Teachers union LIES to save face!

LOL NEA Teachers Union Declares Victory Over Mom Nicole Solas Despite Court Humiliation!

National Education Association Rhode Island dropped its emergency injunction request in court over release of Critical Race records, but now pretends “We won!” It still faces Solas’ anti-SLAPP compensatory and punitive damage claims for bringing the case in the first place.

You remember “Baghdad Bob” – the Iraqi Information Minister who in 2003 infamously and with absolute confidence declared for the TV cameras that U.S. tanks had not entered Baghdad, as those tanks were within earshot of him.

A similar thing is happening in Rhode Island now with the National Education Association. For those who are not familiar with Rhode Island politics, the teachers unions run the state with loads of politicians in their back pocket. They are not used to losing, so when they got whooped in court the other day by local mom Nicole Solas, they pulled a Baghdad Bob routine, declaring “We won!”

Some background. Solas is the local mom who first told her story at Legal Insurrection about her frustration with the South Kingstown School District obstruction of her requests for information about Critical Race and Gender instruction in kindergarten, which her daughter was scheduled to enter. The story went viral nationally when the School Committee threatened to sue Solas, claiming she filed too many requests under the Rhode Island Access to Public Records Act (APRA). The School Committee backed down after the national spotlight.

Story continues at: Teachers Union Lies

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