A year of vindication for former President Donald Trump

For former President Donald Trump, 2021 has been a year of vindication, a columnist noted.

“One by one, the lies of the past five years are being exposed,” David Keltz wrote in a Dec. 4 op-ed for American Greatness.

Despite their relentless and false attacks on the 45th President of the United States, the Democrat/Big Media/Big Tech axis has failed to subdue Trump and his many millions of America First supporters.

The year began with the leftist corporate media and the Democrats attempting to use the events of Jan. 6 as their final “big lie” of Trump’s first term, “and absurdly claim he had incited an insurrection,” Keltz wrote.

“Big Tech would subsequently use Jan. 6 as a pretext for deplatforming him from Facebook and Twitter, and a second impeachment farce occurred while he was no longer in office.”

Keltz continued: “But try as they may, the ruling class has once again failed at disarming Trump.”

Among the false stories and intentional lies that were peddled about Trump during the course of his presidency that have been completely disproved in 2021:

• We now know, as many of us already did during his presidency, that hydroxychloroquine works, and has been proven to be an effective treatment at fighting COVID-19. And we now know the China virus in all likelihood originated from a Chinese lab.

• We know, as we did all along, that Hunter Biden’s laptop documenting his family’s corruption and pay for play schemes was real, and was not “Russian disinformation.”

• We now know that Lafayette Square was not cleared for a photo op, and the Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters who refused to disperse, after being told to do so by law enforcement, were not generally “peaceful.”

• We know now as we did then that Kyle Rittenhouse never was a Trump-supporting white supremacist, but rather a good Samaritan who acted in self-defense, while protecting his friends’ business from being burned to the ground.

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