American Tax payers send bikes to rural Africa!

While Americans struggle through pandemic-induced financial hardships and a supply chain crisis, the U.S. government is dedicating millions of dollars to provide bicycles for residents of sub-Saharan Africa. It’s worth mentioning that some of the world’s largest bike manufacturers have been heavily impacted by the unprecedented supply chain delays, resulting in a “global bicycle shortage,” according to an international business publication. Additionally, bike prices are climbing and buying one at a reasonable price is proving to be difficult for many Americans, a financial news website reported recently.

Domestic shortages and affordability issues are not stopping Uncle Sam from funding an international program, known as Bicycles for Growth Initiative, that aims to improve sustainable access to affordable bicycles in sub-Saharan Africa, which includes dozens of countries. The U.S. will allocate $3.5 million to the project, according to an announcement issued this week by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the huge State Department offshoot with a $40 billion budget that annually doles out gigantic sums to foreign causes, including a multitude of leftist groups around the globe. The investment of American tax dollars is expected to increase mobility in rural sub-Saharan African areas by developing a means to rapidly increase bicycle uptake for individuals who cannot afford or do not have access to other transportation, USAID reveals. That will facilitate the opportunity for higher incomes and better health and education outcomes, the agency writes in its announcement.

“Many communities throughout sub-Saharan Africa struggle to access health services, education, economic opportunities, and basic social services due to long distances and limited transportation options,” the USAID statement reads. “For rural communities, these challenges are particularly acute. Walking is the main mode of transportation in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Bicycles can provide an affordable, accessible, reliable, and efficient alternative to walking, offering more carrying capacity and easier access to necessary destinations.” The document proceeds to disclose that more than 70% of sub-Saharan Africa’s rural residents must traverse long distances without access to roads or transportation to commute to work, transport goods to market, travel to school, or obtain medical care.

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