The Fall of a Lady

This magnificent Lady stands bigger than life itself with  all of her regal splendor. She is filled with love and a fierce pride for this, the only home she has ever known.  For almost one hundred and thirty nine years the twenty-five ‘widows’ in her royal crown have represented the most valuable gems the earth bears, and at night, seven of those jeweled windows send rays of light honoring the seven continents of the world.  She looks out over the huge patchwork quilt that is her land stretching from sea to shining sea, sewn together with the fine threads of freedom. We call her Lady Liberty….

She watched brave frontiersmen carve paths for the pioneers making their way westward to new lands waiting to be developed into towns and farms. She has heard the squeals of excitement from the children on Christmas morning. Her lips curled with amusement as she watched lovers carve their initials in a tree. She has witnessed births, bar mitzvahs and  mourned at burials.  Many times she stood silently as families waved goodbye when loved ones marched valiantly to battlefields here and in distant lands, to defend the very freedoms we’ve grown to expect and treasure.

Today, Lady Liberty is seeing the quilt’s patches fall apart as the threads of freedom unravel. Oh, there are some working diligently to make repairs, but their number are far to few to keep up with the barrage of crises hampering their efforts. It would seem to her that the self indulgent fail to realize that their own patch will fall without the support of others. Instead of fields filled with the amber wavesing grain and fun filled church socials, she’s finding baren fields, empty pews and brother pitted against brother. Her ears ache from the constant squabbling of those we sent to Congress as they fight like jackals over a piece of meat….Worst of all, She sees the blind obedience of bondage descending on her family with little resistance. And she wonders what is happening to this extraordinary land that God has blessed.  Shall it be put asunder?

Her tears fall gently, turning to rust as the touch the long flowing folds of her dress.  Angry waves lap viciously at her feet, threatening to pull her down to the dark menacing ocean floor to rot in a solitary grave, taking our Sovereignty , our very existence with her.
The Lady has fallen……Liberty is dead.

NO WAY you say?   

You SAY, but are you willing to do what it takes to stop the unraveling?  It’s understandable if some are a little nervous or afraid to roll up their sleeves and get involved. Just remember, Real courage is being fearful and doing it anyway.  We’ve all stumbled at times. Don’t worry, someone will help you up. And, surprisingly, you just may land in the ‘perfect’ spot to shine !  In all of HIS wisdom, we are all created with a unique’ ability or talent that doesn’t require an alphabet of educational degrees…just old fashioned ‘horse sense’.  It takes a lot of little things to make one big thing and little things have the ‘domino effect’.  One letter to the editor, one phone call to a blog or radio program, one conversation or speech to a group, one hour a week as a campaign volunteer. Of course there are organizations that would welcome you…. No one can effectively take on all of the issues that need help. Choose the one that is most important to you and focus on just that. Whatever you decide, act now….sitting on a pity pot wringing your hands and complaining to other ring bottoms isn’t helping.  Imagine the pride and the joy of knowing you, yes, you helped save an entire Nation ! WOW!

No one likes broken promises.. YOU MADE A PROMISE when you Pledged Allegiance to the Flag and for which it stands.  I sure hope you meant it, because both Liberty and Justice are being destroyed and the Big Boot of Government is wiping its feet on our Constitution while blowing its nose on our Bill of Rights.  Old Uncle Sam needs you!  NOW!

I ask, no, I beg you to join the Army that marches behind the Cross our Nation was founded on to wipe away Lady Liberty’s tears and defend this land we were blessed with and call home.

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