What do moms really want from school boards

Headlines about Tuesday’s election have focused on statewide races in Virginia and New Jersey. But we’re more interested in other contests. In Bucks County, Pa., where 31 school-board seats went to advocates of greater parental rights in education. In Bedford County, Va., where the school board chair lost to a write-in candidate who champions parental rights. In Texas’s Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, where three incumbent school-board members — with a combined 55 years in office — were ousted by newcomers championing parental control over kids’ education.

Now commentators and analysts are debating why, after years on the back burner, education is suddenly the issue changing our political landscape. Yes, some parents are invested in controversies specific to their districts — masking policies, critical race theory, sexually explicit materials. But suggesting that “school board moms” are only, or even primarily, focused on these issues is an inaccurate distraction.

Our movement is about something much more profound. Frustrated by an education system that has long put powerful interests above the well-being of students, parents are finally reclaiming our natural right to direct the education, upbringing and care of our children.

Two years ago, few would have imagined that schools would become the next hot-button political topic. But by spring 2020, the covid-19 pandemic had children across America distance-learning at their kitchen tables. Parents were suddenly within earshot of teachers’ lessons. Many were astonished to find that, instead of being simply taught reading, writing and arithmetic, their kids were being fed lessons on highly divisive topics of questionable academic benefit.

As concerned parents became more attentive to what was happening in their children’s schools — or, more often, to why children were being kept out of their schools — they came to realize that three groups define education today: teachers unions, school boards often handpicked by the unions and big businesses. None of them put students’ interests first.

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