Juice Bar wants ADULTS as employees – Thats Bad!

A California juice bar chain apologized after their “help wanted” sign went viral asking for hard workers that don’t cry.

The Kreation Organic Kafe sign was posted by Jenson Titus on Twitter.

“Still looking for that special person,” the sign reads. “You know the one…actually available, has an open schedule, doesn’t cry, is never late, has no excuses, works hard, has no bullsh*t, smiles no matter what…that one.”

“Think you might be the one?” it added. “We’re hiring.”

Titus tweeted Tuesday that the sign was taken down and the company issued an apology.

“From a newly hired-HR perspective, their explanation was that they are in a very frustrating position given the current climate with the job market and difficulty retaining good employees. While their intentions with the sign were good and light-hearted, we absolutely agree that the wording on the signage was way too harsh,” the statement said in part.

“We want workers who do their best, of course, and we also understand that everyone has bad days and we are sensitive to that fact,” they concluded. “Our team made a new sign that highlights the attention & benefits we offer to our employees at Kreation.”

Kreation has at least 19 stores in the Los Angeles area.

Story continues at: Juice Bar

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