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America Under NEW Ownership – We the People!

America Under NEW Ownership – We the People!

In my professional career some of the companies I worked for would be purchased by new owners or eaten up by a larger company. Many times they would fire middle management and lay down a whole new set of rules. WHY? We were doing fine! That’s why you bought the company, right? To make money. Because they were doing fine right? WRONG!

Often times a company sells because they see the writing on the wall. Current management has taken the company as far as they can or they need an infusion of cash or skills that they don’t currently have. We’ve have seen many companies go away because they couldn’t make the changes.

For years I questioned why they would fire middle management the people that made the company successful, The real sergeants that kept the soldiers and process moving.

Shortly after owning my own company and buying another the light went on! I couldn’t get those middle managers to change their way of thinking. I could hear them grumbling: “This is how we always did it” and “They come in here thinking they know it all” and let’s not forget “I wish they had never sold to these guys, they are going to kill this company.” Many of those who had power and tenure under the old company now had none. They had to change or go!

Enter Mr. Trump and the Swamp!

Its been a year. Markets are up. Unemployment down. Wages on the rise. Black and Hispanic unemployment rates are at all-time lows. First time in decades we have back to back 3+% GDP. Is everything perfect. NO! But things are getting much better.

Guess who is getting nervous? The OLD Democrat guard! (Some of the Old Republican guard are having issues also.) Nancy Pelosi came out and said the tax plan only helped the wealthy and that the $1000 bonuses were mere “crumbs” to workers. Well, Nancy is off her meds!

The tax plan hurts her and she can’t stand it. Nancy is in the top 1% of the 1% and in the mess known as California, her home state, she can’t take her very LARGE tax deduction anymore. Yes, it may be “crumbs” to her, $1000 is cookie jar money for her, but not to those people working her families tuna canning plants overseas, the ones who barely make enough to live on. She is wealthy and says she cares for the poor. Ask her to give each one of her employees $1000 bonus and watch her reaction… Hypocrite Nancy!

When exactly does that financial Armageddon hit? Is it after people get their $1000 bonus and spend it at stores to help create more jobs and more tax revenue? Or maybe when the average family will see anywhere from $1200 to $2100 in tax savings and once again go spend money locally?

Hey Chuck Schumer! Who receives more money from the financial services industry than any other elected? I’ll wait! That’s right. CHUCKIE does! Of all the money Wall Street gives to sitting Senators, Chuckie Schumer gets almost 15% it. But he’s such a man of integrity that I’m sure it doesn’t sway his decisions.

In case you have swallowed lie the Dems try to feed us about the rich Wall Street barons giving money to their Republican friends, again I say WROING! Democrats receive nearly 70% of moneys “donated.”

Let’s get back to cleansing the Swamp. Even with all the fear-mongering and doom and gloom discussion coming from the Left, the American people are seeing the hypocrisy!

The Black community is seeing it and is tired of it. Trump and the Party have garnered support from another 7% of the black community. And 4% of Black women have now re-registered as Republican.

Republicans have finally figured out how to play the “drip” game. Keep the drip drip drip of information going out. They will hear it, check it out, and see it works

Remember Uncle Joe Biden saying, “They will put you all back in chains.” But it’s the Democrats who have kept the Black community in chains with government handouts convincing them to believe they can’t survive without Democrat support.

President Trump exposed that lie saying, you’ve been voting for them for 60 years and look what it got you. Try me. And they did. And what did it do for them? Black home ownership UP. Black unemployment DOWN. Teen Black unemployment DOWN. First National Park named after an African-American hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. done by a so-called “racist” white President. And it didn’t stop there. Hispanic unemployment (for legal residents) down. I guess he doesn’t understand racism.

If I were a Democrat official I would be very afraid. I keep hearing that the Dems are coming to get me and people like me. Guess what? Americans are coming to get YOU and people like you!

Americans are tired of being told that Republicans hate blacks, kids, clean air, clean water, women and more, while watching Democrats do all the things they claim Republicans do.

Democrats keep saying Trump and his supporters are racists and haters. Almost 60% of eligible voters came out in 2016. Almost 63 million racist haters voted for Trump.

Think about that… Democrat leadership actually keeps calling over 63 million Americans, Democrats and Republicans, Black, White, Latino, Asian, women, men, gay, lesbian, transgender, those of Irish, Italian, German, Haitian, Spanish, Greek descent (among others) racist haters. Over 30 states went Republican. More racist Haters?

Trump is now getting MORE support from Hispanics, Blacks and other minorities. Is he adding to his racist hate club?

