LEGAL prayer at the 50 yard line!

A Tennessee high school football player told the Todd Starnes Show Friday he led a prayer in defiance of an out-of-town group because he puts “God before everything.”

Elijah Burgess, the starting tight end for Upperman High School, led his team in a post-game prayer after the school district prohibited coaches.

“The whole team and the cheer squad, so the cheerleaders, dancers, and a good portion of the parents and other team met at the 50-yard line and we prayed there,” Elijah explained.

National radio host Todd Starnes praised Elijah for taking a bold and courageous stand even though there could’ve been blowback.

“Personally, for me, I mean, I couldn’t care less,” Elijah said. “You know, God before everything.”

But the community is still upset coaches cannot lead students in prayer.

“The sad reality is that in the United States of America – a football coach is allowed to take a knee to protest the flag, but he cannot take a knee to pray to Almighty God,” Starnes said.

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