California is on the downslide in MANY ways

California used to be considered the crown jewel of the United States. It had beauty, character, and represented opportunity. There are so many songs about California I can’t name them all. It was a place where you went to fulfill your dreams and be somebody.

Now people can’t get away from it fast enough.

California has become a shadow’s shadow of its former self. Today it’s overregulated, crime-infested, and so filled with homeless people that you’re more likely to run into a used needle and a pile of human excrement than a sensible place to live, at least anywhere near its major cities.

It’s sad, really. A state so full of life and promise has been reduced to what it is thanks to overwhelming control by Democrat lawmakers who’ve had little in terms of competition for a long, long time. Corruption can be found from the top down and despite their best efforts, California’s Republicans can only do so much against the overwhelming amount of Democrat power.

As RedState has reported at various times, the amount of people fleeing California has been pretty amazing to look at, and we’re not just talking about regular working citizens. Big-name celebrities, CEOs, and even entire corporations have been relocating to the greener pastures of red states like Texas. Democrat activists have even seized on this as a way to try to turn Texas blue.

But interstate migration isn’t a new thing. Lots of people leave states all the time. What makes California such a weird case is that while everyone is fleeing, the amount of people moving there to replace them is surprising to researchers. We already know it was bad due to California losing an entire House seat from population loss, but researchers found its a far larger number than originally predicted:

Story continues at: No Moving to California

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