The real colluders, the real cheaters are those in the DNC and those who run the Democrat Party! Those of you who love Hillary ought to be furious and ashamed. Furious that your Party hijacked the democracy they say they are for. And ashamed that you belong to a Party willing to lie and cheat and cover up to get what they want and NOT what their rank and file want!

Trump took the primary and presidency without cheating, without the RNC rigging it for him, without help from the FBI or DOJ using a phony dossier to get FISA warrants to get to Hillary. Without FBI agents texting that they needed to do something to keep Hillary from getting in the White House. Without President Obama politicizing the FBI and DOJ to cover up massive collusion between them and the Trump campaign to beat Hillary.

Oh wait! That’s right. It was the DNC who did all those things against Trump! Trump won because the people spoke. One year later, the people who didn’t vote for him want him out. Lawless, hateful people want him out. People who have no respect for the rule of law and the Constitution want him out.

Spoiled brats who put up with all the lawlessness of the last “regime” and covered up for them can’t stand that real power has been returned to REAL people… Real Americans.

The power, NOW, for the first time in years, belongs to the People. Not the few elite. But to the American people!

Chris Matthews thinks Obama is still President?

While discussing former President Obama’s plans to hit the campaign trail for Democrats during the 2018 election cycle on Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews stated that to some people, Obama is “still the president.”

Matthews said, “Let me ask you about the president — President Obama, to some people still the president. I was watching the David Letterman — that interview, and a lot of people [were saying,] ‘Oh, he’s still the president.’ How does he get into this fight without getting his face dirtied by Trump, who loves to turn opponents into dirt?”

See the Video at: StillPrez

Deep State being Unraveled?

This whole Russia collusion thing that’s been pinging President Donald Trump since before he even physically took over the White House is crumbling as we speak.

Cooler heads already knew the collusion smoke being fanned by the “impeach Trump” crowd has been little more than, well, smoke. But now even the hotheads of the political world have to be catching on, facing uncomfortable facts.

Thursday on “Hannity” on Fox News, a Republican lawmaker, Rep. Matt Gaetz, appearing with Rep. Jim Jordan, offered up this shocking appraisal of the Robert Mueller-run investigation into Team Trump: No doubt, people are headed to jail.

“[This is] a lie built on corruption,” Gaetz said, in reference to the special counsel query from Mueller, Breitbart noted. “Think that that this will not end just with firings. I believe there are people who will go to jail.”

Why so?

Members of the intelligence community, backed by Democrats, have been stonewalling a Republican-led request to view a specific memo regarding the FBI, the Department of Justice and Trump — a memo Gaetz, who sits on the Intelligence Committee, said he’s seen but wanted immediately released to the American public.

“What are Democrats afraid of? They don’t they want the American people to know the truth about what was going on with the government, how that impacted the president, his transition, his campaign and it just seems interesting to me that Democrats don’t want us to know what the entire basis was in the first place for the Mueller probe,” Gaetzsaid.

Good question, good points.

He’s not the only one asking.

Rep. Ron DeSantis said Friday he’d like the memo released, as well.

“Let’s get that out there so the American people can see how this whole collusion thing was going on during the campaign,” he said, on Fox News.

Jordan, meanwhile, has been a steady voice of criticism in the Russia collusion allegations for weeks now, but just furthered his concerns about anti-Trump intel shenanigans with a blunt piece penned for Newsmax that was aptly titled, “Rep. Jim Jordan: My Top 18 Questions on FBI, DOJ Corruption.”

read the rest at: Unreaveling

Nurses and Doctors can NOW refuse to perform abortions!

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration announced on Thursday that it was expanding religious freedom protections for doctors, nurses and other health care workers who object to performing procedures like abortion and gender reassignment surgery, satisfying religious conservatives who have pushed for legal sanctuary from the federal government.

The new steps, which include the creation of an oversight entity within the Department of Health and Human Services called the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, are the latest efforts by President Trump to meet the demands of one of his most loyal constituencies. They coincide with Mr. Trump’s planned address on Friday to abortion opponents at the annual March for Life in Washington.

For religious conservatives, the new protections address long-held concerns that religious people could be forced to comply with laws and regulations that violate their religious beliefs. Roger Severino, the director of the office for civil rights at the Department of Health and Human Services, promised that he and his staff would investigate every complaint of a violation of “conscience rights” protected by federal law.

