Another Violent attack on federal property – Guess by who?

It seems like ever since January 6th of this year, after the unfortunate protests against the certification of last November’s presidential election, all some media outlets have wanted to talk about is, well, January 6th.

On Democratically controlled Capitol Hill, we’ve already seen the formation of a select committee that is more interested in the effort to “investigate and report upon the facts, circumstances, and causes relating to the January 6, 2021, domestic terrorist attack upon the United States Capitol Complex” than in examining the series of events that caused many Americans to feel that the election results were deserving of additional scrutiny.

Members of this so-called “January 6th committee” are now reportedly working on potential legislation to modify the 134-year-old Electoral Count Act, in what they claim is an effort to ensure that a losing party can never subvert the results of a presidential election, while clearly ignoring the volumes of evidence displaying the rampant irregularities associated with the last election.

So, while this political theater continues to play out, one recent event that invoked similar imagery and disorder to January 6th continues to completely fly under the radar — the siege against the Interior Department by climate change activists just weeks ago.

While networks like CNN and MSNBC continue to overplay the videos and parade a seemingly never-ending conga line of never-Trump pundits to reiterate the same talking points related to the actions of the January 6th protestors being tantamount to “domestic terrorism,” those same networks and pundits have made nary a peep related to the mid-October mayhem at the hands of the far-left radical group “Build Back Fossil Free.”

Story continues at: Media Hides Administration Failures

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