McAuliffe just wont stop lying!

Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s repeated false statements about the number of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in the state came to a head Tuesday as The Washington Post awarded him its worst possible falsehood rating of four Pinocchios.

“The pandemic will continue to be a serious policy challenge for the next Virginia governor but there’s no reason for McAuliffe to hype the numbers. He earns Four Pinocchios,” wrote The Post’s resident fact-checker, Glenn Kessler after outlining each instance McAuliffe repeated the false figures. “He offers wildly inflated figures for child hospitalizations, suggesting again that these were daily figures and claiming twice that these many children were in ICUs. Instead, he appears to be citing a figure for all of the children hospitalized with covid-19 in Virginia over the past 19 months — which is still inflated.”

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