North!

Donald Trump tags Trey Gowdy for Attorney General. BOOM!

Trump: The best presidential choice for Israel and the Jewish people

Donald Trump, Thumbs Up, No tie casual suit, Red hat, Make America Great Again, MAGA
Donald Trump, Thumbs Up, No tie casual suit, Red hat, Make America Great Again, MAGA

As an American who lives in Israel, I realize how much influence the American President has. From Carter all they way down Obama they can be very influential. For example; Former president Jimmy Carter became a Hamas sympathizer and Bill Clinton tried hard to push for a 2-state solution.

George W. Bush and his administration pressured giving up Gaza to the Arabs which brought Hamas closer, and their rockets. Obama also pushed a 2-state solution and pre-1967 borders, which would also bring Hamas closer to Israelis.

As I have watched this very important U.S. primary elections, I paid very close attention to their foreign policy, especially regarding Israel, of course. Yes, Ann Coulter, Israel and the Jewish people again, deal with it. Israel is indeed the tip of the spear with terrorism. So good relations with both countries are vital to combat a mutual enemy. Radical Islam.

When I first heard Donald Trump’s response about being neutral to Israel and Palestinians it raised questions. Then I reminded myself, we are not at war with each other, it’s radical Islam we are at war with. So Donald Trump is absolutely right. After I made my endorsement for his Presidency I looked into more of his stance on Israel and his foreign policy. One thing is for sure, he has no problem in identifying humanity’s enemy as radical Islam.

The more I learn about who we fight in terrorism, the more I learn about the Arab people. Many want peace like many Israelis. Donald Trump is correct.

What also impressed me more, he is learning more about the situation. For example, he is seeing where terrorism starts by brainwashing Arab children to hate Israel and the Jewish people. Not many politicians or presidents recognize this problem, and he specifically stated that this needs to stop. He is against this dangerous Iranian nuke deal that Obama and his administration incompetently created. And Trump plans to get rid of it.

Even though personally I am against any 2-state solution, I do like the fact that he does say the Jewish state has the right to exist. More proof that Trump is right for Israel, his words state, let Israel run itself regarding the 2-state solution.

Donald Trump has donated money to Israeli organizations, has a golf course here, and won many awards including the grand marshal for the Israeli day parade. He has also opened up country clubs for Jewish people in America because so many were denied access for being Jewish.

His own words said he will back Israel.

Photo credit Gage Skidmore

Millennials Dying Their Hair GRAY, WHY!

The trend – which is highly disputed on social media – was recently given a boost in validity by the New York Times, where the publication referred to two big names who recently went gray – Zayne Malik formerly of “One Direction” and Olympic Freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy both rocking gray hair.

Did I start this trend or ?????

Read the rest at: GrayHair

Sex v. Gender & Libertarianism always comes back to pot

Michael Hausam
Michael Hausam

Washington state will begin teaching kids that “assigned sex” and “gender” are 2 different things beginning in kindergarten. Get ready… They can’t even get reading and math right! How are they even remotely qualified to teach THIS?!?


Writer and pundit, Michael Hausam from HausRules talks about Libertarianism. All the good freedoms espoused in the Libertarian Party somehow always boils down to “can we all just smoke pot, please”? When you start stripping off your clothing, you marginalize your effectiveness as a spokesman for the Party.

The recent California college shooting was not a “campus mass shooting” it was a murder-suicide. What could have stopped this? Only a border check for people coming into California. He was a legal gun own from Minnesota. There’s no concealed carry in Los Angeles County. And college campuses are gun-free zones.

People up in arms over the zoo shooting the gorilla to save the 4-year-old boy. What role do the parents play in this?

Hating Jesus? & Pleading the 5th

I’m so shocked! Not really. Hillary Clinton’s tech guy, Pagliano pleads the 5th regarding the email server. He already had immunity, why would he feel the need to plead the 5th? And then Hillary’s former State Department aid has become her attorney and can no longer answer questions due to attorney-client privilege. How convenient.


