Minnesota school has students play sex games!

Activists spoke out about a Minnesota school district’s sex education curriculum that instructs straight kids to act out sex scenarios as if they were in gay and transgender relationships.

“Parents are intentionally being deceived and misled about what their children are being taught,” one concerned speaker said at the Richfield School Board meeting last week.

While another speaker at the meeting said, “This type of teaching has no place in our schools.”

Public school children in the state begin the program in kindergarten with lessons on anal sex designed for students from kindergarten through fifth grade discussing HIV/AIDS prevention.

During other lessons, students were asked to role play a variety of sexual scenarios to see if the hypothetical couple should be having sex.

In one of the role-play scenarios, a student has to play “Morgan,” an active gay male, while another student plays “Terence”, a closeted gay who wants to have sex with “Morgan.”

In this scenario, “Morgan” makes a plan for them to meet secretly and they “make a decision about whether to have sex.” Instructions are given to the teacher on what to do if a student “has a homophobic response”.

“Should this happen in your class, it’s important to stop what you are doing, notice the interaction, and ask for the class members to reflect on what’s happening and why. Direct the students back to your class ground rules — and reinforce the agreement to be respectful — and that making homophobic comments is not respectful,” the instructions for teachers said, Alpha News reported.

According to Advocates for Youth, the creator of the curriculum and partner with Planned Parenthood, the program is called the “3Rs” standing for rights, respect, and responsibility. The organization claims that the curriculum is “a collection of lesson plans on a wide range of topics including self-understanding, family, growth and development, friendship, sexuality, life skills, and health promotion”

“While many sexuality education materials have addressed the needs of adolescents, Advocates for Youth realized that such education must begin much earlier,” the website for Advocates for Youth explains.

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