Farmers Market and Food banks are a sign of White Supremacy

Do you ever wonder if at some point, the purveyors of critical race theory will promote something so outrageously wrong, so egregiously stupid, that the entire theoretical framework of the noxious philosophy will collapse in a heap of proverbial steaming excrement?

We can dream, can’t we?

Actually, what’s happening at Washington State University comes pretty darn close to achieving that goal. Syndicated radio host Jason Rantz reports on a webinar sponsored by the school that either reveals human beings from a different plane of existence landing in America or some seriously ill educators in desperate need of hospitalization at a mental health facility.

The agriculture program at the school promoted a webinar event called “Examining Whiteness in Food Systems.” As you might surmise, we ain’t talkin’ about white bread.

During the hour-long presentation, attendees learned that “white supremacy culture” creates food insecurity by “center[ing] whiteness across the food system.”

The materials claim that “whiteness defines foods as either good or bad” and that farmers markets are merely white spaces. 

I actually believed the myth that food was either “good or bad” because of its nutrition content or, superficially, its taste. Silly me. Now I discover it’s my white supremacy that makes fruits and vegetables necessary to stay healthy.

Jennifer Zuckerman of the Duke World Food Policy Center led the discussion. She framed the webinar around her identity as a white woman who has “benefited from whiteness for my entire life at the expense of other people.” With that in mind, she explored the “really specific ways in which whiteness shows up in the food system and particularly in the work of food insecurity.”

Promoting the belief that “whiteness permeates the food system” and that “it specifically articulates these white ideals of health and nutrition,” Zuckerman chided the “whitened dreams of farming and gardening.” 

How sad is that? A woman so overcomes with racial guilt that she loses her ability to reason and promotes incomprehensible nonsense, passing it off as serious research.

Story continues at: More White Supremacy

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