How can anyone Hate Jesus? Matt Barber’s new Book “Hating Jesus: The American Left’s War on Christianity” might be able to explain it to you! People have this image of ‪#Jesus‬ as a passive hippy. That’s not who He was! He wouldn’t have passively allowed men in the little girls room. He instructed us to protect our families.

Today, our ‪Founding Fathers‬ would be called right-wing, ‪Bible‬-thumping fundamentalists! The Establishment Clause didn’t mean that religious beliefs couldn’t influence government. The Constitution is completely compatible with Christianity because it was founded on Christian principles. Islam is incompatible with our Constitution.

The Democrat Party has ALWAYS been on the wrong side of history. The common enemy with all the factions of the Democrat Party is Jesus. They all ultimately hate Jesus.

That flushing sound is Obamacare!

So just how great has Obamacare been? Has it really made healthcare more affordable or given us access to more doctors and specialist?

One of the latest reports might bring the success of Obamacare into question.

Most Obamacare exchanges, federal and state, offer 4 levels of healthcare with bronze being the cheapest with less coverage, to silver, gold and platinum being the most expensive with the most coverage.

Many Virginia residents with bronze level healthcare plans are finding out that their current coverage will be dropped in 2017. Group Hospitalization and Medical Services, a subsidiary of CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, says that in this year’s open enrollment, 60% signed up for silver plans and only 23% signed up for bronze plans.

Read the rest of  ObamacareFailure at

31% of Americans say Hillary is trustworthy! Really?

According to a new poll, 31 percent of voters think Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 31 percent.

Last show from NewsBusted – BUT not to fear its returning as News Wrap with host Jodi Miller.

So you want to let THESE people decide America’s next president?

Anti-Trump Protesters
Anti-Trump Protesters

If you’re one of those who thinks it’s better to stand on “principle” than vote for Donald Trump, you might want to take a look at the anti-Trump crowd. This is the group you’re abdicating your vote for. And THEY’LL be deciding America’s next president FOR YOU!

Breitbart reports:

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald J. Trump was greeted by several dozen demonstrators outside the Sacramento International Jet Center on Wednesday evening, where he was due to speak. “America Was Never Great!!!” read one sign. Others shouted “Shame on you!” at attendees.

According to Breitbart News’ Michelle Moons, who was on location, the protesters were attempting to intimidate those arriving at the rally. Law enforcement formed a human wall between the demonstrators and the Trump supporters.

Trump fans had a presence, too, including a giant red “Make America Great Again” hat:

Moons captured some of the protest, including communists, Che Guevara fans, and bizarre gadflies:

Nobody will EVER 100% match up with you principles. You better figure out which one comes closest and cast your vote accordingly. Stop making excuses and swallow your pride. Our nation depends on it.

You can check out the rest of the photos from the event, complete with all the various anti-Trumpers at Breitbart.

Hey Bernie, Venezuela feels the burn… any thoughts?

Venezuela, Feeling The Bern, Socialism, Political Cartoon
Venezuela, Feeling The Bern, Socialism, Political Cartoon

The Venezuela Crisis is exactly what Bernie Sanders has in store for The U.S.A.

In case you haven’t heard, the socialist nation of Venezuela is meltdown. There is no more food. People are starving. They’re eating their pets! Toilet paper and other necessities are being rationed and is a rare commodity. Sounds like paradise now doesn’t it? When they talk about “equality” they aren’t joking. The average citizens are all equal. Equally poor. Equally hungry. And equally without life’s basic necessities. But you can be sure that those in political power aren’t doing without anything, otherwise something would change quickly.

Political cartoon by A.F.Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

When you disrespect the National Anthem, this happens…

National Anthem, Virginia Tech Basketball Players Coach, Veterans, Video Still
National Anthem, Virginia Tech Basketball Players Coach, Veterans, Video Still

During the National Anthem, Coach Buzz Williams noticed that some of his players weren’t being respectful to the tradition. They were goofing off.

Instead of getting angry and yelling at his players, Coach lines them up and puts them face to face with a group of war veterans.

Read the full article at AWM.