Queer space needed in classrooms?

A high school teacher boasted on social media about creating an “explicitly queer space” in his taxpayer-funded classroom.

“Most days of the week I come to school in stilettos,” he said. “I get to stand at about six-foot-six.”

The teacher also bragged about coming to school in drag and makeup.

“My administration is actually very okay with me wearing heels,” he said. “They’re pretty cool with it. They just think I’m making a safe space for my kids.”

They are not “your” kids, sir.

This guy is a sex and gender revolutionary. He’s using his classroom to indoctrinate and confuse kids. Whatever happened to teaching young people to be good and productive members of society? Whatever happened to reading and writing and math and science?

Whatever happened to teachers who used to wear sensible shoes in the workplace?

Homeschool your children, America.

Story continues at: Queer Classroom

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