Vaccinated more likely to get covid!

Since COVID burst onto the scene like a Vegas showgirl, the media cannot stop talking about it and whipping the nation into a frenzy. The news is constantly updating the COVID cases and makes sure to bring the most horrifying COVID stories of all to terrify people into hiding inside. If anyone knows a thing about immune systems you have to exercise them and gain exposure to illnesses in order to combat them. If you only stay inside, wash your hands all the time and steer away from others, your immune system does go down and becomes weak.

So what then happens is that when you DO come into contact with someone who has COVID or anything else you end up getting it. It is just how the body is set up.

So many are not aware of how the body works or how immunity is obtained and truly believe that the only way anyone is immune to an illness is through a vaccine.

What makes that worse is that Joe Biden, his administration, and the mainstream media are constantly denying natural immunity which is a total lie.

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