WSJ shows real CDC numbers

For all the numbers the CDC routinely tosses around about COVID, they’ve conspicuously stayed away from this one. I assume that’s due to the same logic that led them to stop counting “mild” breakthrough infections months ago. They’re in a messaging war with anti-vaxxers and are desperate to win it by convincing holdouts to get their shots. Anything they say that might undermine perceptions of the vaccine’s efficacy will be used against them. And not just by hardcore vaccine opponents: Anti-mandate politicians like Ron DeSantis have begun to downplay the vaccine’s ability to limit transmission, knowing how that weakens the case for requiring skeptics to get immunized for the good of their community.

So the Wall Street Journal decided to do its own analysis based on admittedly incomplete info. How many people who’ve had two shots have nonetheless tested positive? And of those, how many have needed hospital care for severe illness? And of those, how many have died?

And who are those people, exactly? Do they have anything in common?

Not surprisingly, they do. Severe breakthrough cases follow the same pattern as severe cases in unvaccinated people, the Journal found, in that those who are older and/or have underlying conditions are more likely to have bad outcomes. If you’re a senior citizen, especially a senior citizen with a major comorbidity, vaccination unfortunately isn’t an ironclad guarantee that you’ll survive a bout with COVID. If you’re younger, especially if you’re in good health otherwise, it basically is.

Story continues at: Vaccinated?

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