But civil rights, gay rights and abortion rights groups, as well as some medical organizations, expressed alarm at a move they described as part of a systematic effort by the Trump administration to legitimize discrimination. Their concern is not limited to the executive branch. Mr. Trump has appointed judges to powerful appellate courts at a rate faster than any new president since Richard M. Nixon, and the Republican-controlled Senate is working to speed the approval of Mr. Trump’s lower-level district court nominees.

Senator Patty Murray of Washington, the senior Democrat on the Senate health committee, said the administration was using the civil rights office as “a tool to restrict access to health care for people who are transgender and women.”

Read the rest at: Protections

Common core dies?

Betsy Devos quietly abolished Common Core Education
today while no one was watching

The Common Core education model is now officially dead. Betsy DeVos
quietly ended the Common Core Educational standards in the federal
agency, making conservatives cheer, and liberals boo.

This is what the honorable Secretary said at a hush hush meeting today:

The Obama administration dangled billions of dollars
through the “Race to the Top” competition, and the grant
making process not so subtly encouraged states to adopt
the Common Core State Standards. With a price tag of
nearly four and a half billion dollars, it was billed as the
“largest-ever federal investment in school reform.” Later,
the Department would give states a waiver from NCLB’s
requirements so long as they adopted the Obama
administration’s preferred policies — essentially making
law while Congress negotiated the re-authorization of
Unsurprisingly, nearly every state accepted Common Core
standards and applied for hundreds of millions of dollars
in “Race to the Top” funds. But despite this change, the
United States’ PISA performance did not improve in
reading and science, and it dropped in math from 2012 to
Then, rightly, came the public backlash to federally
imposed tests and the Common Core. I agree – and have
always agreed – with President Trump on this: “Common
Core is a disaster.” And at the U.S. Department of
Education, Common Core is dead.

Facebooks DBL standard – Left leaning!

Facebook is OK with this –
“I will find The Activist Mommy and burn whoever runs it alive.”

But NOT with Bible Scripture

Explaining the biblical view on homosexuality does not meet Facebook’s community standards, but wanting to burn a Christian mom alive for her stance against feminism and political correctness does.

Her name is conservative blogger Elizabeth Johnston, but you may know her as “The Activist Mommy,” and a group on Facebook sure has a lot of hate for her, as they have named themselves “I will find The Activist Mommy and burn whoever runs it alive.”


When Johnston reported the group to Facebook for “harassment,” the social media empire said the group with the violent name did not “go against one of [Facebook’s] specific community standards.” According to the Facebook moderator, Johnston needed a photo to prove harassment, not the name of the group.

Needless to say, Johnston is none too thrilled by Facebook’s response, considering that she has been censored by the organization for far less.

“So a page named ‘I Will Find Activist Mommy And Burn Whoever Runs It Alive’ does NOT go against Facebook’s community standards? Hmmm…if that is not targeted violence, nothing is! Facebook is a joke! Share this folks!” Johnston posted on Facebook.

Eventually, the leader of the group issued a disclaimer that they really do not wish to harm “The Activist Mommy.”

“I don’t really want someone to burn her alive. I don’t want to; I don’t want followers to do so, just don’t do it. I don’t condone it,” said the group leader.

The group’s page has since been changed to the much more charitable name “May God make the Activist Mommy spontaneously combust.”

Last year, Facebook suspended Johnston’s popular page temporarily for quoting the book of Leviticus. Apparently, that violated “community standards.”

Read the rest at: Does Facebook hate conservatives

Sex was bad – Must have been rape!

There is something to be learned from the story of “Grace,” the anonymous woman who claims that she was assaulted by Aziz Ansari. She was not assaulted, as I’ve already argued. She willingly came back to his apartment on a first date, willingly took her clothes off, willingly performed sex acts on him, and did not attempt to leave until she’d spent many minutes making out with him, naked, in his kitchen and his living room. No rape occurred. What did occur was a cheap, awkward, degrading sexual encounter.

A year ago, a story like this would not have been news. It probably would not have been published at all. But the atmosphere today allows for a man’s career and life to be destroyed so long as any woman steps forward to accuse him of any sexual wrongdoing, real or imagined or embellished. The truth does not matter, nor do the individual details of each case. There is one pre-ordained narrative — “men are awful, predatory pigs” — and any accused man is pushed into that pit, where actual sex predators reside alongside men whose only crime was a lack of chivalry. It’s a dangerous situation, and we have yet to see the worst of it.

That said, the #MeToo crusaders do seem to have picked up on one important truth. They have gone in entirely the wrong direction with it, and learned all the wrong lessons from it, but they are right, at least, about this: there is something wrong with the way we approach sex in modern society, and it’s leaving a lot of people feeling hurt and abused.

