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The Importance of a Patriotic Heart

I have not blogged in awhile because all of a sudden life speeds up and you find yourself in the middle of the month and wonder where all the time went!  I recently started my own editing business and you realize that dealing with clients can sometimes be like handling politicians.  They have high demands but low standards or this uncanny desire to not spend a lot of money. You negotiate with clients like politicians negotiate.  However, there is one thing we should not negotiate on, and that is being a patriot and showing patriotism.

Sadly, I was out at a parade for Fourth of July and at a baseball game for a local L.A. team and I did not see many acts of patriotism at these events.  A patriotic heart helps things get done in America.  You think the farmer who stood up to having his cattle removed was not a patriot? You think those who stood at the border into CA and refused to allow buses of illegal immigrants to cross did not have a patriotic heart?  Do you think your helping your community politically is not an act of patriotism? And how bout the plain old “placing your hand over your heart” during the Pledge, our National Anthem, and every time our flag passes.

When I was at the parade, no one but me and my dad along the route where we were standing stood and put their hand over their heart when the flag passed by.  Now I will give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe they did not know what my dad taught me because he was in the military.  They were all patriotic when the veteran float passed by, hooting and clapping and standing for them.  That was admirable.

At the baseball game, when the person was singing the National Anthem, some people took their hats off, everyone stood, but only about half were actually paying attention and not talking or fiddling with their phones.  A scarce number had their hands over their hearts. Do you not think we should show respect for our country rather than complaining about it? The least we could do is show them respect by respecting the flag and the anthem.  According to the Flag Code, the Pledge “should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. When not in uniform, men take their hats off and can salute the flag.”  See Flag Code Here

So let us think about giving an extra minute toward showing patriotic respect.  We will be glad we did.

Photo Courtesy of Lily in Canada

They’re Coming to America… Alone

Illegal immigrant children at Brownsville border station
Illegal immigrant children at Brownsville border station

The news has been dominated for several weeks now with coverage of our rapidly deteriorating border security and the influx of illegal immigrant, children, in particular, traveling alone and coming into our country.

One can’t help but be heartbroken at the images of these children, crowded into government facilities with an uncertain fate ahead of them.

Their faces tug at our heartstrings as we can only imagine the hardships they’ve endured and the dangers they survived just to get here and escape the violence and devastating poverty of their home countries.

I can’t help but think of their parents and the desperation that they must have felt as they packed their children’s things and sent them across unsafe borders alone.

I sent my own 10-year-old daughter on a plane recently, unaccompanied, for her to attend a camp out of state.

It was a fairly tense two hours. Even though I knew that security was fantastic and that it was almost certain that she would arrive safely into the loving arms of her grandfather as soon as her plane landed, I was terrified that if anything went wrong I would be completely unable to protect her.

My anxiousness seems trivial when I think of what the parents of these children must go through as they send their children across our unsecured border, rampant with drug smugglers and violent criminals, in the hopes that their children might be able to stay in our country.

I feel a twinge of sadness because I haven’t heard from my child in days, but I take comfort in knowing that it’s all okay. She is happy and having the time of her life.

Many of these parents haven’t heard from their children in weeks and have no idea where they are, whether they are safe, if their needs are being taken care of, or even if they are alive.

The kind of despair it would take to let one’s child go in those circumstances is simply incomprehensible to those of us who live within the relative safety of our borders.

It’s truly a tragedy that these kids have had to endure so much in their short lives. Now they are being packed into over-crowded temporary holding facilities until they can be sent to extended family inside the U.S. or returned to their parents in their home country.

Of course, if our government had a remotely sensible and comprehensible immigration policy, they and their parents never would have been separated to begin with. They would either fight to take back their country from the violent men who’ve taken it over, or apply to legally immigrate here as millions of other legal immigrants, including a few of my friends and neighbors, have done.

