Williams – Rap and Drill music a real problem

Years ago, a rap music fan described me as a “hip hop scold of the highest order.”

My sin against the music was calling out rap artists for their constant use of the “N-word,” casually insulting women as “bitches,” and denigrated gays by using the word “f*****s.”

I said the language was damaging to Black culture, especially young people.

I even went on Oprah Winfrey’s show to call out rappers for their racially profane, violent songs. Also appearing on the show was the rapper Ice-T, who rose to hip hop fame with explicit lyrics. He dismissed my criticism of rap lyrics, even when it depicted outright sex abuse, such as shoving a flashlight into a woman, by saying it was not rape and “the girl might have liked it.”

Ice-T must have won the argument because rap music has continued to grow. It is now the number one music genre in America.

It sells to young people globally, Black, White, Latino and Asian. But the bulk of the audience is mostly young, White males attracted by adrenaline pumping fantasy domination of women and fearless embrace of ‘gangsta’ rap,’ with violent young men boasting about gunning down rivals.

Now ‘gangsta rap,” has grown even more deadly, evolving into “drill music.”

Yes, that is “drill,” as in “drilling” people with gunfire.

And make no mistake, the person doing the “drilling,” is a young Black man firing at another young Black man.

There are real world consequences coming from these celebrations of Black-on-Black violence.

Look at the current spike in murder nationally. That trend is often discussed as a threat to everyone. But that is shameful avoidance of the reality that most of the bloodshed is among young Black men and in Black communities.

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