But, beholden always to their narrative, they read a story like Grace’s and automatically interpret it as a struggle between an innocent woman and a depraved rapist of a man. When they hear that Grace felt violated after the fact, they declare that it must have been her “consent” that was violated. After all, the only thing either participant is required to respect is consent. It’s the only rule. The One Commandment. The only thing that can be violated. There are, in the modern mind, only two types of sex: consensual and rape. Whatever falls under the first umbrella must be good. So if a woman feels not-good the next morning, it must have been the not-good type, which means it must have been rape.

Read the rest at: Casual Sew = Rape?

San Fran has issued new POOP maps!

It’s common knowledge that San Francisco has a serious homelessness problem. Estimates of the size of the city’s streetbound population vary between 6,000 and 10,000, depending on the source. But that population, largely confined to a few nonresidential downtown neighborhoods, can too easily become invisible to most residents.

One thing isn’t invisible, however: the problem of human poop on sidewalks. Since the city slashed funding for Parks and Recreation in 2009, there’s a distinct shortage of working public bathrooms. And that led to a spike in reports of public pooping to the city’s 311 help line.

Web developer Jennifer Wong (a.k.a. mochimachine) created the Human Wasteland map out of that public data. The project, which won Zillow’s SF office Fall 2014 Hack Week contest, offers monthly maps from January to June 2013 — but that’s enough to give you a sense of where the problem is.

“It’s easy for people to place blame on the homeless themselves,” Wong tells Mashable. “But they need to take a look at the bigger picture and see that they have nowhere to go, to sleep, use the toilet, to shower … the obvious solution is to provide more public facilities throughout the city. Just six months of data is enough to show where there is the greatest need.”

Some entrepreneurs and nonprofits are attempting to address the problem by novel means — such as the Google-funded Lava Mae, which converts old buses into mobile shower and toilet stations.

“The city is making some moves in the right direction,” Wong says. “But there has been and is still a long, long way to go.”

The map was first reported by The Bold Italic, which also published this excellent backgrounder on the city by the Bay’s big poop problem last year.

See the maps and pictures at: Maps to poop in the city by the Bay

Is Haiti a vacation spot?

Corruption is endemic in Haiti’s public institutions, according to the first major report on corruption in the country, published this week by Transparency International’s national chapter-in-formation in Haiti, La Fondation héritage pour Haïti (LFHH). The new survey, The State of Corruption in Haiti (2003), provides an overview of corruption in the country and presents the results of two polls conducted by LFHH in November and December 2003.

The survey was carried out by the polling agency Francis Gratia, Consultant & Associés with 315 heads of household in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area (including the six municipalities of Port-au-Prince, Delmas, Carrefour, Pétion-Ville, Cité Soleil, and Tabarre); in four surrounding semi-rural communities (Gressier, Kenscoff, Crois-des-Bouquets and Arcahaie); and among 40 private businesses. The survey was developed with the technical assistance of the Transparency International Secretariat and was modeled on “integrity surveys” already carried out by TI chapters in Madagascar, Morocco and Senegal. The survey questionnaires were developed in French and in Creole.

The objective of the survey was to diagnose the nature of the problem of corruption in Haiti and to define strategies adapted to the country’s legislative, administrative, political and cultural context. The survey will serve to:

  •  Collect data (baseline indicators) that will serve to fine-tune anti-corruption
    strategies and to measure the impact of initiatives;
  •  Describe the nature, the extent and the frequency of corrupt practices in
    the country and acquire accurate and objective facts;
  •  Ascertain the motivations, causes and manifestations of corruption, among
    both corrupt and corruptor, as well as the levels of society’s tolerance
    towards corruption.

This diagnostic study corroborates the deplorable score of 1.5 and the rank of 131 out of 133 countries attributed to Haiti in the latest Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2003. Haiti was ranked – with Bangladesh and Nigeria – among the three most corrupt countries out of the 133 surveyed.

Read the real story at: Haiti in state of flux

MLK’s nephew says Trump no Racist!

For most of the nation on Monday, it was a Martin Luther King Jr. Day. But for CNN and other mainstream media networks, they’ve been engaged in what seems to many to be a multi-day Paint Trump as a Racist event. However, one attempt by CNN to double-down on their fresh attack on President Trump’s character failed miserably when they brought MLK’s nephew on the air in hopes that he’d bash the president, too.

CNN host Don Lemon, who has become one of Trump’s most derisive critics in the media, interviewed Isaac Newton Farris Jr.