Unfortunately, when they are offered a third option with illegal immigration and the potential for a second sweeping amnesty like the one granted in the 1980s, the temptation to risk it all for the chance to gain entry to the United States becomes greater than many can resist.

There is little doubt that we need immigration reform in this country. The argument is how to go about it.

It must be compassionate but it must also contain common sense and it must begin with shutting off the flow of illegal border crossings.

No more promises of securing the border on Tuesday in exchange for amnesty today. There are millions of people who are waiting in line to come to our country, beginning that process by asking our permission and respecting the rule of law.

They must take priority over those who have not done the same.

Our government also needs to streamline the process for legally immigrating here. It seems to me that a person should not have to wait five to 10 years to get permission to come to our country legally.

When the process is that lengthy, it’s not a wonder why people cut the line. They deserve a timely answer: Yes or no and that “no” needs to be enforced with a secure border. Someone once said that the true test of a country’s greatness is to determine the number of people who want out versus the number who want in. If that’s a good measure, then America truly is the greatest nation in the world.

May that remain true for my children and their children’s children. God bless America.

Photo credit via Breitbart

Our Perfect President!

President Obama is our perfect president. He makes no mistakes and no bad decisions. Just ask him. He will tell you! Bad decisions are due either to “misspeaks” or to the GOP.

This president has no business making decisions. His leadership skills are nonexistent. And before you go there (though many of you will anyway,) it has nothing to do with his skin color, where he was or was not born, his sexual preference or non-preference, his love for Muslims, illegal aliens, his evolutions on same sex relationships or any number of other things. It has everything to do with his lack of leadership skills.

I didn’t start off with the distain I have for our Commandless Chief. Much to the chagrin of some of my Republican buddies, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and give him a chance to succeed or fail.

The first sign of a good leader is that he takes responsibility for everything, good, bad or mediocre. President Obama takes responsibility for all things he thinks are good. For everything else that fails, it’s someone else’s fault. The IRS corruption… 2 rouge agents in Ohio were at fault. Benghazi debacle… Secretary of State’s fault, maybe. Illegal invasion… it’s the GOP’s fault.

He can never articulate what his plan is on the front end or what it was on the back end. Leaders are quick, decisive, and know what they want or need to do and they know the best people to assign to carry it out. This president has no clue.

Among his shining accomplishments:

Releasing 5 major terrorist players in exchange for a soldier (traitor). He doesn’t care for our armed forces. And never being in the military, he doesn’t understand that even the rank-and-file see this exchange as a very bad move. Once again, he’s made America a less safe place. The newly released terrorists will be plotting against us as soon as they are done raping and killing a few of their own.

The VA scandal. He has shown an outstanding lack of leadership in the VA situation. Incredibly, he has known about this for years, yes, years! It was an issue for presidents before him but really started coming to a head under his watch. Apparently it wasn’t reported early enough in the media, so he knew nothing about it until he heard it with us on the news. Bull puckies. The VA shortcomings have been on the Inspector General Audits since 2005, every year! Is he not reading these things? Still, he takes no responsibility for the current problem.

The NSA, Obamacare, IRS, the economy, green energy investments, border security, and the Middle East. He says he knew nothing about who the NSA was spying on even though he gets a daily briefing. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor and if you like your plan, you can keep that too. There is no scandal with the IRS. The private sector is doing fine now. Green energy companies are doing well, that’s why we are supporting (loaning) money to them. The borders are more secure than they’ve been under any other administration. I am going to repair our relationships with countries in the Middle East. Have you gagged yet?

Every one of these issues could have been handled, made better, or corrected if the CEO of the country would have gotten involved and assigned the right people to it.

This administration goes after CEO’s of companies where employees have made mistakes and where employees have withheld information that hurt the company. They want those CEO’s, and other executive board members, fired, jailed, fined, and more. If there are no major issues, they want them to take salary cuts or smaller bonuses and give more money to the workers.

Well, shouldn’t the president, the CEO of the country, take the blame and responsibility for what his people do? Shouldn’t he be stopping bonuses and firing people rather than “asking” for resignations?

