School board members try to censure conservative members

Days after two Texas dads were arrested for allegedly disrupting school board meetings in a city outside Austin, five members attempted to censure two conservative colleagues, Fox News reports.

Round Rock Independent School District Board of Trustees President Amy Weir placed the censure resolution against colleagues, Mary Bone and Danielle Weston, on the upcoming agenda.

“The vicious censure resolutions to strip Trustee Mary Bone and me of the powers and duties bestowed upon us by the voters is a naked political hit job,” Weston told Fox News. “The majority on the board are diverting taxpayer dollars and manpower away from students and teachers to destroy our reputations and inflict financial pain.”

When the conservative members found out, they filed a lawsuit to prevent the voting at the Sept. 22 meeting and a judge granted a temporary restraining order blocking the move.

The board’s move came after Bone and Weston both complained that the district violated the Texas Open Meetings Act by not allowing members of the public into the heated Sept. 14 meeting.

Conservative argue the school “wrongfully” used police to limit the meeting to 18 chairs in a large auditorium for a school district with more than 50,000 students.

Weir and other trustees filed a motion challenging the court’s jurisdiction, which will be heard on Dec. 22.

Story continues at: Censuring Conservative Members  

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