Farris is the president of The King Center, an organization that promotes MLK’s push for nonviolent social change. He spoke with Trump on Friday about race issues and was present for Trump’s signing of a proclamation designating Martin Luther King Jr. Day a federal holiday, according to NBC affiliate 11 Alive. Lemon had him on air to address the “s—hole” comment Trump allegedly made about Haiti and African countries during private DACA negotiations.

It was obvious from his answers that Farris is not a big Trump supporter, but he was also unwilling to follow Lemon’s lead in labeling Trump a racist.

Farris said the president is “racially ignorant and racially uninformed” instead, before walking back the “ignorant” comment because he felt the word has too negative a connotation.

“The president, I do not think, is a racist as we have traditionally known in this country,” Farris said.

“If you’re racially uninformed and you’re ignorant…doesn’t that make you racist…and maybe you’re just ignorant and you don’t know that you’re racist?” Lemon insisted.

“No,” Farris countered. “What it means, Don, is that maybe you have said or done some racist things unknowingly, so that does—”

Lemon cut him off, saying, “That’s kind of what I just said. That makes you a racist.”

Read the rest at: What is Racism

Would MLK be MORE proud of Trump than Obama!

On Monday, C.J. Pearson, an outspoken 15-year-old black conservative well known for his online videos supporting the conservative movement, issued a passionate statement to Twitter making it clear that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., would be proud of President Donald Trump.

Moreover, he said that Trump “has done more for black folks in one year than Obama did in eight.”

“Under President Trump, black unemployment is at an all-time low. This is also a president who set his sights on saving inner cities across America, lowering the violent crime in these cities so that black babies aren’t scared to go play in the playground without the threat of being shot hanging over their head,” Pearson said. “He’s also focused on bringing jobs to these communities, bringing economic investments to these communities and bringing rising wages to these communities.”

“Something that President Obama never did in the entirety of his eight years in office,” he added.

Pearson is absolutely correct.  As NPR reported, the black unemployment rate fell to 6.8 percent in December 2017, the lowest mark for that demographic since the early 1970s.

The young conservative also commended Trump for his work to save historically black colleges.

“I would argue that President Trump has lead a presidency that Martin Luther King would be proud of — and it’s kind of funny to say because everyone in the media and everyone on the left is hellbent on accusing this president of being a racist, a bigot and all these other baseless accusations that have no merit at all,” Pearson said.

Pearson said that as a black teenager, he has seen the devastating impact liberal policies have had within the black community.

“I have seen the hurt that they have caused,” he said. “I have seen the pain that President Obama’s inaction has caused in places like Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta and so forth and so on.”

Check CJ’s statement out at: MLK proud of Trump

Throwing money at FAUX issues wont save the US.

image made from signs and symbols taken in amsterdam's red light district

America is in serious trouble. As a nation, we are not only on the verge of economic bankruptcy, but we are already in a state of moral and political bankruptcy. Most politicians believe that throwing millions of dollars into one program after another will help save America, but in truth, the hole of filth our nation is in, only gets deeper and deeper.

Look around you! Sexual perversions of all kinds are now acceptable. They are given special legal status and protection over the majority of normal acceptable moral values. They are taught as normal ways of life to children in public schools as young as kindergarten. Some schools even teach kids that sex, including homosexual sex is something they should explore.

America has not only turned away from God, but it approves of those who mock, condemn and blaspheme God, Jesus, the Bible and anything Christian or Jewish, but no one dare say anything against Allah, Muhammad or Islam. It’s unacceptable to mock Buddhists, Hindus, Shintos and even voodoo witch doctors, but it’s fair play to mock Christianity and Judaism.

The traditional family structure has been attacked and destroyed, along with parental authority. Our nation is rampant with violent crimes and politicians lie, cheat and do many things for their own self-gratification.

Compared to the America I was born into 66-years ago, America today is a cesspool of decadence, lawlessness, corruption, sexual perversions and one where many of our God given rights and freedoms are being stripped away.

Several years ago, I obtained bookmark from the National Center for Constitutional Studies, titled, Principles of Liberty. As I recently read through the list, I could plainly see why America has become the cesspool it has, and it’s because liberalism has driven our nation away from those principles.

Read some of them for you to consider here: Comments

The wall will pay for itself and Mexico will loose!

A Center for Immigration Studies analysis reports that even if the proposed border wall between the US and Mexico prevents a small fraction of the anticipated amount of illegal immigrants predicted over the next few years, the government budget savings from having fewer illegal immigrants to take care of would be enough to cover the costs of the wall.

