Maher goes after the triggered on CNN!

Bill Maher is just asking to be canceled, but he doesn’t care. This isn’t the first time he’s duked it out with people of the “woke” mindset. He has slapped down guests who have been apologists for radical Islam. He’s pro-free speech. He’s not a political correctness junkie either. He’s still a classical liberal, just not insane. It’s quite an evolutionary tale. In less than a generation, the Democratic base has become so insane that Bill Maher looks conservative. There are others like him. Data scientist David Shor, a self-described progressive, knows that some of his own views simply do not sit well with most voters. He has warned Democrats for months about how they need to expand their messaging strategies beyond the professional elites that dominate the party brass nowadays.

On CNN, Bill Maher’s interview with Chris Cuomo zeroed in on this cancer eating away at Democrats—and it’s not hard to figure out. The party has lost all common sense. Nicholas Fondacaro of Newsbusters clipped and wrote about this one-on-one interview that probably infuriated CNN’s audience.

There aren’t many liberals I like—but Maher has become a source of sensibility for simply doing nothing. He admits that; he’s stayed the same, which is true. And in less than 20 years, the progressives have overtaken the party and made everything insane. Gender is being attacked. Science is being attacked. Some nutjobs are trying to destigmatize pedophilia. And yes, Critical Race Theory is being taught. It is racist. And parents don’t like it, even liberal ones. How does the far-left respond? Oh, by calling them too stupid to understand what’s going on. That’s a classic left-wing response, which is why they’ll continue to lose elections. The 2022 midterms are not soon at all—but the bloodbath is coming.

See the videos at: Maher cancels cancel culture 

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