He has such a great handle on foreign affairs that he wants Israel to give up much of its territories (borders) in the name of peace. He wants the Ukraine to work out a peaceful deal with Russia. His policies have caused issues all over the Middle East. No longer can the USA be counted on to be a true ally and protector. He wants to respect the rights of illegals busting our border as human beings, but he won’t hold those same illegals to the laws of the country he swore to protect.

In all cases, it’s the previous administration’s fault, it’s the current congress’ fault (never mentions the Senate), it’s a rogue employee, it’s the big bad corporation, or it’s Big Foot. He never says, “I made a wrong call or a bad decision.”

We are stuck with a leaderless chief. We are stuck with a president who has absolutely no leadership abilities whatsoever. Can he make some people feel good? Yes. But it’s as short-lived as time spent with a cheap hooker (so I’ve heard).

In the professional world, people who claim to “know everything” in their respective professions are generally considered fools by their colleagues. A true professional, and one you can trust, in any industry is one who understands they can’t know everything, but they do know how to pull the people and resources together to get the job done.

If you think you’re flawless and perfect… well, there’s your flaw, you can take it from there.

No Proselytizing! Public Schools are Supposed to be Neutral

Oregon residents attempted to deny a network of religious (Christian) clubs from expanding to schools in their area. Naturally, they invoke that “separation of church and state” clause which exists nowhere in our U.S. Constitution.

But what’s the problem anyway? It’s a CLUB, not a curriculum. It isn’t school-sponsored. It’s happening after school hours on the school campus (like every other extra-curricular club).

One of the protest organizers said:

they find Christian Bible “doctrines are harmful to 5-year-old children.. They teach shame.”

I hate to break it to you, but not all shame is bad. Someone should be ashamed for lying, stealing, cheating, and murdering. The Bible also teaches you to love and respect both yourself and others. What about those teachings?

The protester went on to say:

It just seems wrong that they are using public schools for proselytizing.”

Once again, I hate to break to him, but proselytizing isn’t just for Christians and religious folks. It also applies to political doctrine. And if you think political doctrine isn’t being pushed in schools, on campus, and in the curriculum (especially here in California), think again!

And then he said:

 “Public schools are required to be scrupulously neutral.”

Public schools ARE neutral. They don’t advocate religion of any sort. They do, however, make accommodations for religious needs, including time off for religious observances and even setting aside places for Muslim children to pray during the day.

But he’s not referring to the institution of public schools. Now he’s expanding the terminology to include the public school building and campus, which was never the intent.

Pay attention folks. This is how they shift the narrative. One little adjustment here and there. In this instance, not even changing the words, just slight adjustment in the meaning. Most people won’t pick up on it. This is how our rights continue to erode. The only way to stop it is to speak up and speak out. Hold your ground.

And guess what? The Supreme Court ruled that these clubs have a right to be on public school campuses. Religious freedom? Nope. Free speech!

You can read more about it here and here.

Photo credit AllStars Youth


Advocating abstinence doesn’t help meet abortion quotas

Abortion On Demand Sign, Planned Parenthood
Abortion On Demand Sign, Planned Parenthood

Abortion quotas. Yes, they exist at Planned Parenthood. Otherwise there wouldn’t be an award for exceeding an abortion quota. Yes, you heard correctly. Planned Parenthood facilities are recognized with awards for exceeding their abortion quotas… because that’s a good thing!

Now you have to ask yourself…In such an altruistic and benevolent organization who’s purpose is to provide health options to women (and men) for “family planning”, why is there an abortion goal? Shouldn’t the goal have something to do with their purpose? Like actually accomplishing the “family plan” that they helped someone with?

And if there’s an abortion quota to be met, there must be some benefit for meeting that goal. What could THAT possibly be? Could it be money? Say it isn’t so.