This analysis takes the likely education level of illegal border-crossers and applies fiscal estimates developed by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS) for immigrants by education level. NAS calculates the future fiscal balance immigrants create — taxes paid minus costs. NAS reports fiscal balances as “net present values”, which places a lower value on future expenditures than on current expenditures

Based on the NAS data, Illegal Immigrants criminally trespassing aliens cost a the government approximately $74,722 during their lifetimes (not counting the costs of any kids the trespassers give birth to in the US)

Now if the proposed border wall stopped between 160,000 and 200,000 people criminally trespassing (which represents only 9% to 12% of the projected amount over the next ten years), the savings to the government would equal $12 to $15 billion, in the first decade. The entire $18 billion cost would be covered in 12-15 years.

Newly released research by the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) done for the Department of Homeland Security indicates that 170,000 illegal immigrants crossed the border successfully without going through a port of entry in 2015. While a significant decline in crossings from a decade ago, it still means that there may be 1.7 million successful crossings in the next decade. If a wall stopped just 9 to 12 percent of these crossings it would pay for itself.

If a wall stopped half of those expected to successfully enter illegally without going through a port of entry at the southern border over the next 10 years, it would save taxpayers nearly $64 billion — several times the wall’s cost.

Keep in mind a significant portion of the illegal immigrants do not enter the country over the border by in the country because they over-stayed  their visa. In 2015, 480,000 foreign nationals came into this country and over-stayed their visa according to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). The wall cannot address visa overstays.

Read the rest at: Mexico WILL Pay

O’Hare Passengers Face Possible Measles Exposure

Travelers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on January 10th are being encouraged to visit a doctor over a potential exposure to measles.

Health officials say a passenger with infectious measles arrived around 6:30 a.m. on January 10th into Terminal 5 on an international flight.  The passenger had a layover until approximately 1 p.m. in Terminal 1 waiting for a domestic flight. While any passenger in those terminals in those hours who have not been vaccinated are most at risk, all passengers are encouraged to visit a medical professional.

“Measles is a very contagious virus, and it can hang around in the air for up to an hour or two after a person has left,”  University of Chicago Medicine’s Dr. Allison Bartlett told CBS Chicago. “Certainly the people who were on the plane with this individual are at risk of getting the infection, but so are the other people who may have shared the same space with this person during this six-hour period that they were at O’Hare.”

It could take until the end of the month for anyone infected to begin showing symptoms.

The CDC says early signs of measles include runny nose, high fever, red eyes and coughing.   Three to five days later the familiar flat red rash will break out across the body.

Health officials say two doses of measles vaccine can protect up to 97 percent of patients.

A Life Wasted! Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

At 33, he was pressing the case of civil rights with President John Kennedy. At 34, he galvanized the nation with his “I Have a Dream” speech. At 35, he won the Nobel Peace Prize. At 39, he was assassinated, but he left a legacy of hope and inspiration that continues today.

A man to whom honor is due!

Let’s take a minute to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

He would have been 89 years old on Janauary 15th. He tirelessly fought to help those who felt they had nothing to fight with. In the eleven-year period between 1957 and 1968, King traveled over six million miles and spoke over twenty-five hundred times, appearing wherever there was injustice, protest, and action; and meanwhile he wrote five books as well as numerous articles. In these years, he led a massive protest in Birmingham, Alabama, that caught the attention of the entire world, providing what he called a coalition of conscience.

He was arrested upwards of twenty times and assaulted at least four times; he was awarded five honorary degrees; was named Man of the Year by Time magazine in 1963.

On the evening of April 4, 1968, while standing on the balcony of his motel room in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was to lead a protest march in sympathy with striking garbage workers of that city, he was assassinated.

A waste of a great life.

Remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today.

Photo credit National Archives

Did Clinton’s steal MILLIONS from Haiti?

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI - JANUARY 16: Destroyed buildings are seen after the massive earthquake January 16, 2010 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Planeloads of rescuers and relief supplies headed to Haiti as governments and aid agencies launched a massive relief operation after a powerful earthquake that has killed thousands. Many buildings were reduced to rubble by the 7.0-strong quake on January 12. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Last summer a former Haitian official was found dead from an apparent suicide. QUESTION… Why is is that MANY MANY MANY of the people getting ready to testify against the Clintons end up dead… Hmmmmm

Haitian nationals have been protesting in front of the Clinton Foundation Headquarters for YEARS… no one is listening.. They simply want an audit of the moneys collected and spent on Haitian relief…

From the Miami Herald back in July 2017… funny Snopes says it fake! But Law enforcement says otherwise…

It’s no secret that the Clinton Foundation has been facing credible reports of robbing impoverished Haitians who were devastated by Hurricane Hanna in 2008, through their “foundation.” Haitians have been protesting for years outside of the Clinton Foundation offices over the theft of money that was donated by individuals and businesses to the Clinton Foundation that never made it to the poorest of the poor.

