Halloween Parade marginalizes students of Color?

A Seattle Public Schools Spokeswoman says the annual Pumpkin Parade was canceled this year because it “marginalizes students of color who don’t celebrate the holiday.”

The “Racial Equity team at Benjamin elementary school in Seattle” says students will not participate in the parade and instead participate in inclusive events.

Since the specter of “race” is raised, Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) think this is the perfect time to address the issue of “racial equity.” The racial equity teams in the Seattle public schools seem to be quite concerned about the marinization of blacks over Halloween parades on school campuses. While we think eliminating festivals is a bad idea since it will eventually lead to banning black holidays as well (e.g. MLK Jr day, Juneteenth, and various celebrations of black leaders, none of which are celebrated by immigrants like Indians, Chinese, or Pacific Islanders).   Yet there is an area where we do have specific expertise and knowledge of where there is an inequitable and quite disproportional representation of blacks being “marginalized,” and we would like to Racial Equity teams in Seattle to speak out. The area where blacks have been disproportionally harmed and marginalized for decades is in the strategic targeting of blacks for abortions. Out of 44+ million living blacks, 24+ million have been killed in the womb. That means 1/3 of all blacks have been targeted and eliminated. It’s time Racial Equity officers speak out about it!

“Equity” automatically infers equality at an opportunity to come to the veritable “table” fairly and impartially. When Margret Sanger specifically targeted the Black community with her fundamental business plan and primary motivation to “exterminate the negro population” (Margret Sanger was Founder of Planned Parenthood, and those were her exact words), she was not a purveyor of “equity.” She was a “white supremacist,” racist, hateful, eugenicist, oppressor! Her business model was to exterminate blacks period; no “equity.” Equity officers need to ask themselves, “If I am an Equity officer, and I see the disproportional targeting of black students by Planned Parenthood in my school (to this very day), aren’t I responsible to put a stop to this disproportional targeting and “marginalization” of blacks? To be principled and consistent, an Equity officer would need to stand against this notable offense! How can one purport to stand for “equity” and against “marginalization” while mercilessly watching members of one race being racially targeted and killed disproportionately? 

EBLM challenges the Seattle Public schools’ Racial Equity officers to be consistent with their public commitment and calling. Since Equity officers may want dialog as opposed to taking immediate action, we encourage a public debate on these matters. We would be glad to coordinate it if they will attend.

Story continues at: Racist Halloween Parade

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