And if the goal is to perform a certain number of abortions, doesn’t it behoove the organization to encourage rampant sex encounters beginning as early as possible? Don’t kid yourselves people. This organization has “instructional materials” beginning with kindergartners and their curriculum is in school districts nationwide. Might wanna check your local district to see who’s materials they’re using for sex-ed!

Abortions are big business folks. And you don’t make money at abortion by advocating for abstinence. Think about it!

You can read more about this story here and see a copy of the “award”, yes, it’s real.

Photo credit Dave Bledsoe

Companies Requiring English-speaking Employees Targeted by EEOC

Shocking but true. Our own U.S. government is suing an American company for making English a requirement for employment.

So let me get this straight… if a U.S. company requires it’s employees to understand and speak English fluently as a job skill they risk being sued by their own government for discrimination? Forget the fact that communication is critical for safety reasons. Can you imagine the lawsuit when the manager yells out a warning (in English, because he doesn’t speak Cantonese!) but the person on the warehouse floor doesn’t understand it and gets his arm ripped off by a piece of equipment he shouldn’t have touched (who’s instructions and warnings are also written in English)?

If the company cannot require it’s employees to speak English as a required skillset, are they going to have to require their supervisors and managers fluently speak any number of languages that employees may speak in order to properly function in their capacities? And isn’t that also discrimination… against English-only speaking persons? The same infraction they are citing can also be used against the EEOC’s own ruling.

Does anyone else see the ridiculousness in this logic? Requiring an employee to be able to communicate with various levels of other employees is not discrimination. It’s common sense. The EEOC needs to butt out of private company practices unless there is really discrimination going on. Saying that language is not a skillset just shows how out-of-touch our government entities are with reality.

You can read more about it here and here.

Photo credit Irina Slutsky

Matt Wash: “Cisgender” and Progressive Circular Logic

Gender Neutral Male Female
Gender Neutral Male Female

I think adult conversations require actual language. “Cisgender” is not a real word. As far as I can tell, it was just invented by some guy on the internet back in 1995. I know all words have to start somewhere, but when they’re born in a chatroom because a transsexual activist wanted to come up with a label that would normalize his behavior, I can’t help but balk.

‘Cisgender’ is a term regurgitated by pretentious snobs to describe a person who ‘identifies with the gender assigned to them at birth.’ In other words, a ‘cismale’ is just a male. He’s a man who is a man. We already have a word for him: man. But progressives are incapable of winning an argument without manipulating language, so now we have this other word for him.

A cis is a person who is who they are. Make sense?

Of course not.

Also, Kira, how dare you call me a man in the first place? The funny thing about ‘cisgender’ is that you automatically contradict yourself the moment you use it to describe anyone. If gender is fluid, and if, in this progressive utopia, ‘male’ and ‘female’ are but select options on a three-dimensional spectrum which allows all of us to be male, female, neither, both, or some mixture, then you cannot ever confidently identify another human being by their gender. I never told you that I identify by the gender assigned to me at birth, so, by your own convictions, only a reactionary Neanderthal would be so primitive as to hoist that identity upon me.

And even if I did tell you, at one point, that I identify as male and that I was born a male, how do you know that I haven’t since expanded my understanding of my own gender expression (or whatever)?

That’s the thing about you progressive ‘gender is non-binary’ types, you don’t even have the guts to live by your own rules.

Click here to read the full article at

Photo credit Samir Luther


Editors Note: This excerpt is from courtesy Matt Walsh via Liberty Alliance

Matt Walsh is a blogger, writer, and professional sayer of truths.

Matt Wash: Check my privilege? Check your arrogance.

The ‘white male privilege’ shtick wasn’t invented to foster a dialogue, it was invented to suppress it. You tell someone to ‘check their privilege’ because you want to discount everything they just said. It’s a Get Out of Thinking card. It allows you to push wide swaths of people into a nice little box labeled ‘privileged’ and summarily disqualify every thought and idea they bring to the table.