One man was set to testify against the Clinton Foundation next week. That man was 50 year old former Haitian government official Klaus Eberwein. He was found dead in his Miami home with a “gunshot to the head” that’s been ruled a “suicide” by the Miami-Dade’s medical examiner records supervisor. (Think Vince Foster)

Klaus Eberwein, a former Haitian government official who was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice next week, has been found dead in Miami. He was 50.

Eberwein was due to appear next Tuesday before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was widely expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors.

Eberwein, who had acknowledged his life was in danger, was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation’s activities in the Caribbean island, where he served as director general of the government’s economic development agency, Fonds d’assistance économique et social, for three years.

According to Eberwein, a paltry 0.6% of donations granted by international donors to the Clinton Foundation with the express purpose of directly assisting Haitians actually ended up in the hands of Haitian organizations. A further 9.6% ended up with the Haitian government. The remaining 89.8% – or $5.4 billion – was funneled to non-Haitian organizations.

Read the rest at ClintonsKill

Presidents who threatened NK!

President Trump warned Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly in New York that America would “totally destroy” North Korea should it ever attack the U.S. or its allies.

Unsurprisingly, his remarks left many in media and political circles feeling queasy.

After all, they suggested, it’s unprecedented that a U.S. president would speak publicly like this about another country. It’s also unconscionable that a world leader would say something like this about a U.N. member.

On both accounts, this is not quite true.

Though Trump’s comments are indeed remarkable considering the context and setting in which they were delivered, he’s hardly the first president to remind everyone of America’s ability to wipe the Hermit Kingdom off the map.

In 2016, for example, President Barack Obama remarked casually that the U.S. could, in fact, turn North Korea into a memory.

“We could, obviously, destroy North Korea with our arsenals,” he said in an interview with CBS News.

He added this careful qualifier, “But aside from the humanitarian costs of that, they are right next door to our vital ally, [South] Korea.”

That same year, in his final speech before the U.N. General Assembly, Obama referred to North Korea as a “wasteland,” and said it would have to face “consequences” if it continued to pursue its nuclear program.

Years prior, during a press conference in 1993, President Bill Clinton warned that the U.S. would wage total war against North Korea should it get out of line.

“I know of no one who seriously believes that the United States and [South Korea] would be defeated in a war of aggression by North Korea if they were to attack,” he said. “And I made it as clear as I could that if they were to do that, they would pay a price so great that the nation would probably not survive as it is known today.”

And as far as world leaders hanging the threat of overwhelming force over the heads of certain U.N. members is concerned, Trump is definitely not a first.

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Real RUSSIAN conspiracy = Uranium One

The alleged Russian bribery scheme involving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, and Uranium One is coming to a head after an 11-count indictment was handed out on Friday that connects the players to a Maryland-based international trucking company.

Trending on Twitter today is the hashtag #11 Counts of Bribery and Fraud, which is in reference to the news that broke on Friday night and went largely unreported in mainstream news outlets regarding an alleged scheme by an American to bribe Vadim Mikerin, a Russian official at JSC Techsnabexport (TENEX).

Mark Lambert, 54, of Mount Airy, Maryland, is the former co-president of a Maryland-based transportation company that provides services for the transportation of nuclear materials to customers in the United States and abroad. The Dept. of Justice announced in a press release on Friday that Lambert is now facing an 11-count indictment for his alleged role in a scheme that involved the bribery of an official at a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation.

U.S. authorities believe that from at least 2009 to October 2014, Mark Lambert (pictured below) and other company executives, including Daren Condrey, conspired to bribe Vadim Mikerin, an official at the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation subsidiary (TENEX), in order to secure contracts for transporting nuclear fuel. TENEX is the commercial sales arm for Russia’s Rosatom, which took full control of Uranium One in 2013.

Daren Condrey plead guilty in June 2015 to conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and wire fraud. (Scroll down to see the full press release from the DOJ.)

