Hillary’s VICTORY speech?

Hillary Clinton’s recent reading of her would-be 2016 victory speech caused a stir on ABC’s “The View” Thursday as the co-hosts gushed over what they referred to as the former presidential candidate’s “resilience” and “strength.”

While praising the speech they also lamented that Clinton was defeated by former President Trump, with one co-host falsely declaring that she even won the election and that whoever actually did become the first female president would be standing on her shoulders.

Clinton revealed the victory speech she was never able to deliver during a lesson on the video streaming series “MasterClass” earlier this week. In the speech she blamed misogyny, sexism, former FBI Director James Comey and a number of other factors for her election loss.

Clinton has maintained that she never wrote a concession speech for the night she lost the election.

“I think it’s historical,” co-host Ana Navarro declared, mentioning, however, that Clinton was being paid for reading the speech. “I hope this speech is available for little girls and little boys in schools, I hope it’s available in history books, I hope it’s available in the Smithsonian, because there will be a woman president, and that woman president is going to be standing on the shoulders of Hillary Clinton.”

Co-host Joy Behar jumped in, claiming she still wasn’t over Clinton’s surprise election loss, noting that Clinton won the popular vote despite losing the Electoral College.

“She won, yeah,” Hostin said.

“She did win,” Behar said as Hostin laughed.

Hostin later clarified that Clinton “won the popular vote.”

“It makes me sick. I’m furious. I’m angry with the Supreme Court, I’m angry with Trumpers, I’m angry with non-vaxxers, I’m furious with everybody this week. Merry Christmas!” Behar said, without going into specifics about the items she claimed were upsetting her.

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