This is what I hate about progressivism. It’s such a dry, gray, joyless thing. It leaves no room for anyone to have an actual identity of their own. It doesn’t illuminate. It doesn’t enlighten. It doesn’t encourage open expression. It simply turns the lights off and tells everyone to shut up and play along.

Kira, life is much deeper than your college professors told you. People are vastly more complicated than you give them credit for. It’s absolutely laughable, in a pathetic sort of way, that you think you can write someone’s autobiography just because you’ve observed their skin color and their gender. Check my privilege? Check your arrogance, ma’am. Check your prejudice. Check your assumptions. Check your ignorance. Check your intellectual cowardice. Check your complete inability to prove that I have ‘privileges,’ because you know nothing about me or my life story.

Click here to read the full article at


Editors Note: This excerpt is from courtesy Matt Walsh via Liberty Alliance

Matt Walsh is a blogger, writer, and professional sayer of truths.

No, La Raza, Texas does not belong to Mexico

With all the hubbub going on in Murrieta, CA and other dumping ground cities for the thousands of illegal immigrants flooding our border daily, and La Raza once again claiming that the land belongs to Mexico anyway, I think it’s time for a little Bill Whittle reality check. Watch as he breaks down who Texas really belongs to… the video was done several years ago, but the facts haven’t changed. It starts at around the 5:40 mark and runs for approximately 2 minutes. Or you can watch the whole video below. Enjoy!

Bill Whittle: Who Texas Really Belongs to, in answer to La Raza claims

Thanks to Bill Whittle for breaking it down so succinctly.

Photo credit Del Scorcho

News Outlets Bend to Pressure, Drop the Word “Illegal” from Immigrant

I read this story “Is the I-Word the New N-Word?” and it sounds so ridiculous that I mentally, I just want to dismiss it, because, I mean really… who’s going to take this seriously??

Well… the Associated Press, USA Today, and the Los Angeles Times, to name just 3 who have already succumbed to the pressure. Yes, these news outlets have already agreed to stop using the term “illegal” in reference to immigrants.

Sally Kohn and others want to stop using the term “illegal immigrant” because they say it is derogatory and dehumanizing. I hate to break it to you Sally, but committing a crime is derogatory and dehumanizing. If they don’t want these negative words associated with them, they shouldn’t be committing a crime.

What’s next? Will we ban the word “criminal”, “felon”, “thief”, “parolee”? These are negative words for law-abiding citizens, but for those who’ve broken the law, they are just simply the truth. Deal with it!

And for those of you who want illegal immigrants termed “illegal” rather than “undocumented”, you need to make some noise and let those news outlets know you want the truth (not sugar-coated, left-leaning, political correctness). The New York Times and the Washington Post are there next targets. Email them or give them a call.

You can read more about this story here.

Photo credit Global X

Constitutional Scholar Takes Matters into His Own Hands… Is that Constitutional?

Why is President Obama, the Constitutional scholar, going to take immigration matters into his own hands and act on his own after just getting smacked down by SCOTUS (that’s the U.S. Supreme Court) for doing exactly that? Because he doesn’t care! It takes SO long for things to be heard by SCOTUS and even longer to receive a DECISION, he knows that by the time that happens, he’ll be long gone and the damage will be done. It’ll take more than an act of Congress to reverse the effects of whatever Executive Order he’s planning on signing or whatever law he’s planning on ignoring, AGAIN.

If he really cared about fixing immigration and the Republican Congress really is the roadblock, why didn’t he do it when Democrats had full control of all 3 branches of government? He had 2 years. Guess it wasn’t a priority then. And if he had passed reforms and they didn’t work, who would he have blamed?

In the meantime… the invasion intensifies. Batten the hatches.

You can watch President Obama in his own words here and read more about it here and more recently here.


