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When can we have an honest discussion on gun violence

NOTHING HAS CHANGED: Why We Can Never Have an Honest Discussion about Mass Shootings

NOTHING HAS CHANGED: I wrote this article several years ago but I was reminded of it with the latest abhorrent murders of children. Nothing has changed in the United States. The left continues to dip their hands in the blood of babies while blaming the right and anyone who dares protect themselves. Politicians sit on their hands and do nothing to try and solve the ROOT CAUSES of why mostly young males (from all walks of life and races) choose to murder innocent people.

We can NEVER have a serious conversation about these issues. We can NEVER try to stop mass murders because politicians won’t actually address the root causes of WHY these things happen. We will never stop all acts of evil but for God’s sake, can we at least attempt to stop SOME of them? How many children have to die before our government pulls their heads out of their asses and works to actually BETTER society for a change? It certainly won’t happen under the Biden Administration but can we finally have an HONEST conversation about this?

Over the past several days, there have been many conversations about the Florida Parkland school shooting but where are these conversations leading?

It’s horrifying, heinous, disgusting and shocking to turn on the news and discover that a fellow human being decided to murder multiple fellow human beings, especially when those humans are children or young adults.

As the country watches in horror, the first thought that usually comes to everyone’s mind is WHY? Why in the hell would ANYONE choose to murder innocent people? WHY?

A majority cannot wrap their heads around this kind of evil. Yes, it’s in movies and on television but that’s not real life. In real life, people aren’t supposed to treat each other this way.

Sadly, within minutes of a mass killing, certain people, especially if a firearm is the object of choice to murder innocents, dip their hands into the blood of the victims in order to wave them around and demand ALL law-abiding citizens pay the price for the actions of a psychopathic murderer.

No one ever seems to want to discuss the root cause of the HUMAN who performed the heinous actions. No one ever wants to discuss how to actually stop another human from killing innocent people.

And guess what? Humans have been murdering other humans since the beginning of time, long before firearms, box trucks, fertilizer, airplanes or pressure cookers were invented.

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Kimberly Morin

Kimberly Morin

New Hampshire activist, writer, blogger and PITA to candidates and politicians!

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