Below is the full press release from the Department of Justice:

Former President of Maryland-Based Transportation Company Indicted on 11 Counts Related to Foreign Bribery, Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme

Executive Allegedly Paid Bribes to a Russian Official So His Company Could Win Highly Sensitive Nuclear Fuel Transportation Contracts

An indictment against a former co-president of a Maryland-based transportation company that provides services for the transportation of nuclear materials to customers in the United States and abroad, was unsealed today for his alleged role in a scheme that involved the bribery of an official at a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation.

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College Classes – Doctors, Lawyers and Social Justice Warriors?

The Miami Dolphins recently announced a new social justice-themed scholarship that will cover four years of tuition for one student, along with a “social justice grant program.”

In a Thursday press release, the team said it would be putting aside funds for a “Project Change Scholarship” for incoming college freshmen, which will select one recipient annually and pay for their college tuition over a four-year period.

According to the release, The Dolphins are looking for students in the Miami area who have maintained a 3.0 GPA and completed at least 40 hours of community service in social justice programs per semester in high school, requiring applicants to write an essay on how the scholarship will help them effect “change” in the community.

“What social justice change do you want to see in your community and how will this scholarship help you achieve that change?” the application prompts, specifying a February 28 deadline for submission.

Funding for both the scholarship and the “Social Justice Grant Program” is supplied by the Dolphins’ “Social Justice Fund,” which is “a yearly fund for advocacy and social justice programs created by Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross and Miami Dolphins players.”

Jason Jenkins, the senior vice president of communications and community affairs for the team, told Campus Reform that the team is introducing both of these programs as part of a broader commitment to social-justice issues launched near the end of last year.

“When we launched these programs last November, the goal was to identify and recognize groups focused on community engagement, education, and justice reform,” said Jenkins. “It was important to Stephen Ross, our players, and members of the organization to use sports as a way to drive social progress and make substantial change in our community.”

Jenkins noted that “these initiatives are separate than the NFL,” but said the team is “in constant communication with them on these efforts.”

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Reforming Medicaid… Let the states do their job!

US Governors Map
US Governors Map

Why isn’t trying to earn a living by working a requirement for receiving Medicaid and other welfare assistance like housing and food? Of course, exceptions should be made for the truly disabled and those working toward getting skills and becoming employable.  As more people become positive contributors to the economy, benefits could even be increased for those truly in need.  But it makes so much sense to require those capable of working… “no work, no benefits.”

Only ten states have petitioned the federal government so far to allow local rule-making as to who qualifies for Medicaid.  They are Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Utah and Wisconsin.  One has to ask why other States, especially the welfare mecca of California, are not listed with these innovators.  Perhaps it’s the missing States’ tolerance or downright acceptance for the “bread and circus”-style of political vote buying. Taxpayers are being played for chumps in these other 40 States.

Young people (Millennials) should be especially incensed that while they work entry level jobs and pay taxes, “professional” welfare gamers live off ‘the system’.  Like the young lady on a questionable disability claim who continues to work for cash “under the table” as a waitress and who is not disabled enough to prevent her from surfing regularly.  Taxpayer-provided housing, food, medical and EBT cards are her reward for gaming the system while her coevals work, pay taxes, pay-off student loans and struggle to make ends meet.

People who are working should be provided good medical care and wellness counseling.  It’s such a common sense concept that it’s nonsensical to even have to mention it, but an ill employee is not a productive employee.  Keeping working people fit and healthy is good for our entire society.

Retirees on Medicare should also be upset that their benefits are limited after lifetimes of work and paying taxes. Money that could be directly to the truly worthy retired workers is spent on those who are able bodied, younger but just plain lazy.  America must take care of its elders who have earned their Medicare benefits.  They should not be driven into poverty by an illness or live their remaining years in squalor if they have worked.

Then there is the case of illegal immigrants. The claim is made that this group positively contributes to the economy.  If this is true, why are some claiming welfare benefits like Medicaid?  If they hold a job, why aren’t they covered by their employer’s health care plan?  Isn’t that the law under Obamacare?  Seems like the underpaid illegal immigrants lacking employer benefits are merely servants for the rich or unscrupulous employers.  Again, we taxpayers are being played for chumps by politicians who should champion citizens and those legally immigrating to the United States FIRST.

I applaud the Trump Administration for its bold move to allow States to determine how Medicaid is to be administered. Its far better to have LOCAL government that is responsive to its citizens control such programs than some faceless and disconnected Federal bureaucracy.  It would also make far more sense to have this decision be made by Congressional District so that our US Representative could be held directly accountable for how our tax dollars are spent. But that is a topic for a future blog.