Jesus Would Not Want Unvaccinated Christians Attending Church?

Jesus, Disciples, Apostles
Jesus, Disciples, Apostles

Father Edward Beck, a CNN religion pundit and a Catholic priest, said unvaccinated Christians should not be attending Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services.

“I think that what we’re trying to say to people is you have a social responsibility if you do gather… you know, Christian churches, many are gathering this evening. And some are still not requiring vaccination, which I disagree with. I think that part of caring for one another, you know, the dictum of Jesus, who we celebrate his birth, is, ‘Love one another.’ Show compassion. Show mercy to each other. So I think the message is that if we want to act like Jesus in these kind of times, we take care of each other.”

And if we’re going to gather in celebration, we have to do so safely, comfortably, and we have to give to one another that gift of peace, and part of that is health, and feeling like we’re gathering in a healthy environment. So I really hope as people gather in celebration to celebrate the birth of Christ, that we keep that in mind… you know, I don’t think there’s any reason to say, ‘I’m not going to get vaccinated today,’ you know, maybe a health reason, but then you can’t come to church with services with other people right now.” 

Leave it to CNN to find one of the most ungodly and theologically off-kilter priests in the nation to offer an opinion on Christianity.

Story continues at: Jesus says No Church for you!

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