CRT being taught by a racist?

Northwestern University, a prestigious college in Illinois, has invited Nikole Hannah-Jones to give the keynote address at their annual 2022 MLK Dream Week. Academia’s obsession with Jones, contrasted with her relative obscurity in everyday American households, speaks to the key distinction between her and the man she’s being tapped to represent.

While attractive to elite sections of society, Jones’ framework for historical analysis is soundly rejected (and rightfully so) by the bulk of the American people.

Through the 1619 Project, the work for which she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, Jones argues that the American experiment is inextricably stained by the institution of slavery. Both she and her ideological kin maintain that White Americans are guilty of the wrongs of their ancestors and must repent. She even goes as far as to call slavery America’s “original sin”.

Between blaming White people for all of society’s ailments and making a mockery of Christian teaching, it is no surprise that American intellectuals can’t get enough of Jones. Equally unsurprising is that middle America either has no idea who she is or cannot stand her.

Compare King’s approach to that of Nikole Hannah-Jones. MLK channeled the ideas of our founders to inspire the American people to actualize the vision that they had laid out. Being a reverend, he didn’t shy away from using religious rhetoric to capture the hearts of the American people. Jones, on the other hand, admonishes our nation’s foundation and has no regard for what normal Americans think.

King’s message was one of hope and potential. Jones’ is one of condemnation and doom. What incentive do people have to listen to a woman who tells them they are culpable for wrongs they did not inflict and must compensate people they never harmed? Jones is so concerned with her reputation in academic circles that she ignores the toxicity of her ideas to pretty much everyone else.

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