Hillary’s Book Soon To Appear in a Bargain Bin At a Bookstore Near You

Hillary Clinton, known affectionately to Michelle Obama as “Hildebeest”, has written a book entitled “Hard Choices”.  Mrs. Clinton and her adoring minions fully expected this tome to sell like hotcakes; unfortunately for her and them, it’s a MacMuffin world.  Sales have been tepid, no doubt due to the fact that HC’s accomplishments are few, in spite of her being a former senator and secretary of state.  Her main claim to fame is that she married a conscience-less womanizer who got elected governor and then president.  She self-righteously stood by his salacious side in order to advance her political aspirations, and in doing so, attacked a number of her husband’s victims and ruined the lives of several of them.

That her self-serving book has tanked may be viewed as just desserts,  but definitely not hotcakes.

Read more about Hillary’s failure to hawk her wares to a wary nation

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey

A Unified Party? For what – the same bogus line that Scott Brown fed Massachusetts voters?


The Scott Brown campaign released a video today talking about ‘Unity’ of the Party and how he’ll be an ‘Independent Voice’ for New Hampshire.  Really?  Like he was an Independent voice in Massachusetts when he voted with Obama and Democrats (and AGAINST his constituents) more often than not?  Like when he voted for Dodd-Frank, crafted by far left wing lunatic Lizzie Warren who doesn’t know the first thing about the financial industry, and is probably the worst piece of legislation to hit the banking and finance industry in years.  Dodd-Frank actually hurts”We, The People” more than anyone.

Are you going to believe Brown is an ‘Independent Voice’ when he voted for gun control in Massachusetts that hurt law-abiding citizens?  How about his knee-jerk emotional reaction to the Sandy Hook tragedy when he said ‘assault rifles’ (no such thing) should be banned on the federal level?  That’s not an ‘Independent Voice’, that is a voice of NO reason.

And what about Mitt Romney?  Should people unify around a party that pushed a man to run for office after the Romneycare debacle?  Romney put ‘universal healthcare’ into place in a state that already has 96% of its population COVERED under health insurance.  It caused the already highest premiums in the country to further rise.  It caused people who never had deductibles to all-of-the-sudden have deductibles.  All why providing subsidized insurance for others.   Recently Romney also said he believed in raising the minimum wage.  Really?  Teen unemployment is at a record high of 20%.  Raising the minimum wage would only increase this number.  Not to mention it kills jobs and hurts young black men the most.

Unity my a$$.  I’m not even a Republican but I find this unity mantra to be bogus.  Brown was thrust upon Republicans in New Hampshire because the RNC thought he’d be the best bet against Shaheen.  What does that tell you?  It should tell you that no one bothered to work on priming someone to run FROM New Hampshire the day after Shaheen was elected almost 6 years ago.

As a former Massachusetts resident who worked tirelessly on Brown’s campaign in 2010, I will tell you that he was the biggest disappointment.  More often than not I had to defend him because I got many people to support him and contribute to his campaign.  For what?  For him to vote for craptastic bills that hurt the country like Dodd-Frank (that was his sinking ship IMO).   His anti-2nd Amendment stance only sealed it.

‘Unity’ and tolerating candidates like Scott Brown and Mitt Romney is what has continued to allow the Republican Party to move left.  Rather than fighting for the principles of smaller government; lower taxes and more freedom, the Republican Party has become whipping boys the the far, far left wing Democrats.  It’s time the Republican Party stand up for the principles their party was originally based on!  Stop caving to the far left and SHOW America why you are right for the country.  GIVE Americans real change they can believe in rather than craptastic candidates who aren’t principled and who don’t stand up to the Left and don’t stand up to the ‘Establishment’ who wants to see the ‘status quo’ power trip remain.  FIGHT for the vision that America once was and is slowing deteriorating.

In other words, unify AGAINST the very same people who are aiding and abetting the far left wing Democrat Party.  That’s ‘Unity’ I can believe in.  And Republicans should believe the same.

by KIMBERLY MORIN as originally posted on Granite Grok

SCOTUS Slaps Obama 9-0… No Recess for You

In a rare moment of solidarity… the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 9-0. On what, you ask? They ruled against President Obama’s “recess” appointments. Sorry prez, it wasn’t really recess. Now what?


