Biden – Ungodliest admin in US History

Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Dallas, did not hold back in his sermon Sunday against the “ungodly” Biden administration.

“It doesn’t matter where those attacks come from, whether it’s an atheistic organization like the Freedom From Religion Foundation of whether it’s from this ungodly administration we’re living under right now from Washington, D.C., we’re not going to sit down and take it,” Jeffress said. “And yes I said it! This is an ungodly administration…”

“I don’t care how many rosary beads they rub,” Jeffress added. “This is the ungodliest presidential administration we’ve had in the history of our country.”

The Texas preacher pointed out how the Biden administration is arguing for women to be able to murder their children, pushing transgenderism,

“Here they are up there before the Supreme Court arguing why a woman ought to be able to kill her unborn child, murdering children,” he said. “One of the top officials of the Biden administration is a man who’s prancing around in a skirt…pretending to be a woman. It’s sick…and immoral!”

“They’re going after groups that preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and they’re trying to draw blood from those groups,” he concluded. “We are not letting up, giving up, or backing up!”

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