Cartoon credit to AF Branco at Comically Incorrect.

You can read more about the SCOTUS ruling here.


Hillary Says It’s Her Turn and She Deserves It

Recently Hillary Clinton was asked by an interviewer:

‘Ms. Clinton, some have suggested that you aren’t healthy enough or are too old to pursue the presidency. Do you have a comment on that?’

Her response?

‘It’s my turn. I’ve done my time, and I deserve it.’

Uh… since when are we “taking turns” at the presidency? And, oh by the way, the only one who “deserves” it is the candidate chosen by the American people through a secret ballot process we affectionately call “voting.”

Looks like someone needs to pick up a copy of the U.S. Constitution at her next book signing. They do still carry them at bookstores, don’t they?

Read the full story here.

Photo credit Marc Nozell

Happy Birthday America?

You know that awkward moment when you go to your wife’s, aunt Mabel’s, second cousin’s 96th birthday party? She is in a wheelchair, doesn’t really know who is in the room with her, and has to be fed and cleaned by others. Everyone remembers when she was a vibrant, smart, and loving person, not always nice, but always fair. She helped whenever she could. You don’t know whether to wish her “Happy Birthday with many more to come” or “God’s speed” to be in the presence of the Almighty, pain-free and without earthly shackles.

I felt that way this past week. How was I going to wish America a Happy Birthday when I wasn’t really sure if the America we all know and love would exist as that “shining city on the hill” next year or in years to come?

America’s birthday (4th of July), according to John Quincy Adams, and Christmas (birth of Christ) were intrinsically connected. He went on to imply that on the 4th the Founders simply took the precepts of Christ and incorporated those principles into civil government.

The Founders understood that for America to survive it had to have a solid code by which it functioned and existed. It had to have a moral compass and guide. But who’s? And what kind?

The French? No, that was a monarchy and tyranny. The Spanish? More of the same. The Brits? That’s what they were running away from. The Germans? Who?

They wanted freedom for man. None of these provided that. The ultimate power was in a King, a man. That’s not what they wanted. They wanted freedom for the citizenry to choose their leaders, their way of life, their religion, to start or not start a business, to celebrate or not celebrate Christmas or any other holiday! Complete freedom!

The America my grandparents came to live in, the one my mom came to live in, the one I saw those many immigrants that came to the Italian North End of Boston to work and start their own business in is no longer here. Now for clarity, many of the immigrants I have spoken with over the last year say America is still much better than where they came from, but that even they have seen freedoms erode since arriving.

We no longer have 3 branches of government. We have one. The chief and grand supreme dictator, Barrack Obama. His pen and his phone will do all the work. His “Capos” will carry out his commands and he will run America the way he sees fit. It won’t matter what his experts say. It won’t matter what history has seen. It won’t even matter if the facts and figures show him to be wrong. He will continue do it his way.

Great presidents before him understood how the Constitution worked and usually reached out to all parties. Reagan and Tip O’Neil worked together, Clinton and Gingrich did too, and they got things done. It was not uncommon for those presidents to call the speaker of the house and others over to discuss working through these issues with both sides giving and taking to come up with a solution.

Not this guy! He knows all and sees all. He is a savior to all he can con. He takes no advice from anyone (well, maybe Valerie Jarret, maybe.) He has made America the most untrusted country on the face of the planet. Trust has nothing to do with right or wrong, it has to do with being counted on to operate a certain way every time. Right now, our allies can trust that we will talk a big game and leave them high and dry every time.

Mr. Obama, it’s the United States Constitution, not the United States Constitutional Suggestions! It takes the people, not your pen, phone and henchmen to change it.

People if Obama was president during WWII we would all be speaking German. Really! When he figures out how to side step the Supreme Court we will be in an even worse world of hurt!

Happy Birthday America? Only if that means we go back to a free market not one propped up by over $80 billion a month infused by the Fed. Happy Birthday America? Only if that means we back off the EPA, IRS, NSA to name a few! Happy Birthday America? Only if that means we go back to a 3 branch government.

Happy Birthday America? I hope so! Only God knows.

How do kids make money these days? Rob the Waffle House.

A teenager, Dante Williams, was shot and killed attempting to rob a Waffle House. Unfortunately for him (but fortunate for everyone else in the restaurant), one of the patrons was prepared to defend himself (and others) with a concealed carry weapon.

What’s happening to our youth when robbing a store is the best solution to “earn” money? Remember when kids would knock on neighbors’ doors and ask if there were any jobs around the house that they could do to earn money? You know, mow a lawn, rakes leaves, paint a fence, wash windows? What are we teaching our kids? Obviously this kid had initiative. It takes initiative to walk in take something that isn’t yours. It cost him his life, and his friend will be spending a good portion of his in prison. Was it worth it?

And then there’s the young man’s family. They’re calling for stricter gun control laws. Not because Williams had acquired a gun to commit a crime, but because he was shot and killed by someone lawfully defending himself and others! He was a good kid, they said. He’d never done anything like that before, they said. Riiiiggghhhhtttt! That they knew of, I’m sure. But who’s to say it wasn’t a habit for him and he just hadn’t been caught, yet?

Yes, it’s sad that Williams died. It’s also sad that he thought crime was the best way to make a living. It’s sad that he made that choice. And it’s sad that the family is dealing with loss and grief. But Williams made a choice, and with all choices, there are consequences. Some of them are deadly.

Watching the surveillance video, one family member said that the Justin Harrison (the patron with the concealed carry) was not in imminent danger because Williams wasn’t going to hurt anyone. He was just trying to leave the store. I’m sorry, I saw the video. He was brandishing that gun very authoritatively. He was walking toward Harrison with it pointed at him. That’s a “life-threatening” situation. You can’t dodge a bullet. Harrison knew that and wasn’t about to become a victim. He used his concealed carry in exactly the manner it was intended. And now he has to come to terms with someone dying at his hand. I don’t care who you are, whether the killing was justified or not, it’s not an easy thing.

Williams’ family insists that he didn’t have to die. I agree. He also didn’t have to rob the Waffle House. He chose that path. If you don’t want to get shot, don’t commit a crime. Go find some honest work.

You can watch the surveillance video for yourself here.

Happy 4th of You-Lie!

This 4th of July, while you sitting around soaking up the sun, camping, enjoying the water, barbecuing, or just taking in the fireworks don’t forget… we still have a country, the greatest country in the world… and we need to fight for it’s continued independence. We cannot remain an independent nation if a majority of it’s citizens are dependent ON the nation.

Our forefathers founded this nation to escape a single ruler with too much power. They spread the power with 3 branches of government. If one branch (that the president) is usurping too much power without adhering to the LAW defined in our Constitution, we have to stand against it and fight back. Otherwise, we are willingly accepting a new monarchy.

The way you fight back is with your VOTE! Spread the word while you’re on the barby today. Don’t keep accepting President Obama’s lies and power grabs.


Cartoon courtesy of AF Branco at Comically Incorrect.

Do you bleed Red, White, & Blue?

I do. Click the flag below or here to take the quiz. It only takes a few minutes and does not require a login or info.

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Happy 4th of July!


We need to reinstate the “sticks and stones” rule

We need to reinstate the “sticks and stones” rule. We are out of control with political correctness. Now that the word “cougar” has a sexual connotation (a fairly recent development) and could be potentially offensive to SOME middle-aged women, we have to rename sports teams with that mascot? This is a SLANG usage for the word “cougar.”

If you ask me, actual COUGARS are the ones who should be offended being compared to loose, predatory, middle-aged women.

Grow up people, and stop looking for words to be offended by.

You can read the full story here.

Photo Credit Kool Cats Photo